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Hi my name is Keisha I Love to laugh and I’m a movie junkie.Love life and people. My all time passion is giving massages. Relieving stress,fatigue and muscle aches.Love seeing a smile on your face.I’m great with my hands,very strong. So don’t let my size fool you. I DO NOT GIVE WIMPY MASSAGES. My clients always tell me I give great deep tissue massages. I’ll leave you in a coma for hours afterwards. I love what I do.So by that being said,I aim to please. For those that can’t handle my strength, I’ll do Swedish massages and mobility as well. I Reside near Raleigh NC.But will travel depending on location. I Hope to see you!! Have a Relaxing and stress free  Day Keisha

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Dr. Chad was born and raised in Northern Minnesota. He received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2006. Since graduation he has practiced in: Costa Rica, Minnesota, and North Carolina.

Dr. Chad is skilled in: multiple Chiropractic Adjusting Techniques, Graston soft tissue therapy, Kinesio Taping, and Nutritional Consultations. He speaks English as well as Intermediate Spanish. Dr. Chad's hobbies include: Water Skiing, Surfing, Traveling and Auto Mechanics.

Whether you are suffering from aches and pains, or just want to become a better musician and/or athlete, ask for Dr. Chad. He can help.

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Hi! My name is Adrienne and I live here in the Raleigh/Durham area. 

After 20 years in the service industry, I decided I needed a career change. Massage Therapy had always interested me so I decided to go to school to study it. I received my diploma from the American European Massage Clinic in 2008 and have enjoyed every moment I have spent working on clients. 

I am a true believer in the healing power of massage and feel it is something that should be shared by "the masses". Everyone can benefit from a GREAT massage! The human body speaks volumes! Clients love how I can intuitively find their "spots" and provide tremendous relief. 

I have recently left my former career behind. I am currently working full time as a therapist in a very popular & busy clinic. I love working on new clients as well as my many regular ones. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner! My job satisfaction is at an all-time high! I love making a difference in the quality of people's lives. I have the BEST job in the world! 

I specialize in Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point and some basic Reflexology. 

Call Dr. Dot if you're in the area and I will take GREAT care of you!

Massage in Raleigh, NC

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Janet is a certified neuromuscular massage therapist (NMT) with a concentration in deep tissue massage. She also has expertise in pregnancy, lymphatic, sports, medical and chair massage.

Janet is energized by all the opportunities and people that professional massage brings to her life. As a new resident of Raleigh, NC, Janet would be happy to showcase her southern hospitality by offering the type of therapeutic massage that YOUR body "kneads."

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Hi.  My name is Terri.

I I have been doing massage for about 6 years.  I find my career in massage & bodywork very rewarding.  In a world where people are overworked and over scheduled, stressed and fatigued, I find that a little massage lifts their spirit and clears their mind.  It puts a smile on their face, calmness in their mind, and a bounce in their step.  It is my goal to bring this experience to those I touch through massage.

I was born and raised here in North Carolina.  I am the owner of a corporate massage business where the focus is on providing on-site chair massage as part of corporate wellness programs.  Chair massage is one of my favorites!  It is a great way to introduce massage to those who have never experienced it.  Meeting new faces and turning them into massage junkies just by giving them a ten minute chair massage is awesome! 

 I look forward to addressing your massage needs. 

Massage in Raleigh, North Carolina


Meet Rae, the newest member to the Dr. Dot massage team down South:


"Having a chance to blend 2 of my biggest passions is a dream come true, and I am ecstatic to be on Dr. Dot’s team!!  
I was raised by hippie parents on all the right music—Beatles, Zeppelin, Moody Blues, etc.  Today you can find everything from Aimee Mann to James Brown to U2 in my collection.  I am a music fiend!  Much of my youth was spent watching MTV (when they still played music), and I mastered every Janet Jackson routine and Motley Crue drumbeat there was.  I decided early on that I was going to either be a rock star, or marry one.  

The night I met my husband, he was playing guitar onstage.  Trying to impress him, I offered to massage his hands, even though I had no training.  I guess I did well, since we’re still together!  Soon after we met, I chose to leave social work behind for massage school.  My first day, a fellow student let me practice on her.  She told me it felt like I’d already been doing massage for years, and I knew then I had found my calling.  I spent the next 18 months learning massage, yoga, reiki, and anything else I could get my hands on.  

Looking back, it now seems obvious I was meant to do healing work.  Growing up in an affectionate family taught me power of touch, and it seems from an early age I had a natural gift of intuition.  Using massage and energy work enabled me to heal my body and mind when I developed problems that doctors and medications couldn’t fix.  Now I live a full life without any meds, not even a multivitamin!  It is so important to me to continue sharing this gift with others, to help them take charge of their health.  

My approach is intuitively and holistically based, treating your whole being.  I consider myself a channel, working where my hands are guided.  Each session is tailored to your specific needs, and I can provide anything from a soothing Swedish to an intense Trigger Point session.  If you need healing and I’m not available in person, I can send you Reiki as well.  

Chances are, I’ll be at your show anyway, so it would be an honor to have you book me:  (put "for CHANDRA/NC" in subject line).


Thanks, Rae"