Karaoke HIT and run in NYC… please help

Last night this girl HIT my karaoke DJ friend Brooke very very hard over the head, causing her head to split open. She was angry that she had to wait "too long" to sing on a Saturday night and took it out on the DJ. My friend Brooke is so sweet, sober, never hurt a fly. 
The crime too place at Iggy's karaoke, 2nd ave (lots of racial tension there as owner Iggy claims "the black people do not buy enough drinks and rap music is NOT ALLOWED", making things HELL for the karaoke DJ's. There are many rap songs in the books, yet Brooke and other Djs have to constantly tell the guests "No rap music allowed" making THEM look like the bad guy, when it is the owners rule, not the Dj's). There needs to have more security there. This place is getting dangerous 🙁

1) the place is too HOT. People get angry and irritated when the place is too HOT. It sometimes reaches 90 degrees in this place. 
2) Not enough security. Bouncer there is USELESS. Lets anyone and everyone in. 
3) Place should have a $5 cover charge, to keep the riff-raff out on weekends!
4) If RAP music is "banned" then owner should make a SIGN and say so and have the balls to hang it near the DJ booth and sign his fucking name to it so the DJs are not to blame. 

The criminal:

Jennifer is the one ^ above in the pink shirt. Her sister Nicky is in the cherry red jacket

Link to MORE images of her:



"Her name was signed Jennifer (with 2 n's)
Her email: 
she was a short (maybe 5'4") black/latina woman… heavier set.
I assume that the 82 is a birth year.. age 28 or 29 sounds about right.
She said she was a bar tender and had been a bar manager at one time.
She said she used to come to iggys thurs and sundays.
I think she may work in the neighborhood. I have attached her picture.
imagine her with shorter hair and 20 lbs heavier.

She hit Brooke, knocked her out, and fled. Please help us out, we need to know if you know her, where she works etc. Please spread this around as she may very well end up injuring ANOTHER karaoke DJ at some point 🙁

Please spread the word so we can find this woman and make sure she gets her punishment. 



Greetings from Mesa, Arizona

Out here for the Tour Link convention. Palm trees, orange trees, sun…. all good so far. HATED the flight- 5.5 hours, omfg. Could have flown to the UK in that time. I use twitter a lot now, much more than this blog, so if you want to follow me on twitter I am at:http://twitter.com/dr_dot


Holding on for dear life in back seat of taxi

 Ronzilla ^ and Pooh

NY native and fellow karaoke FREAK, showed me and Rachel around Mesa and we ended up in a bar called the Tilted Kilt for karaoke. Hard putting up with drunks (local drunken men) when you are sober, ugh!

Local Mesa Dot Bot, Rachel ^ spoiling my feets after karaoke


View from my hotel room ^ (if you look closely you will see some orange trees)


Lazy cunt Pooh just lies around all day while I go out and bring home the bacon. Pffft. 


Orange trees EVERYWHERE here in AZ. Lovin' it so far…



… and Palm trees too. I can imagine it must be hotter than hell here in the summer though.


Mesa, Arizona Dot Bot April ^ massaging my aching feet :p

Doesn't she resemble a young Grace Slick ?


In the pilot seat of a 19 million dollar private jet at the Tour Link "Jet BBQ". I felt like a fish out of water there


Went out to karaoke with a few dot bots and local friends at Uncle Monkeys. REALLY STRANGE! I ordered a GLASS of club soda with a splash of cranberry juice, no ice, and this is the "glass" they brought me. lol. It is super cheap in AZ. And sunny. So I can see the attraction. Not much ambition going on, people seem to just wanna chill out there. To each his own you know?


 After karaoke at Denny's, 1:30 am ^ I was being interviewed by some guy, not sure what will become of it. Dot Bot Rachel was in on the action, I made some funny videos, will post asap. 



Halloween night 2009

Joanna and I ^


Halloween 2009 in NYC at Iggy's karaoke bar upper East Side.


Joanna was dressed as Anna Nicole Smith and if you look carefully you will see her prop, Anna's dog Sugar Pie. I was obviously a French Maid (was going to be a gory one but had no time to do the gore make up as I was SWAMPED with work). I worked until 1am setting up the Depeche Mode tour for massages (Dot Bots all lined up). 

