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I am a massage therapist and acupuncturist. By being highly skilled in both of these modalities, I am able to fine-tune my treatments depending upon the individual needs of my clients. My insight into Chinese Medicine and its various diagnostic techniques allows me to look at the body in a way which maximizes even my massage alone. In fact, I sometimes combine the two treatments for the most beneficial effect. I have found that this combination is especially helpful for problems that performers have, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and neck and thoracic problems. 


My bag of skills include deep tissue, Swedish and medical massage as well as cupping, a Chinese medical treatment that is great for pulling out toxins and dealing with impingements. As well as performing classical and traditional acupuncture, I also have advanced certification in the use of acupuncture for substance abuse and do Facial Acupuncture Rejuvenation, a face lift-like technique with incredibly natural, non-invasive and long-lasting effects. 


Whether you want to treat ailments that have been bothering you for a long time or just want a straight ahead massage that greatly reduces pain and leads to deep relaxation, I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results.

Real Swedish Massage in Philly, PA

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My name is Lars and I recently moved from my native Sweden to the US with my family to pursue the American Dream! 

I've been working as a professional masseur since January 2009 after retaining my license with the European Massage Academy in Stockholm, Sweden. 

I have always been into sports from a young age, starting with basketball and went onto handball which I later also coached, so training and the body have always been a great interest. I found massage fascinating and interesting and found I have a talent for it, so I decided to follow that path after giving up my own chauffeur company and here I am! 

Back home I had my own successful business and have helped many with their ailments ranging from headaches, neck pains, back pains etc to just a relaxing massage after a days work. I also worked as head masseur with our local hockey team. My other great passion in life is music! I have been to hundreds of gigs over the years, I have an impressive CD collection and have done some DJ work for fun as I love music so much. So working for Dr. Dot is just the best combination in the world for me: massage and music, can it get any better than that? 

Here are the areas I work in:

Classic massage

Sitting down massage

Advanced deep massage (Finnish massage)

Anatomy & physiology

Stretching exercises

Acute injury treatment

Work injury treatment

Head- and face massage

Trigger points

Relaxation massage

I am regarded as a friendly, quiet, hard working, respectful person with a calm nature. I am flexible, easy to reach and I don’t mind driving distances or working crazy hours. I have no problem in following instructions and am eager to finish my work with a satisfied customer. Making you feel good is very important to me! 

I look forward to hearing from you! 




Facebook outage silences 150,000 users

Facebook outage silences 150,000 users

Editor’s Note: The following article is reprinted from the Today @ PC World blog at

For the past week and a half, several thousand Facebook users were unable to access their accounts because of a technical issue with a server. The outage silenced .05 percent of Facebook users, or 150,000 people, which may not seem like that many, considering that Facebook now has over 300 million users. But if this could happen to even a small percentage, what’s to say it couldn’t happen again to even more users of the world’s largest social networking site?

The affected Facebook users are slowly seeing their accounts restored, though some profile data may have been lost. Facebook itself was silent on the matter until Monday, when it gave CNET the skinny, saying the issue was caused by “a technical issue with a single database.” Facebook also iterated that it had nothing to with “hackers or other malicious activity.”

Facebook spokeswoman Brandee Barker gave a boilerplate statement that included the usual apologies and assurances that the outage would be repaired as soon as possible. “Our engineering team has worked around the clock, and as of [October 12], all of these users should begin to regain access to their Facebook accounts.”

According to CNET, affected users also received this message: “You may not have been able to access your account over the last several days. We’re sorry for this inconvenience; an extended technical issue affected a small number of Facebook accounts, including yours. We have done our best to restore your account to its most recent state, but some data and settings may not be current. In order to be cautious, we defaulted some of your privacy settings to their most restrictive settings. You may wish to review your privacy settings and reset them.” As you see, Facebook was not specific as to what “some data and settings” actually includes.

It doesn’t sound as though the data and update loss were catastrophic or anything more than just annoying. However, the outage highlights the potential fragility of Facebook. If one server fail can affect 150,000 people, what would happen if three servers crashed? Paranoid thoughts, perhaps, but as Facebook grows and becomes more integrated with ordinary people’s lives and with businesses and corporations, the security of the site becomes a public matter of great importance.

That this server failure wasn't widely reported is also distressing. Facebook should be more upfront with its technical difficulties and, in light of this incident, once again bolster security measures not only to decrease the likelihood of reoccurrence, but also to keep the more crucial meat of people’s profiles away from exposure.