Frank Zappa- timeless

You know I am hiding from you right? I know I have to blog, I know, I KNOW. I massaged Kim Raver (24/Lipstick Jungle) tonight for two hours.. coolest thing ever- she has a video baby monitor, looks like a walkie talkie, but you can push a button and see a screen that shows her baby (11 months old) in bed, in the other room. Tiny camera above bed has infra-red abilities and you can see the cutie lying there sleeping.

You can hear it too. He started crying once and we could see her husband picking up the baby, making the baby calm again and then putting baby back to sleep. OMFG. All this modern tech. makes me want to have another one so I can see how easy it CAN be. (I did everything the hard way- cotton diapers, no dryer, couldn't speak the language yet, didn't know any one and baby's dad and I were too broke to pay attention). No internet, no cell, just land line. jeeze, looks easier now somehow. Baby is sick? Google the fucking symptoms and you're golden. Cool! I had to drag baby all the way across town to a German doctor and struggle with the language (mostly sign at that point) lol.


Kim is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous. I can't help thinking how many men I know would PAY to massage her. Schwing. 



 Kim is a regular client of mine, she is so mad cool and smart as a whip too. Her husband is one lucky man I tell you. I am all over the place, going to massage Motorhead the next couple days and Herbie Hancock again next week, no time for sleep. omg. It's 6am and I still have like 503 unread emails to answer. FLIPPING OUT. 


I was just reading the lyrics to an OLD Frank Zappa song and hey, they still hold true to this day in the state we are in..

Frank was a smart Mo Fo!




"Mr. america, walk on by your schools that do not teach
Mr. america, walk on by the minds that wont be reached
Mr. america try to hide the emptiness thats you inside
But once you find that the way you lied
And all the corny tricks you tried
Will not forestall the rising tide of hungry freaks daddy!

They wont go on four no more
Great mid-western hardware store
Philosophy that turns away
From those who arent afraid to say whats on their minds
The left behinds of the great society

Hungry freaks, daddy!

Mr. america, walk on by your supermarket dream
Mr. america, walk on by the liquor store supreme
Mr. america try to hide the product of your savage pride
The useful minds that it denied
The day you shrugged and stepped aside
You saw their clothes, and then you cried,
Those hungry freaks, daddy!

They wont go on four no more
Great mid-western hardware store
Philosophy that turns away
From those who arent afraid to say whats on their minds
The left behinds of the great societ"



Having fun in NYC, but by that I mean, having fun working.  I am so swamped I feel I will never get around to doing my France and Italy blog and now I have another Foreigner (the rock group) blog to do. LOTS going on. Penthouse Forum are so on the ball compared to the last news paper I wrote for here in NYC. They pay promptly, answer my emails promptly (and politely) and even sent me a dozen copies of the May 2008 issue that I am on the cover of. I opened it and found the BEST intro ever. My column feels at home. Love it! I scanned it in:


I massaged Kim Raver ( of the shows "24" and "Lipstick Jungle") again tonight- non stop massage for three hours. Wonderful lady. She can take as much pain as I can during a massage. Extreme deep tissue the whole time. Tough woman I tell ya. Funny how the women seem to be able to take more pain/pressure during the massage than men (apart from Harry Connick Junior who seems to be made of steel). My fingers are actually aching as I type this, THAT'S how strong the pressure was. Going to sleep it off

Lipstick Jungle’s Kim Raver is a sweet heart

(taken a few hours ago ^)


I went again to massage Kim and her man; two nights in a row! WOW, they love the Doctor! I am so excited to see her new show, which starts tonight February 7th, 2008.

The same lady who wrote Sex and the City wrote this as well. A lot of the same people who worked on Sex and the City are working for Lipstick Jungle. Patricia Field is doing their wardrobe, just like she did for Carrie and the girls. 

"Lipstick Jungle," also stars Brooke Shields and Lindsay Price.

"We're honored to have that audience come to us," Raver said. "`Sex and the City' was such a fantastic show, but this is a different show. It's a different entity."

I was pleasantly surprised that Kim posed for me and impressed that she did so without make up/hair-do…. fresh from the shower.. naturally gorgeous and very cool. Some people are so beautiful you just look at them and think DAM! Nice genes!!

I noticed in her oldest son's room (the young one is only 4 months old) he had a home made drum set and home made guitars, all made of card board and bits of metal etc.. HOW CUTE.  A mini rock star in the making. When Kim saw my rock and roll laden massage flyer, she said "wow, my son is gonna love this!" So sweet. It boggles my mind how she juggles being a nursing mother of two (she only nurses the baby!), has a husband and more than full time career (she works 12 hour days, every day) AND she still looks like she just slept 12 hours (read: rested and radiant). 

I shall just call her "wonder woman"



If you are home and have nothing to do besides eat and shag, take a break and tune in to see her in action….