Halloween night 2009

Joanna and I ^


Halloween 2009 in NYC at Iggy's karaoke bar upper East Side.


Joanna was dressed as Anna Nicole Smith and if you look carefully you will see her prop, Anna's dog Sugar Pie. I was obviously a French Maid (was going to be a gory one but had no time to do the gore make up as I was SWAMPED with work). I worked until 1am setting up the Depeche Mode tour for massages (Dot Bots all lined up). 

 I had a BLAST singing last night, but sang songs I knew the crowd would love rather than singing the ones I really wanted to try for the first time (it was PACKED and crowed wanted greatest hits sort of thing). I did Whole Lotta Love, I Feel Good, I just want to make love to you (Etta James), Dirty Deeds (done dirt cheap) – and another that I can't remember. Hmmmmm. I only had ONE wine spritzer, totally being a good girl (still off coffee too 🙂

Well, not much time to write as I have to get up early. Guess I will return to Berlin end of this month, I miss my friends. Torn between two lovers (Berlin and NYC! 🙂


"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." Ghandi

ZAPPAWEEN here I come :)

My flight leaves in a few hours to Florida. Going to see a Frank Zappa tribute band called Bogus Pomp. They have an annual Halloween party and call it ZAPPAWEEN, so it's like a mini- Frank Zappa festival. Super excited. I didn't make it to Zappanale this past summer, doubt I will ever get to Zappanale again, but there is alway ZAPPAWEEN innit?


Their show is actually on November 1st, maybe I will find time to lay on the beach the days before.. or go trick or treating (on the beach?). SUPER TIRED- I Gotta go jump in bed with Pooh.