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Dr. Dorothy…….


Is originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, where she completed her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of British Columbia, majoring in Mathematics and Biochemistry. She is also a graduate of Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, which is located in Toronto, Canada, where she currently resides.

Dr. Dorothy developed a fascination with Chiropractic from an early age. Having been a competitive child athlete, she suffered many injuries. After many years of unrelenting back pain and overall discomfort, she sought Chiropractic care, which, in many ways, has dramatically changed her life. Not only was she able to manage the pain from years of repetitive overuse, but she also gained an appreciation for the body’s ability to heal, and insight into the power of prevention.

In her spare time, Dr. Dorothy enjoys playing sports and music. Her experience both as an athlete, and also as a trainer for sports teams, has led her to additional certification in special soft tissue techniques such as Active Release Technique ® and Graston Technique ®. These techniques help to break down scar tissue and adhesions that develop on injured or overused muscles, which many athletes and musicians develop after many years of practice and performance.

Dr. Dorothy is grateful to be a health care professional that appreciates individuality and promotes not only a healthy body, but also a sound mind, and a warm and happy spirit.


If you want an adjustment from her, email her: and put "Dr. Dorothy/Toronto" in the subject line please




“I’ve got nasty habits”

I shouldn't write a blog right now, it's almost 8 am and I am STILL up working. I finally figured out why the president of Georgia hasn't called about his massage (Georgia is at war with Russia). He called and said "Sorry Dr. Dot, I do want a massage, but I have too many asses to kick at the moment". Just kidding. Laughing

I am still fuming mad about Lisa betraying me. Fucking lying bitch! Now I start to think maybe that client DIDN'T run out on her, maybe he paid her and she made up that stupid lie just to keep the 20%. I don't trust her one bit now. She is fired and will be paying a massive fine. She is still trying to bullshit her way out of this saying she knew the band before. BULLSHIT. I sent her to massage them and she emailed me back saying she "has always wanted to meet them". In her paypal note she wrote "one of the guitarist wanted to bring me on tour, isn't that sweet?". BITCH. Rot it hell you lying cunt. I Hope Def Leppard does the right thing, but you would be surprised how far a cute face goes. She will probably cry, lie and beg her way back into Vivian's house and massage him again. Oh well, at least people can't say I tried to warn them. 

 I had a 3 hour massage last night from Sabrina and two hours of acupuncture tonight from another lady. Thing is, I always feel that I eat and behave so healthy, but in reality I have been making big mistakes. I found out the protein shakes I make for myself every "morning" when I wake around 4 or 5 pm are bad for me because of the 1 grapefruit, 3 oranges and 1 lemon I squeeze into them. Apparently all of that citrus is hell for my stomach and bladder. Also, the coffee is also doing a number on my bladder and sleep disorder, so I have to quit coffee 🙁 and cut back on the citrus (which I thought was soooo good for me). AND 99% of what I eat is raw/cold. I eat fruit, salad, shakes, cold beans in my salad, avacado mashed onto whole wheat bread, I mean doesn't that sound healthy to you? I have been told by so many people I have to eat warm meals. So I am doing a whole change now, not gonna like it, but something has to happen as I am a nervous wreck (oh, and the stress has got to slow down, but how?).

The massage biz just keeps growing and growing and not being able to trust people sucks ass. Shitten' kittens. This is nothing new to me. My mom fucked one of my boyfriends when I was younger, my best friend stole my passport to get into a 18 and over Santana concert in NH (Wendy you bitch) and then SHE fucked my boyfriend after. Then another best friend fucked yet another boyfriend. Needless to say, I don't introduce many girlfriends when I am dating a man. Then the employees who fuck me over. May they rot in hell. 

