Massage Delivery service in Long Island/Manhattan New York, NY


Book me: email me at and write “Rene/Long island/Manhattan” in the subject line

I have been a massage therapist in the state of New York for 17 years. I’ve worked in all types of settings and on all types of bodies.
I put 100% into each and every massage I perform. Every body is different therefore every massage is customized to their needs. Massage is my life work and I love it!
I specialize in medical massage, Swedish, Deep tissue, prenatal, reflexology and Thai Massage.
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Massage Delivery service in New york, NY


Book me: email me at and write “Mimi/Nyc” in the subject line

My name is Murielle (aka Mimi :)I have been in the field of Holistic Healing for many years…I love what I do simply because it is what I was born to do, Heal! I have been called many things: ‘Magical Hands of an Angel’, ‘Mystical Healer’ and as a Healer the Light of my soul envelops all that comes my way. As you read this and feel guided to work with me follow your intuition, listen to that still voice within you, and know that the Healing has already begun!The way that I work is through the intuitive guidance of my spirit and my spiritual guides, to bring through the energy appropriate in that particular point in time for the one who is seeking healing.A little bit about the me that is now: My soul’s focus is in the expansion of the purpose for which I am here. That is, to heal and help all others heal on every step of our journey in this life. I look forward to exchanging healing with you.Love and Light,Murielle