Massage Delivery service in Pittsburgh, PA

Book me: email me at and write “Red/Pittsburgh” in the subject line

Hi I’m Red,
I’m a PA licensed healer & therapist with a broad range of experience, a special healing touch and a dedication to my craft.
I’ve had my own private practice in Pittsburgh for over 9 years now.
I specialize in Ashiatsu Massage. Ashiatsu is an ancient art of massage from Asia.
The therapist uses their clean and sanitized feet to apply deep relaxing strokes to the entire body.
Ashiatsu is a deep compression massage that feels exquisite and yummy!
It’s great for athletes who want deep work and also for people who live stressful lives.
I work on some of the Professional Athletes here in Pittsburgh because they “LOVE” this work.
Ashiatsu will put you in a zone that will last for hours after the treatment. I do NOT walk ON your body.
Ashiatsu is unique in it’s ability to maintain even and constant pressure to the body. And it’s fun!
I have a portable bar system that allows me to take Ashiatsu anywhere.
Let me know when your traveling through Pittsburgh and need some deep work. My feet are ready and waiting for you.
I’m happy to be part of Dr. Dot’s amazing team 🙂

Feels like the first time…

I have not eating a hamburger or any red meat since I was ten years old. Saw a family kill a chicken for soup in PA and it scarred me for life (or so I thought). From age 10 until about ten years ago, I was a strict Vegetarian. Ten years ago one of my best friends Satu convinced me I need to at least eat Chicken sometimes for the protein. So I have been eating it since then, like once a month. But I am SO fucking tired all of the time and feel hung over even though I don't drink or smoke. NOT fair! I don't even drink coffee anymore, just organic green tea. STILL, not well.


I have been to two different acupuncturist (one in NYC and one in Berlin) and they both told me the same thing, I NEED to eat red meat once in a while. So, I gave in and put  my moral animal loving ways aside last night and finally had a burger. It tasted like heaven on earth. I could feel my body inhaling it, like it was famished for it. Going to sleep now and I will see if it makes a difference as I really have a major sleep disorder and it is ruining my life. So we shall see if it helps somehow. If I feel more energized when I wake up. 


I would REALLY like to hear your opinion about meat vs vegetarianism etc. Everyone tells me something different so I am very on the fence about this.


Waiter was as dumb as a rock. Told him I wanted a wheat bun, he brings white. Then he vanishes with burger, bun, slaw and pickel for like what seemed 20 minutes (me- starving and indecisive which made it seem longer and worse). He comes back with wheat bun minus pickle and coleslaw. I am surrounded by idiots. HELP. 


The English Language is “DUM”

Still up in Boston. Every time I went out and tried to sing karaoke, there was a RED SOX baseball game on and it was canceled. The folks up here in Boston WORSHIP the Boston Red Sox. I find baseball to be almost as boring as GOLF. Give me a break people omg!!! Even though I am kind of on vacation, naturally I still have to answer over 400 emails per day (for a few days running it was over 500). BUT I am relaxing and really enjoying my stay with Betsy (mother figure/best friend). She is so wise, positive, sweet, funny, practical, motivated, productive, busy busy busy and yet still has time to make the best peanut butter cookies and pancakes on earth.

Anyways, today, Napoleon Murphy Brock sent me this super cute video: