Yoga Delivery Service in Los Angeles, California


To book me please email and write “Gregory/Los Angeles/California“ in the subject line 🙂

Hello, I’m Gregory. I’ve been practicing Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama 

(ancient art of breath control) since 1992 and was certified by Robert
O. Mayer Yoga in 1994. I also have a background in Northern Shaolin
Kung Fu, having trained and taught for Earnest Rothrock of Rothrock’s
Kung Fu in Pittsburgh, Pa.
I have been teaching yoga privately and in a multitude of
facilities specializing in the treatment of substance abuse, eating
disorders and dual diagnosis in Los Angeles since 2001. Along with
teaching yoga, I have extensive experience working with members of
UCLA Psychiatric Department in counseling high-profile musicians and
entertainers, helping them heal from painful compulsions, addictions
and emotional issues in their own, unique way.
I am also a voice strengthening specialist having studied under
Elizabeth Sabine, “The Rock and Roll Grandmother” and utilize the
special techniques I learned from her which help singers release &
center emotionally, utilizing techniques such as primal scream therapy.
A yoga session with me is like a deep spiritual calibration,
awakening the fires of creativity and inspiration and centering the
mind, body and spirit so you are left feeling like a more powerful
brand new you.