 Hard to be sweet and easy going with all of that shit going on. Sometimes I think "fuck it" and just visualize me selling everything I own and moving into trailer park in Florida to play cards all day with old folks. But that vision quickly fades when I think of all the fun I have making sure touring musicians get a kick ass massage, each stop of their tour. (touring is HELL on the body). So I just plow on. Some have said "business is business Dot" but I thought people who study massage were different. I thought they had a heart. I thought they cared about people and had more integrity then say, a stock broker or lawyer. Guess not. This isn't the first betrayal, but it is the biggest. And then there was the friend I let use  my PC, who installed the KGB key logger and then read my emails and myspace messages for over two months before SHOWING me screen shots of all of my emails. "Down on me, yeah, down on me, feels like everybody in this whole wide world yea, is down on me" Janis Joplin.


I do LOVE life and LOVE people so much, so I will just have to try and trust again and keep on smiling. Lots to do and I guess having too much to do is better that having NOTHING to do. I really can NOT imagine being bored. I am never bored. Not even when I am sleeping. 

I went jogging Sunday eve and saw a bunch of rabbits, looking at me. Then I went jogging again on Wednesday, same area and saw two red foxes in the SAME EXACT spot as the rabbits had been, also staring at me. The wild life is NOT afraid of humans here. I bet the rabbits are fucking scare of those foxes though. I had to laugh when I saw the foxes, thinking of the smart ass rabbits just days before. I would much rather be the fox than the rabbit I tell ya.

Berlin weather is so crazy. One day (day, ha ha, that's funny) I mean, one afternoon, it's hot and humid, next eve it's cold, all the leaves are on the ground like it's fall and it's windy with rain. Like a fucking premenstrual wench. Oh yeah, the Doctors and acupuncturists also tell me taking the birth control pill is also bad. Omfg. How is it that I know some folks who eat french fries, steak, drink beer, smoke copius amounts of ganga and tons of coffee still sleep like a rock and seem fine and here's me, Ms. one glass of wine a week, one cup of coffee per day, salad til it comes out my fucking ears and I am a nervous wreck/stress ball? Could it be they are just punching a clock and get to "leave work behind" when they get home? My work never, ever ends. Go out to eat with me and I am looking at my blackberry 25% of the time. Have to! If I miss an email from Joel from GOod Charlotte, wanting a massage, he may call another massage company, ditto for any other celeb client of mine (and not just celeb clients, any client). 

I am going to bed, as I am starting to get cranky and the construction workers are already here, outside my window banging shit around. Men and their toys.

oh, but first:

 While searching for Lisa's contract to nail her balls to the wall, I came across this PROM picture of mine. Guess which hussy is me? ha ha. How embarrassing!! Rockville High School, Ct. My date was Billy Connelly (spelling?) who was a LOT like Huckleberry Finn. He normally wore jean overalls, no shirt, no shoes, bandanna on his head, smile on his face.  I absolutely LOATHED our prom song "one more night" by Phil Collins. Bite me. I wanted Joey Ramone (whom I was dating at the time to come with me, but he was touring. BUT he made it up to me by playing a show in Ellington for most of my school 🙂

Why didn't anyone take me aside and explain how tacky bleached blond hair actually is? My Mom started that. She put highlights in my hair when I was in the 7th grade. That is too young for that crap. She was just experimenting on me like a lab rat and from then on, my hair was fucked with. I am so glad I let it natural now. Not to sound even more queer than I already am, but I want to quote Cher "if I could turn back time" ha ha. 

DELIRIOUS at this point from lack of sleep. Why even bother going to bed? I should stay up and try to be a good Homosapien and follow the Suns rules.Oh, Rockville High is having a massive Class Reunion in September. Should be fun. See how many people still hate my guts. heh heh. They all know me as Dot Jagger. When I graduated, the principal even called my name out as "Dot Jagger". SO into the Stones at that point. OVER THAT!! Beatles RULE! Dot McCartney sounds way better anyways. I only went to Rockville High for two years, 11th and 12th grade, so the RHS kids didn't exactly welcome this blonde, mini skirt wearing blond rock chick with open arms. But I was used to being the "new girl" in school. Before that I was in Virginia Beach, Virginia at Bayside High and Bayside Junior High (only for the 9th and 10th grade). Before THAT I was in Newport, Rhode Island for some of the 6th and 8th grade and for my 7th grade I went to Thompson Junior High in Dover, New Hampshire, then back to Newport, oh God, don't get me going, in 12 years of school, I was in 15 different schools (still have the report cards here to prove it). Went to school in Memphis, Tenn.  for the 5th grade (going backwards here).

I am so fucking tired of moving and traveling, I could scream. I really envy the people who have lived a stable life, with a stable family, in the same town their whole life, with  a nice house and many pets. What's it like? Maybe in my next life, eh? But I supposed what you have lived through, makes you what you are, so I am fine with all that. The grass is always greener I guess. I am so happy Jasmine has lived her whole life so far in Berlin. I gave her stability (and so did her dad). That is what parents are supposed to do. You are supposed to show your child a life better than the one you had. Mission accomplished 🙂


I got nasty habits, I take tea at three
Yes, and the meat I eat for dinner
Must be hung up for a week
My best friend, he shoots water rats
And feeds them to his geese
Don'cha think there's a place for you
In between the sheets?

Come on now, honey
We can build a home for three
Come on now, honey
Don't you wanna live with me?

And there's a score of harebrained children
They're all locked in the nursery
They got earphone heads they got dirty necks
They're so 20th century
Well they queue up for the bathroom
'Round about 7:35
Don'cha think we need a woman's touch to make it come alive?

You'd look good pram pushing
Down the high street
Come on now, honey
Don't you wanna live with me?

Whoa, the servants they're so helpful, dear
The cook she is a whore
Yes, the butler has a place for her
Behind the pantry door
The maid, she's French, she's got no sense
She's wild for Crazy Horse
And when she strips, the chauffeur flips
The footman's eyes get crossed

Don'cha think there's a place for us
Right across the street
Don'cha think there's a place for you,
In between the sheets?

 Rolling Stones

Monte Carlo by Dr. Dot


 This ^  video took AGES to make. Still getting the hang of the ol' Windows Movie Maker thingy

You could eat off the ground it's so clean ^


I mentioned before (a few blogs ago) that I was heading to Monte Carlo. I finally found some time to make the blog. Kai Ebel the famous German moderator convinced RTL to fly me down to Monte Carlo to massage a few of the Formula One drivers for a show a travel show he does. Once a year he does a huge special called "Formel Exclusiv" (it aired May 13th 2007 ).

Feeling grateful is an understatement. Ralf, the producer and the whole film crew were a blast to work with.Even Nico Rossberg, who was told by his Finnish manager not to remove his shirt for the shoot, was a great sport. He said "oh why not!" and ripped his shirt off. All of the girls who saw us filming and who saw it on TV were pleased with that decision.  


Picture perfect, blah blah blah.


I heard the Royal family (Prince Albert and Princess Caroline etc) all live on the top of that giant hill/mountain ^

Kai with an amazing set of wheels ^ 

Nico has his own  WEB SITE   (schwing) 


All in all I had a great time and I want to thank RTL for treating me so fine. I even got to stay an extra night and explore the place on my own. I visited the only Irish Pub there (I swear there are Irish Pubs everywhere) and I ate at a Mexican place instead of dining on Frog Legs like everyone else. I am now back in Berlin, enjoying Jasmine's company and the hot weather. Susan Sarandon is filming SPEED RACER in Berlin and the management has my cards now so I am hoping I get to massage her. I have been a fan since the first time I saw the Rocky Horror Picture show ( I played Janet in a live production of it- you know when actors act it out while the film is playing at the same time) so I am really into her. Cross yer fingers for me will ya?

Heading back to NYC next month, gotta get my tonsils out finally. Sigh. Not looking forward to that. I won't miss any time with Jasmine as I won't leave until she leaves on her journey (going on a massive road trip with her friends in a VW bus). Cross fingers for her too while yer at it 🙂

Working on the London blog next. I need an ass massage from all this computer work 🙁

I just want to comment on all the Paris Bashing that's been outshining the important news lately. I have met her, massaged her, hung out with her and I can confirm she is a darling. She is generous, sweet, polite and has a great sense of humor. It is so easy to judge people you haven't met. So easy to bash celebrities for fun. I think the LA cops take things way to far when it comes to the stars. It's almost as if they are so fucking bored and frustrated with their own mundane, crappy job that as soon as they get a chance to pull over a star, they use it as a claim to fame to throw the book at them ten fold. Mel Gibson was crucified and I still don't believe he said those ignorant slurs. The cop knew what he was doing making that shit up. Same with Paris. If you know LA, you know that you HAVE to drive to get around and sure, Paris could afford a driver, but I know she likes to live as normal as possible; going out without body guards or a driver. She had a couple drinks, not many and she has to go to JAIL for 45 days now?

