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Some ask me why I do not blog so often anymore. Can you blame me? Every time I write an exciting blog, SOMEONE gets pissed off, certain Presidents get in trouble, etc. I am not one to walk on eggshells, so I just walk around them instead. Some of the stuff that happens to me is too exciting to blog about. It would excite many but piss off a certain few and I just don't have the time to apologize so often. 

So I use twitter to do mini-blogs when I am out and about. Harmless stuff that shouldn't irritate. Then there are things that take up too much space and won't fit on twitter. Like this SHIT: Left house at 6:15 pm for a facial at Bliss Spa. Then got a bite to eat, came home at 10pm, front of house was DARK and I KNOW I turned outside lights on when I left. Switch didn't help, lights had been UNSCREWED by some sneaky fuck who STOLE MY NEW BIKE. The Lesbians who live below me MUST have heard/seen this shit as my bike was chained up to the heavy duty judy fence on my porch, which is (no lie) THREE feet from their fucking bed room window. They MOAN and whine how, since their bed room window is so close to my bike and car, they can hear me leaving and coming each time but this time, they conveniently didn't hear any commotion. They have two YAPPY dogs too, are you kidding me? The dogs didn't bark? Pffft!


Fucking wenches, I swear, a while gang of hooded hooligans can come and snatch their cars right in front of me and I will just wave at them. The porch had been swept, no leaves there anymore, so either the thieves are anal about leaving their "work place" tidy or the bitches had been out there cleaning up. I am pissed/sad and feel violated. SURE it could be worse, things can ALWAYS be worse, but if you've ever had a bike stolen from your yard/porch, you know where I'm coming from.

No point in buying another bike NOW as it is getting cold out anyways. I will wait til Spring and spend ANOTHER $200 on a bike and this time I guess I will have to schlepp it inside every night. pffft. HATE THIEVES (a year ago my car was broken into and my purse was stolen along with many other things (iPod, speakers etc). Karma sadly takes too long for such idiots to get what they deserve sometimes.


Birthday is Tuesday, but I will be going out with the girls tonight (Monday) for karaoke and a bite to eat. Not sure about you but each year that passes, my tolerance of bullshit gets smaller. I always make new friends but sometimes I have to cut "old friends" out of my life. The kind of friends who are always there when they need a favor, promotion, help, money a lift somewhere, food, etc, but are never around when you would like to see them. THOSE kind of friends. I have "deleted" three of those recently and it feels good. One should not allow people to walk all over you, no matter how long you have known them you know? Sometimes I worry, does getting older mean being bitter? I hope not but it seems you have a choice, be a hammer or a nail. For me, friendship, or any kind of relationship should be give and take, not just take. But people LOVE to take and if you allow them to, they will never stop. I am thinking the more intelligent and/or successful people are, the less friends they have. Ever notice how people who have no job/money/goals have loads of friends? Easier to find others like that I suppose (and maybe life is easier like that). I can't live like that. I am too ambitious and it has nothing to do with earning. It has to do with the challenge of going as far as you can with your goals. Keeps me on my toes. 

Even if I ever got wealthy, I would still drive same car, wear same clothes, etc. Would NOT go out and buy jewelry (STUPID) or designer clothes (EVEN DUMMER). Would maybe buy a house with HUGE yard and dog flap, to allow LOADS of dogs I would buy get in and out to shit without me having to bring them out each time. THAT is a goal. heh heh.

I am SUPPOSED to be writing my book and my literary agent told me last Jan "an hour a day please" I STILL haven't done that. YIKES!! By the time I am done answering the Dr. Dot emails, it's usually 6 or 7AM, then I watch something for an hour, as I just can't be asked to TYPE anymore, this is also why I don't blog much anymore either. I am so overwhelmed it's insane. BUT I am not complaining. I LOVE my work. I have morphed more into a dispatcher than a massage therapist. I spend at least 7 hours a day online connecting people. Helping people. So if you are frustrated that my blog has become too "work like" then please join me on twitter: dr_dot


Gotta get off here now "Lay off me, I'm STARVING!!" 


Missing in action?

I am so f-ing busy, I always end up answering my last email of the night at 6am (now) then the last thing on my mind is more writing. I promisd my lovely Literary Agent I would write one hour a day of my book. I am writing a book (life story, yadda yadda yadda). I agreed a week ago and still have not logged ONE hour for her 🙁


I get my keys today for my own tiny flat in Hoboken, NJ. I need space. I can not live and work at home with anyone around me, every single day. I go out of my mind. I am a loner, always have been. In Berlin I have my own flat, love it but not keen on the hasty anti-American public. So I am either REALLY alone in Berlin or way over crowded in NYC. Now as soon as I move in to my own space here, I will be at peace again. THEN I can get more work done and start the book. NOT happy about moving again (remember I just did a HUGE move last August, FOOK!!!).


On top of all that drama, I am studying for my American drivers license test (searching high and low for all my personal documents as you need a truck load of them to apply for a US drivers license and I can't find most of my papers (you have  certified copies of your birth certificate, soc sec card, marriage/divorce papers, passport, omfg, I can't even remember the rest, but it's a lot). So I am swamped as can be. Still logging the Ask Dr. Dot questions and answers every day, helping folks with my sex/love advice and on top of all that, running the worlds biggest and best massage/chiropractic team "Dr. Dot Therapy LLC" (official company now 🙂


Had to get car tuned up, renew insurance, get a new blackberry (sounds simple? Then you do not know At+t). Everything at once for crying out loud! 


Then there is Jasmine to tend to (LOVE love love), working out when I can and oh, sometimes I sleep). Forget hanging with friends or singing anymore, I rarely ever get to do that. I have loads of massage clients too. When my head hits the pillow at night (erm, I mean MORNING!) I can not turn my mind off. I gave up coffee and alcohol ages ago and it doesn't help, still wide awake. Planning my new tattoo as well, with Mr. Paul Booth, the master, again. This time, BEATLES and I am letting him design it (cross fingers they have skin on their faces 🙂


On top of all that I am taking iMovies lessons to learn how to make better films/videos, yay!. Not enough hours in the day for me. If you are interested in what I am doing, best to follow me on twitter (hope I don't sound like a snotty cunt saying that) but it is true, I post stuff on there ALL the time as it is faster. My twitter account is dr_dot



good night ( I mean morning 🙂


ps. I am posting random pics from last few days below



 LOYAL clients since a few years, the Giypsy Kings ^  LOVE THEM!!

NJ Dot Bot, Amanda and Webmaster, Dirk on stage at the Giypsy Kings gig in NYC



 I LOVE the USA, look how fucking crazy people are? Look how HAPPY they are! NYC area is so much FUN!!


 Scenes from Hoboken, NJ (I LOVE HOBOKEN!!)

Check it out:


View from Hoboken. How can you not love that?




I feel sooooo guilty for not blogging properly in so long. I am so mad busy. I use twitter daily as it is easier and I can do it anywhere. I am on twitter as dr_dot by the way.


Looking for an apartment in the NYC area as I need more space, office space etc. My company is official now, so I am working my tail off to get things all lined up. Weather is GORGEOUS here in NYC lately, Spring is finally at our door. Not even bothered about going back to Berlin until Jasmine heads over. I do miss a few certain people but I do NOT miss being hated on a daily basis just for being an American. We can not choose where we are born. BUT we can avoid places that hate us innit? I can not help it that Berliners hate Americans. It is COOL to hate Americans over there. No matter HOW hard you try or even if you don't try, you just can't win, they just fucking hate Americans. Sucks because Berlin is such a pretty city with lots to do, but it wears you down defending yourself over and over again. I have just grown tired of it now and what bad timing too, as I just had found my dream apartment with the help of a dear friend last August. FUCK I always do everything backwards. All those years in Berlin in and out of shitty apartments and now that I am done with it, I find my dream apartment. OMFG!!!!!!!!

It is 5am, just NOW done answering today's emails, that is why I never blog, I am so swamped, answering emails, by the time I am done, the last thing on my mind is writing (or even wanking). BUT my face hurts from laughing so much here in the states. People LOVE TO LAUGH here. Makes live so much easier. Berliners, take note. 


Gotta sleep



Maggie and I at karaoke 


Steve Vai tears up NJ

This just in:

My family (Dad's side) down in Georgia just called and they said they won #1 place in the corn bread competition and 10th place (out of 300 hundred applicants) in the annual Stone Mountain Chili Cook off!!!!!!!

Lisa is down there with them raising hell and they are so ecstatic they took a giant trophy for their corn bread! They call themselves the Killer Bee's Chili team and they compete every year at this Chili Cook off down there. I think I will join them next year, sounds fun. They told me there were several cover bands playing at the all weekend festival, a Hendrix cover band called VooDoo was the best (my Dad said).

From left to right ^ My Dad's sister, Aunt Caron, her son JC, Aunt Nancy (Dad's other sister + favorite Auntie ), Allyson my Dad's wife of over 25 years, My DAD :), Melissa (Aunt Caron's daughter + my niece) + the girl Kneeling is Chantel a friend of Melissa's who helps them every year at the cook off. 


So congrats to the whole Fam Damily for their cooking talents 🙂

Last night, the 28th, was 10 days after my tonsillectomy and even though I probably should have just stayed home and rested, I couldn't resist the call of the wild and went to  the Steve Vai show at the Starland Ballroom, in Sayerville, NJ, my favorite venue in the world. I used to work at like 2 concerts a week there and know the whole staff. This place is SO FUN to go to, I love eveyone there, the cook, the bar backs, the roadies, managers, they just all rock.

Everyone always hangs out in the kitchen and cracks jokes. I warned everyone that I would be coming but couldn't speak loud or much thanks to a hurt throat but that plan went out the window, I simply  had to speak and catch up with my old friends. One friend in particular was in dire need of some tender loving care. Two weeks ago, Pauls wife of one year gave birth to their first child, a baby boy.
The wife died 4 days later due to complications from her c-section. So he is beyond gutted. I couldn't massage last night because my Doctor said you can't workout or work for at least a month after a tonsillectomy but I brought one of my best massage assistants with me, Koree, to be there to massage anyone who needed it at the Steve Vai show and so I treated Paul to 30 minutes of massage from Koree, who has hands of steel, like butter, I love her. Paul LOVED his massage and felt a little better, the
poor guy 🙁


Paul is a massive Dead head and always has the Dead or solo Garcia playing in the kitchen, even during shows. He just cranks his stereo up louder to drown out whatever act is on stage lol

 Nick is a fucking NUT ^  I love him madly. He makes everyone who enters the Starland Ballroom howl with laughter. 

