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Heather began her career with one of the most prestigious spas in Washington, Gene Juarez Salon and Spa. After 3 years of successful employment, she began to explore other opportunities along the California Coast. Heather’s rare experience in Washington and California is what makes her so unique.

A few of Heather’s accomplishments:

In 2007 Heather was flown to San Francisco and shuttled down the coast to work on nearly 50 of San Diego’s most influential people, all whom were participants in the Qualcomm Million Dollar Challenge. The event benefited the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Because Heather was so well received, this experience helped her to start her own business in San Diego.

Heather was awarded “Most Standing Appointments” at Gene Juarez, due to VIP clients booking weekly appointments one year in advance.

Administered medical grade pain relief and sports therapy and laser treatments at La Jolla Spa MD

Offered treatment to victims of car accidents and work related injuries. Insurance companies allowed clients to see Heather as often as three times a week, granting her the experience necessary to fine-tune her skills and specialize in treatment work, including treatment of fibromyalgia.

Hundreds of hours of training in 5 star service, reflexology and many other modalities, developing a unique assertiveness.

Received numerous awards and letters from employers, clients and peers regarding her caring nature and healing abilities:

It is very refreshing to have Heather here with us here in San Diego, raising the standard.”

– Richard Tiland, Executive Assistant to La Jolla Spa MD, #1 Medical Spa in America

“Heather brought an exceptionally high level of standards to our spa. I feel that her caring nature will be a wonderful addition to anyone’s team. She is missed and would be welcomed back with no hesitation.”

-Pauline Emerson, Spa Manager for Gene Juarez, Bellevue, WA

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Hi there! I'm Heather and I have been providing therapeutic massage services since graduating from The Healing Arts Institute here in Colorado in 1997. After graduating, I immediately took a position providing rehabilitation therapy in a pain management clinic. I worked with motor vehicle accident victims, burn victims, people who had been injured on the job and people with long-term debilitating illnesses such as MS and cancer. This laid the foundation for my passion for providing impactful therapy to everyone I lay my hands on … which has been quite a few people. I struck out on my own, building a thriving practice as a Preferred Provider for Medical Doctors, Acupuncturists, Chiropractic Doctors, Physical Therapists and other health professionals that referred their patients to me for rehabilitation.

Inspiration brought me to the Denver metro area in 2005. I expanded my practice to include providing high level services to visiting performing artists and senior level executives as well as working with local charitable organizations. I count many of the high level classical and contemporary musicians and physical artists that travel through Denver as not only my clients, but my long time friends. I have found that the only way to facilitate health and wellness is to get to know my client and tailor my tools to their needs. Yes, I do intense, therapeutic work – but my clients love that I can get results without beating them up. I could list the many therapies I practice with, but it all comes down to bringing the right tools to bear at the right time and working in harmony with the signals your body is sending. And you will be different each time you are worked on … what worked last week may not be effective today. Your therapist should be responsive to those variations and only use what your body is calling for in the moment, rather than the latest fad move.

My large family (seriously – it's huge!) includes my two beautiful dogs, Oki and Sascha and we enjoy all the cultural events in Denver. We go from the First Friday Art Walk, to symphony on Saturday to tubing Boulder Creek on Sunday. Our boys are active football / wrestling / rugby players, and our girls are fanatic about softball and cross country. Believe me, my work is not done when I get home … they all line up for their hands on time. Every chance I get, I take my motorcycle through the canyons and valleys around Denver – there is nothing better to empty your mind and replenish your soul than the open road and no maps!

I'm proud and honored to provide therapy through Dr. Dot – she only hires the best and we work hard to make sure you get 7 Star Service every time. I look forward to working with you as we uncover the perfect balance of tools for your health.

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I have lived in the San Antonio area most of my life. I chose this profession for the ability to help people on a pain and emotional level. I have been a therapist since 2003 and have enjoyed every minute.

When I found the information for Dr. Dot I was floored. What a great combination. I love so many types and styles of music. It heals, changes mood and helps people through some of the most painful and most joyous times in life. My father who I am blessed to still have with me played with a number of bands before I was born and when his family came along continued to play for us.

To this day I still love the raw and beautiful sound of anyone singing with an acoustic guitar. Doesn't matter if their voice is great as long as you can feel the energy and their soul come through in their music.

I am thrilled to have found this opportunity, truly how many are lucky or smart enough to do what they love and make a living? I look forward to this journey and the honor of working on you.