My new film is rated “GAY”

"He's so very very gay, he's so gay..his day isn't complete without some meat in his seat, he's so gay" Frank Zappa

My video of the 2007 Berliner "Christopher Street Day Parade"  ^ 

 Welcome to the Berliner Freak show

You gotta admit the lady's got BALLS dressing like that. Berlin is so colorful.  



Berlin= GAY

I tried to go swimming today and was quickly reminded how GAY Berlin really is:

Then went out to eat at an Asian restaraunt and accidentally saw how they made their "Chicken" Stir Fry

So, as you can see, I am pretty excited about my upcoming trip to NYC this Sunday. I hope to get the freakin' Jeff Beck and

Stones blog done soon. But that Chicken Stir fry gave me a belly ache, so I have to lie down, too ill to blog 🙂


Ripping open old wounds ( and a cockey Arab )

One thing that has changed since I have been back here in Sauerkraut land, something quite amazing-is that I have become a morning person. I am not sure how long it will last, or if it is a sign that I am ill, but since I landed 6 days ago, I have gone to bed every night at 11:30pm and I get up at 9:00am! Of course I got up like everyone else for school at 6am for years and with Jasmine for years too, but like I said in a former blog entree,