24 hour massage service Munich, Germany

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My name is Cavina

I work with deep
tissue bodywork since i was nineteen, which is quite a time! Since 22
years I run my own Holistic-Health practice. My skills
-Deep Tissue Massage (I still hold a San Francisco License)
-Classical Homoeopathy
-Othomolecular medicine
I can be of big help in acute pain situations as well as in chronic
muscular disorders. Nevertheless I regard preventive measures, just
before stress takes over as the true luxury.
Just go ahead and use my longtime experience.
My English is o.k. since I was a Marin County, California resident for a few years.
Kind regards

Massage in Munich, Germany


Book me: info@drdot.com and please put "Guenther/Munich" in the subject line to reach me fastest. 




nice, that you’re interested in my profile. My name is Günther (Günne). I was born in the south of Munich in February 1974. I work since 2003 in different Hotels and Studios as an professional massager. Before I’ve became a massage therapist, I owned six years ago a music bar in my hometown. After this time I worked as an independently assembler in steel construction, till I had a brain haemorrhage (blooding). So I took the chance to start new and make my dream job. Music was for me always important, I visit very often concerts and festivals so is this, to work for Dr.Dot was a dream for me.

I’m qualifyed in:
Ayurveda-, Aromaoil-, classical- medical-, deep tissue-, foot-reflex- zone, Lomi Lomi Nui, Hot Stone and Sportmassage. Also I make the Dorn- Therapy and Breuss- Massage and the manual Lymphtherapy. I’m Reikimaster and Teacher.

I give all the best for your healthy and well- being. I’m available 24/7 and for tours if required. You can book me for Munich, Augsburg and the south of Munich.

Your Günne

24 hour Massage in Munich, Germany

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My name is Emma. I did my exam in medical massages 24 years ago. Since then I never stopped learning new massage techniques. My two lovely kids were very often my inspiration to go and on. Some interesting classes of the past were for example Footreflex-Segment-Dorntherapy, Lymphdrainage, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy- or Thai-massage.

My signature massage is a customized mix out of all these techniques, sometimes moor powerful, sometimes softer, just as the clients need is. My clients are mostly sportsman like football player, mountain-bikers, marathonians, triathletes or the guests of the five star hotels I am working at.

Besides giving massages with my loving hands I teach interested people in reflexology massages at the adult education center.

Massage in Munich Germany

Hi, my name is Kristina, but everybody calls me Kris.

Already when I was a young girl, I found much pleasure in giving massages to my family and friends, and so I made it my occupation.
After finishing school in 1998, I attended a Medical Vocational College for three years, and since 2001 I have been working as a qualified physiotherapist/massage therapist.

Until today, I attended many further training courses, and I am specialized in Deep Tissue Massage, Medical Massage, Lomi Lomi – Hawaiian Massage, and Foot Reflex Zone Therapy.

I live for and love my job because every single day I am working miracles with my hands and put a smile on the face of the people I care for.

When I heard for the first time of Dr. Dot’s International Massage Team, I was totally excited. I had an audition and shortly after wards I was employed. To be a Dot Bot brings together love for my job, music, traveling and the opportunity to meet interesting people. I am very proud being a part of her awesome team.

I am available for you all across Germany, and I would also be glad to accompany you during your national or international tour.

Just email me at info@drdot.com and put “Kris/Munich” in the subject line to reach me.