24 hour massage service Milan, Italy


 Book me:info@drdot.com and write: “Marion/Milan” in subject line 🙂
My name is Marion and I am a physiotherapist for rehabilitation and massages (including deep tissue massage, neuro-muscular therapy, myofascial release, postural aligment, trigger point therapy, Shiatsu, Foot-reflexology, Craniosacral-therapy, special Face/neck/decolleté/head massage, Reiki)
I have been living in Milan for more than 20 years but I am originally from Germany.I have been working in hospitals and private medical centers, running my own place at Milan for eight years by now.
If you need a trustworthy and experienced physiotherapist contact me via Dr.Dot and I will be glad to meet you.

24 hour massage service Rome, Italy


Book me:   info@drdot.com and write: “Erica/Roma” in subject line 🙂
Hi, I am Erica, I was born in Ethiopia and I have a Swiss and Eritrean heritage.
I grew up in Rome and after completion of my studies I headed off to Spain where I lived for 11 years.
My passion for massage began in the colourful and cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. In 2000, I obtained a “Therapeutic Massage” diploma which included Hand Massage, Foot Reflex zone massage and Lymphatic drainage training.
After that, I gained practical experience working in a Spa where I learnt to use Aromatheraphy:  a massage technique which uses essantial oils to heal the body and the mind.
I continued working in Wellness Centres, Spas and Hotels for over twelve years both in Spain and in Italy, gaining expertise.
I love my job and I love making people feel better through the energy of my hands, in fact, clients often say that I am a natural healer. Practicing yoga regularly and being a vegetarian help me in my job.
I couldn’t live without music, It’s like a best friend to me! I love concerts, travelling, walking and most of all I love my beautiful daughter!

I am happy to be a part of  DrDot. Team and I’m looking forward to my next massage!