If you join, maybe it will help

A friend of mine on facebook made a group to try and help get my facebook page back. I spent DAYS uploading all the videos and pictures and adding my friends, naturally I can start a new page but I want my old one back. If you have a minute, please join this group:




I have sent countless emails to facebook and they have not answered one email so far. When I try to sign into my page is says this:

"Your account has been disabled for persistent and rapid use of a certain feature. Unfortunately, for security reasons, we will not be able to further explain these limits."



what the HELL does that mean? What did I do wrong? They never warned me, emailed me, answered me, nothing. Totally rude way of running a web site. 

boooo hisssss. 




My Facebook page disabled AGAIN (4th time in two months)

I am guessing this is the picture that made someone flag me:

I think it's funny, but I guess it is too NUDE for Facebook?


Please, can you email facebook and in subject line "Dot Stein's facebook page disabled unfairly"

and inside just say you find it unfair that my facebook page keeps being disabled and I do NOT post

hateful, violent or nude images and there is no reason for this constant harassment and to PLEASE

enable my page again.

I would be grateful for you doing this. Do NOT cc me. You can Bcc me, but don't Cc me, that would

be silly lol.

Send email to these addresses please:






Dog needs a new home, FAST

My dog Frankie, who I found tied to a bench 6 years ago, bleeding and abandoned, has been living the good life in Connecticut with my Uncle. Now he my Uncle has a whole house full of kids and three dogs, it has come to a breaking point. Frankie snapped at one of the other dogs (the other dog is always giving Frankie shit, challenging him for the Alpha Male position) but now I was told either Frankie finds a new home or he will be put down to sleep.


If you or anyone you know in or around CT (dog is in Hartford), could take Frankie and give him a good home, please let me know. He would fit best in a home without any male dogs. Naturally it would be best if Frankie was the only dog, but ANYTHING is better than having this sweetie put to sleep. He is NOT aggressive. When I visit my Uncle, I take Frankie on long walks and he is shy around other dogs and even passive when a cat crosses our path. 


He has been neutered and has all his shots. Never, ever, bit a person.My landlord will NOT let me have a dog, cat, or even a bird feeder here in NYC. 


Help please 馃檨


Email me please if you have any tips: drdot@drdot.com









Please help protect endangered animals from the Bush/Cheney Administration’s attack

  Click   HERE to sign the petition 

 Stop the Bush/Cheney Assault on Endangered Species

For more than 30 years, the Endangered Species Act has protected wildlife at risk of extinction. Now the Bush/Cheney Administration wants to make some serious changes to this landmark law — changes that would eliminate vital checks and balances that are crucial to protect our wolves, polar bears and other imperiled wildlife.

Speak out now for polar bears, wolves and the nearly 1,400 species currently protected under the Endangered Species Act! Fill out the form below to urge your U.S. Representative and Senators to do whatever they can to stop this eleventh-hour assault on protections for our endangered wildlife.