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Hi there! I’m Amber, I have been licensed since 2011 and have had the joy of working in Indiana, N. Kentucky/Cincinnati, Austin TX, Nashville and now Reno. I love what I do as everyone should.

Today’s world is very fast paced, people don’t take much time for themselves. I am here to help you relax from all the stresses of daily life. I could write a book describing myself but I’m ready to work and you are ready to book. Looking forward to working with you. 

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Book me: and write: "Kim/Reno" in subject line 🙂


Raised in the rainforest of tropical Australia, I now live in snowy Tahoe, California. My father is a funk/jazz/rock pianist so I grew up surrounded by musicians, recording in the downstairs studio and practicing for the next gig. One of my earliest memories is of watching my dad play his moog synthesizer on stage wearing flared pants!

Every time you get a massage I plant a rainforest tree to create habitat for endangered species. To date I have sponsored over 750 new trees which are pumping out oxygen for us to breathe, sing, dance and create. I use high-quality oils, biodegradable cleaners and a fuel efficient car so your treatment is environmentally sound and luxuriously enjoyable.

I teach Hatha yoga and have been massaging for 7 years, have a degree in Environmental Science and am a certified Outdoor Recreation Instructor. My specialties are deep tissue & remedial massage. I also use swedish, thai, kahuna, shiatsu, reflexology, hot stones, aromatherapy and reiki techniques when needed. My clients are stressed out busy people, elite sports athletes, pregnant mothers-to-be, holiday makers, sports enthusiasts and people with injuries.

I'm available for backstage, before & after gigs, hotels as well as treatments at my cosy studio amongst the pine trees. 100s of people have commented mine was the best massage they have ever had. I look forward to to treating you like royalty.

Thank you for your healing, also thanks for your care of my wife – she was obviously moved & healed by your massage. – Pete, UNEP, Paris

So fantastically relaxing & still rough at the same time! Wishing it would never end. – Hannes, Professional Volleyball Player, Sweden

Best massage I've ever had! – Jase, Olympic Volleyballer, New Zealand


Massage in Reno, Nevda

Cheers every one.

My name is Monika, I am a Nevada state licensed massage therapist working mainly in Reno. I doing massage since 1996 in US, but I started my healing touch training in Hungary with healing energy work. ( I was raised in Hungary)

Your body will just talk to my hands and my hands just work what ever your body is need it combination deep tissue techniques with relaxation massage resulting in a general feeling of wellness. My body cushion, what is help for better posture and the heated cream just melting the stress away.

Every massage therapist have different technique, I work layer by layer of muscle not shocking the body or disturbing the relaxation process. I have many training: deep tissue, lymphatic drain for aching, swelling feet, pregnant/prenatal massage, hot stone, Neuro-Muscle massage, massage on floor, massage without cream, mayo facial release, cranial-sacral ( very effective to combat head aches), facial-massage for a fresh look and vibrant feel.

After the high school i was help for chef in back stage, when i so Dr. Dot looking for massage therapist in Reno, I thought this is for me.

So when you come to Reno and your body yelling for help, please contact me.

Just put "Monika/Reno" in subject line to reach me asap