Jack White: Plagiarism or just a Joe Jackson fan?

I have to admit, I am very partial to my friend Joe Jackson but there is really no denying that Jack’s song ‘Steady As She Goes’ by his one-off band The Raconteurs sounds too much like Joe’s hit “Is she really going out with him?”.

In the Racounters video, Jack is wearing white pointed shoes like the cover of Joe’s first album.

In fact, Wikipedia says:

Critical response

The bass in the song, especially in the intro, has drawn comparisons to the song “Is She Really Going Out With Him?”, by Joe Jackson.”[3][4].

Clearly I am not the only one who notices..

Joe Satriani Sues Coldplay For ‘Viva La Vida’ Plagiarism

A little bird named Christin tipped me off on this amazing story:

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Coldplay, no strangers to plagiarism accusations, are now being sued by guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani, as the guitarist is accusing the band of ripping off his 2004 track “If I Could Fly” for their own Grammy-nominated hit “Viva La Vida.” Satriani filed a copyright infringement suit against the band in Los Angeles yesterday, accusing Coldplay of stealing “substantial original portions.” The Satch is seeking a jury trial, damages and “any and all profits attributable to the alleged copyright infringement.” And considering the album and the single were among the biggest sellers this year, not to mention the centerpiece of an Apple iTunes campaign, Satriani stands to make a sizable profit if the jury agrees with him. However, Satriani’s lawyers will have to prove Coldplay somehow heard “If I Could Fly,” which may be a difficult task. That being said, the hook to “Viva” is almost exactly the same as the guitar lick in “If I Could Fly,” as evidenced by the 50-second mark in the video below. Coldplay’s management has not yet commented on the case.

Pfffft!! Joe is the MAN!!