  < I know a few people with that tattoo

It was great to see the "mad fiddler" again, Ann Marie ^  I am just kidding, she is a violinist..

When Steve introduced the band on stage, he mentioned how he "stole her from Jethro Tull" with a sharp laugh. It is true, I asked her. She was touring with Jethro Tull and then auditioned for Steve Vai and instead of doing the next leg of the Jethro Tull tour, she joined Steve on the road and the rest is history. This woman is so talented and gorgeous, it's hard to take your eyes off her when she is on stage. She challenges Steve during the show, her violin, his guitar, it is amazing to see and hear, absolutely mad!

The Bass master, Bryan brought his parents and introduced them to me. He looks just like his Mom. The NJ native was beaming all night but you could tell backstage that he was missing his cutie Kira Small, who is on tour with her band at the moment. 

Zack is young fresh guitar blood. Read about him by clicking HERE 

Steve is giving this 20 year old guitar genius a chance to shine by letting him open for him at every show and even invites him on stage every night for a number or two. Frank Zappa did the same for Steve when he was 20, plucked him fresh out of the Berkley School of Music. So I guess Steve is keeping the faith and sharing his spot light with Zack as Frank did for him. What a man Steve is. Zack showed me all the movies he has made on his lap top and I am pretty sure he will end up a movie director one day, as he is amazing at it.

Speaking of Lap tops, everyone on Steve's tour except for Bryan Beller uses an Apple. I feel so old fashioned using a PC still. I have to get a Mac I guess to keep up with the times. Steve said PC's are crap compared to  Apples and he said Blackberry's are junk compared to the iPhone. Why oh WHY did I just order a new version of the Blackberry (the Curve). I wish I hadn't now that I have seen how fucking cool the iPhone is. Oh well, maybe I will just give my Curve to Jasmine and get a freakin' iPhone next. 

 I got to spend a lot of one on one time with Steve before and after the show, yay. He showed me his iPhone for about 20 minutes and it made me loathe my Blackberry with a vengeance. He showed me how you can type in any address and zoom in on it with the satellite and we found my house and saw it on his phone! He is indeed Mr. Gadget. Love the pic he gave me ^ I think I will have it framed in silver and wear it as a necklace charm. 

We talked a lot about Frank Zappa and his music and his son Julian, who is currently in Massage school, inspiring to be a member of my massage team. That would soooooo rock, having a Vai on our team. I have yet to meet Mrs. Vai, maybe next time. I hear from everyone that she is as sweet as Steve is.

Steve has a great sense of humor. Somehow we got to talking about my sex column and I told him about the time a woman wrote in asking for advice about how to hide her farts on long weekends at home with her man. Steve said "Farts are like God's joke on us". He fucking cracks me up. I ordered a fart machine and had it shipped to my pal Christin's house, who will see him up in Boston in a few days… she will give it to him for me. I can't wait to hear how he reacts.

  Steve trying the Bite Method on me ^ ?

His famous guitars  ^

 During the show, as I said before, Steve introduced the band and directly after, he said "Special thanks to my friend Dr. Dot for coming out tonight to make us feel good, give a hand to Dr. Dot everybody" and he pointed at me on the side of the stage (I was next to the sound/monitor man Roger). Oh my God, I was NOT expecting that and blushed ten shades of red. 

Steve is by far my favorite client, there is no other artist that sweet. He is the absolute fucking bomb and that show last night was brilliant. It was PERFECT.

After the show I was soooooooooooo hungry, it has been 10 days since I've had a real meal and I couldn't take it anymore and nibbled on a tiny piece of pizza; chewed it REALLY good and got it down. That tasted so good I ate the whole thing. It took me about 30 minutes to chew it all, but I got it down and man it felt good. SO it looks like I am pretty much healed now. I still have a sore throat but I am on the road to recovery 🙂


Steve Vai leftovers ^  🙂


We were talking about my Tonsillectomy and he told me about his when he was 6 years old. He said the first thing he asked for when he woke up was Potato Chips. He said his Mom called the Doctor and said "Doc, he wants Potato chips!!" and the Doc replied "Aaaah, then give him Potato chips"
LMFAO!!!!!!!! So he got Potato chips. This is one tough cookie.

Steve noticed I was finally eating and offered me his left over pasta which Paul, the cook whipped up especially for him. Whole wheat Ziti Pasta with bits of Tofu  and red & green peppers and zucchini  coated in a Balsamic Vinegar sauce. I am in fact eating Steve Vai's left overs as I type this and man are they yummy. Heh heh. He ate most of the Tofu though..dam him! heh heh


 < random video bits ( Video leftovers)