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ERICA High Rockies, Colorado, USA

I was born and raised in Austin, TX. At the age of 16, I started working in recording studios, and managing bands. I attended massage school there in 2004, because another inherent calling was manifesting itself inside me. One day my father asked me to hold my hands above his arm, and generate heat (as a test from a friend he refers to as “the witch doctor”…ha!). After a few seconds he was convinced I had a gift, because without actual contact, I had made his arm feel as if it were next to a fire. More than one client has inquired if I was using hot stones during treatment, when in all actuality it was the energy emanating from my hands.

During massage school, I focused my practical treatment population project on musicians, to emphasize the need and importance of bodywork to sustain and enhance performance. My next goal was to go back to school for music therapy. Instead, I ended up back out on the road driving and lugging gear (I love it.). I have helped run, and have worked hands on for clinics during music festivals administering acupuncture, massage, and naturopathic first aide on the staff and performers.

After working all up and down the West coast, my practice has now landed in the High Rockies of Colorado working with Olympians, and at a 5 star hot springs retreat. My touch is intuitive, effective, and works with the natural rhythms and frequencies of the human body. “Gentle yet assertive.”

I am an integrative, 3D body worker. My focus accompanies the Central Nervous System. I see the human body as a series of open and closed circuits. The goal is to tear down adhesions, freeing the voltage to create effortless flow through the system. I guess you could say I am a low-frequency engineer.

My modalities include:


-Deep Tissue



-Manual Lymphatic Drainage

-Muscle Energy Technique

-Manual Ligament Therapy

-Sports Massage

-Pre/Post Event Massage

-Pre/Post Natal Massage

-Chair Massage

-Thai Massage

-Jin Shin Do



-Specific Treatment Massage (i.e. degenerative conditions, neuritis/neuralgia, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Whiplash (for some of you heavier rockers out there…haha), and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome to name a few)


I think this company is ingenious, and I am honored to be a part of the Dr. Dot team.

*I am available for tours.

Look forward to working with you, and see ya down the road.

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Hi my name is Erica I have been a therapist for over two years

 I graduated from Anthem Institute in June of 2010. Since then I have worked for myself doing mobile massage.

I have worked on some the top tier guest at a few of the casinos here. I also worked for Body Connection doing casino massage and also private events.

 I am currently working at a Hotel and Casino doing Casino massage as well as being a Dotbot.

I love being a therapist I look at each person I work on as a new puzzle for me to figure out. I also enjoy the social aspect of the job i love meeting new people.

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Book me:   info@drdot.com and write: “Erica/Roma” in subject line 🙂
Hi, I am Erica, I was born in Ethiopia and I have a Swiss and Eritrean heritage.
I grew up in Rome and after completion of my studies I headed off to Spain where I lived for 11 years.
My passion for massage began in the colourful and cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. In 2000, I obtained a “Therapeutic Massage” diploma which included Hand Massage, Foot Reflex zone massage and Lymphatic drainage training.
After that, I gained practical experience working in a Spa where I learnt to use Aromatheraphy:  a massage technique which uses essantial oils to heal the body and the mind.
I continued working in Wellness Centres, Spas and Hotels for over twelve years both in Spain and in Italy, gaining expertise.
I love my job and I love making people feel better through the energy of my hands, in fact, clients often say that I am a natural healer. Practicing yoga regularly and being a vegetarian help me in my job.
I couldn’t live without music, It’s like a best friend to me! I love concerts, travelling, walking and most of all I love my beautiful daughter!

I am happy to be a part of  DrDot. Team and I’m looking forward to my next massage!