 I had a BLAST singing last night, but sang songs I knew the crowd would love rather than singing the ones I really wanted to try for the first time (it was PACKED and crowed wanted greatest hits sort of thing). I did Whole Lotta Love, I Feel Good, I just want to make love to you (Etta James), Dirty Deeds (done dirt cheap) – and another that I can't remember. Hmmmmm. I only had ONE wine spritzer, totally being a good girl (still off coffee too 🙂

Well, not much time to write as I have to get up early. Guess I will return to Berlin end of this month, I miss my friends. Torn between two lovers (Berlin and NYC! 🙂


"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." Ghandi



I celebrated my "30th" birthday (again 🙂 at Tonic in NYC KARAOKE!! (me, Chrissi, Catherine W. and Jonesy, not pictured, too)


 Santiego, from "hand of god" Argentina. He is a drummer in a rock band, he hung with us for a while. Pretty dude eh?


So NYC is cold again. We were lucky and had a couple SUPER warm days, but the leg warmers went back on today, omfg. FREEZIN'. I went for my MRI the other day of left knee and will go Monday to ORTHO Doc to have him analyze it and tell me which surgery I will need. NOT looking forward to that!

So I had to buy a new Mac, the latest one they have, Snow Leopard program, goes SUPER FAST, it's like butter!! Still keeping old one though, one can never have too many Mac Book Pros!! They truly are the best. I bought a new one as the old one had a keyboard issue and I THOUGHT I would have to go without it for a week but APPLE called 18 hours after I dropped off old one for repairs saying it was ready for pick up. DAM those folks are good. But as I said, this new one is miles faster. I JUST need to learn how to use iMovies and I will be happy. 

Been spending LOTS of time with Jasmine since I have been back and that is always a good thing. So strange, when I am in Berlin I feel at home there and don't want to leave. Same thing happens when I am here in NYC. BUT then my heart yearns to live in England, it always has and always will. I know it is expensive and dangerous too, but I just love England. Perhaps the grass is always greener and I wouldn't like it if I lived there. Last time I massaged Simon Cowell, it was in Birmingham and I told him I would love to just move there and stay and he freaked out and said "Good Lord Dot, not there, London is the place for you!". ha. 

 "Chasing Amy" is on TV. Great movie. This film made my ex EXTREMELY uncomfortable, guess it hit too close to home (about a guy dating a HOT chick and his best friend being bitchy and trying to break them up, turns out his friend is secretly in love with him) heh heh.

NYC is still fun and there is karaoke every single night in more than one place but I don't like to go out more than once a week (if that). Dealing with drunks is just annoying. Got a Spinning bike and treadmill at my flat now and weights (who needs to join a gym?). Plus I have more than enough writing to do. At the end of the day (which for me is around 5 or 6 am) I am so exhausted from answering emails that I never get around to writing the books I want to write (& Blog) and have to REALLY dig deep to find the time to write my sex columns (I LOVE helping folks but turning all the Q & A's into a tidy column is not as easy as you may think).

 Trying out something new- writing this while on new spin bike- working ok so far. Just hate sitting still for too long, which is a problem as most of my work is done online coordinating massages and answering people's love/relationship/sex questions. LOTS of time on ass in front of computer and I hate it. 

 Gota go, sweating is NOT good for the new Mac.. by the way, how HOT is Madonna lately? SCHWING! You go girl!!


ps. Follow me on twitter, I write on there much more often than here as I can do so anywhere:




Safe and sound in NYC

I like to meet and trade massages with everyone on my team so when Alice, one of my Atlanta Dot Bots told me she would be in NYC when I landed, we agreed she would pick me up from airport and sleep over a few nights so we can get to know each other. She was born in Cuba, raised in the USA. She is SUPER nice and friendly- very honest and kind hearted. I was so FUCKING tired but wanted to show her around when I landed…

There we are in Hoboken ^ 

Alice is a fitness trainer and Licensed Massage therapist. She loves to dress very girly when she isn’t working. She doesn’t smoke or drink either and eats VERY healthy so we have a lot in common. When she told me she loves to sing and enjoys karaoke, well, then I asked her to stay one more night so we could go sing..


Here is Alice belting out a Heart song called ‘Alone’. She nailed it! It was fantastic. LOVE karaoke but being completely sober at a karaoke bar has it’s drawbacks. So many drunks hitting on us and talking SHIT. We both sang two songs then went home. I sang “You sexy Thang” by Hot Chocolate and also Do ya think I’m sexy by Rod Stewart. Aida also sang an Evanesense (sp?) song but I didn’t know it. 

Going to a book release party tomorrow (er, today actually as it’s already 6am) for a book I contributed to called The Heavy Metal book of Lists. Should be a kick ass party. They want me to come dressed as “Dr. Dot” so I gotta get my nurse costume out and dust it off. Will take pics