Hackers are fucking cowards

A person I know, who I thought was  a very close friend, finally confessed to hacking my email, myspace and even bank account. I simply can not find it in me to write a sweet, funny, entertaining blog right now. I have so much to write about but can not find the right energy. I am floored. The lies, the deceit.. it has actually made me physically ill.

 First they said their "friend" did it. Then they said THEY asked their friend to do it, then finally the big truth, that THEY actually did it themselves. They showed me the proof, showed me conversations I have had per email, on myspace and told me exactly how much I have on my bank account. What the FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some people have told me to "change your passwords!", I appreciate the help and advice, but that does NOT help! I used to trust this person and they have been on my lap top, so they had the chance, if they wanted, to install trojans, spyware, etc, to open ports and shut down my firewall. They have access because I use wireless etc, they may have installed a key logger even, so they can read EVERYTHING I write, anywhere, online. They told me how they did it even!! Guess it helps them look in the mirror; helps them sleep. They even tried to tell me they did it as a FAVOR to show me my system is not secure. I have to buy a MAC, which I will do in a week or two.. 

It is sick that you can't trust anyone. "I am a rock, I am in Island"


I hope I wake up out of this shock soon as I have a lot to say. I hope this shit never, ever happens to you.



Question: What do you think would be easier to forgive: Your lover cheated on you with another, or you found out a CLOSE friend (or lover) hacked into your email and has been reading it for a few months..

Would you forgive them? Could you forgive and forget?