That German cunt who jumped me in January is still walking around free, never spent even an hour in court or jail, but the masses want Paris stoned to death for driving after a few drinks. I don't even believe it was much. I know in the states the cops fucking follow you around once you leave the parking lot of a bar/club and make you so fucking nervous cause they are tailing you, that you end up doing something dumb like using the wrong blinker or something and then they jump on you. Give the girl a break, she is a sweet heart, really. She can't change the fact that she was born into the lifestyle her parents had before she was even conceived. sigh. Everyone can get sympathy, but envy must be earned. Mitleid kriegt jeder, aber Neid muss man verdienen. Amen.


Guess what Paris is hiding in her right hand? 4:20 baby.


Lisa hits Berlin

My friend Lisa , who I first met when I was 16 in Rockville, Connecticut, finally left the USA and came to visit me here in Berlin. It was her first time in Europe and we went nuts taking pictures. She took too many for me to post here, but here are a few.


Can you believe these posers charged her 2 Euros for this shot? Capitalists.


< I just bought this stuff and Lisa was the first to try it. Better her than me.

 We HAD to visit the local Harley shop so Lisa could stock up on Harley t-shirts, etc, for the folks back in Vernon.

I brought Lisa to White Trash, we felt at home there. heh heh. ^


A somber place  ^

Pascal, one of the only bikers I know in Berlin, having a brew with Lisa at the Hard Rock Cafe ^

He BARELY speaks English, so they had the biggest communication problem I've ever witnessed. It actually gave me a flaming head ache listening to them "talk". DOH!   

The relentless  and verbally abusive DJ ^  at Cafe Klo (he will rip you a new asshole)

Lisa at Cafe Klo (Klo is a nick name for Toilet in German). Those silly Germans & their toilet humor. Everyone there drinks out of Urinals; you know those tiny ones you pee in when you're stuck in bed at the Hospital?

Lisa, the man magnet, had fun letting the local guys try on her new Harley Jacket. Schwing.

 < Lisa took this great shot of the "Siegessäule" which means "Victory Statue". The French gave it to the Germans as a present. Whatever.

Lisa in wonderland ^



Our pal Roar showed Lisa around to things that I probably wouldn't have, like the Olympia Stadium. Nice shot.

WTF? ^ Makeup your fucking mind. Are you a Zebra, Ant eater, Horse, deer, Hyena, Giraffe?…..  Look at the cute Meerkat. I lingered here the longest, as I am a big fan of their show "Meerkat Manor ", they have their own reality- show! CUTE!

I am torn. I love to see Lions, but when I see them like this, behind bars, my heart aches 🙁

< Knut with his caretaker

Lisa arrived during the Knut "mania". This little polar bear was abandoned by his mother and they Berliner Zoo was going to put him to sleep. So many people protested, they decided to let him live. When Shai, Lisa and I arrived at the Zoo at 3:45 pm, they told us, "Too late, no more Knut today" and we almost threw ourselves on the ground and had a temper tantrum. They didn't have that info on their web site (that you can only see Knut from 11am to noon and then again from 2pm to 3pm). We went in anyways (it cost about $20 to get in) and we had a lovely day anyways, so there.

  Dj Big Bear . Our favorite Karaoke DJ in Berlin ^ He has NO attitude, No ego, doesn't hog the mic or sing unwanted back up and he has the biggest song selection around. LOVE HIM!

Lisa, after 6, yes SIX double shots of Jaegermeister and a few beers, me and Shai. Lisa is made of steel.

Lisa's karaoke set list: "wanted dead or alive", "I've got friends in low places" and "Born to be wild". Nuff said.

'' < HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

< Steph doesn't remember posing for this pic.

^ Those bikes are ALL over Berlin. You call the number on the bike, give the operator your credit card info, and they unlock it over the phone. You get charged per kilometer. Strange, but practical.

 < it's love

Lisa made it home safe and immediately fell into the arms of  her new Harley ($25,000 worth)

I am heading to NYC on Monday, yes! I LOVE NEW YORK


The Experts Guide Party

The Experts Guide Party (Thursday Night) was alright, but Donald Trump didn't come due to bad planning on someone's part, as he launched his new magazine “Trump World” the same night! (Hope he doesn't put himself on the cover of every issue like another celebrity here in the states-not mentioning any names, but she has her own magazine and puts her own picture on the cover of every issue, which I find a little too much). Anyhow, the main author, Samantha Ettus, who enlisted the Experts for her book 'The Experts Guide to Life' was naturally there and I was asked to pose with her, as were the other Experts there.

That is Samantha and I holding up the book.

When she first laid eyes on me (first time we met in person) she yelled “You are so YOUNG! Oh my god!”. Well, what did she think I was another Dr. Ruth already? Was she expecting me to come wobbling in with a cane? She must have been too busy to look at my web sites.

After the press photographed us, I met Alex Michel, the Original Bachelor, (you know those LAME reality shows that take hot guys and make the chicks fight over them over a few weeks?). Well, I personally have never seen the show, and told him so. He said he has heard a lot about me and wants to do a documentary about me, follow me around with cameras etc. I said, 'take a number buddy!'. Hee hee, I was in a pretty sarcastic mood there as I am still ill and well, I hate all that ass-kissing that goes on at such VIP parties. We chatted for a while and he wanted a sample of my grip, so I rubbed his shoulders for a minute and the press snapped me doing so. There is a magazine here called The New Yorker and the photographer there was from that magazine, so that is where it will end up I guess. Anyhow, I told him I have never seen him, but I know of another Bachelor from US magazine who is eye candy. Alex snapped, “Well, I am the ORIGINAL Bachelor, he got tips for me!”.

Alexandra and I met Andrew Firestone, the aforementioned other Bachelor.

Andrew has had it made, even before birth. He was born into the Firestone family, you know the TIRES that are probably on your car/suv/truck. In other words, he is RICH as hell. He is one of the experts in the book, he wrote the chapter on how to open a wine bottle. He knows he is hot and sought after and I found him a bit snobby if you want to know the truth. I wouldn't be so smug if I was him, he has small feet and a tiny nose, and we ALL know what that means. You shouldn't act like prick unless you are packing a big one. Smiles

After hours of sweating in that hot as HELL French restaurant, (which only had ONE ladies toilet, hello? Hundreds of ladies and one crapper? Cut corners somewhere else pal) Alexandra and I and two ladies from Arizona (one was an Expert who wrote “How to eat with Chop Sticks” named Laura) all piled into my car (the other girl is Asian and her name is hard to remember, something like Tusay) and headed towards a restaurant that they ALL insisted on going to called Indo-Chine.

Here I am attempting to eat eggplant with chop sticks, the girl next to me is Laura, the Expert on Chop Sticks, and not even she could teach me how to use those friggin things so I flagged down our hottie waiter and demanded a fork. By the time I would learn, I would have fainted from hunger!

None of the girls are from NYC (Alexandra has never even been to the USA before) and they have ALL heard about this place. They heard many stars go there and the food is great etc. No stars and the food was NOT all that. No brown rice? Way over priced and the Bathroom was hot as HELL! Jonesy joined us and we all crammed into my car to go to karaoke. Alexandra was too jet lagged and jumped out at her hotel, then we raised HELL. I drive faster and better than any cab driver in Manhattan. I zoom in and out and around the sea of taxis like Michael Schumacher and my passengers love it. I crank the music (usually FUNK to get us rowdy) and fly like the wind. It's like a roller coaster ride.

Roller Coaster

Laura and Tusay really let loose in the car. I took Laura's MOM type earrings our and messed up her hair, took those chop sticks out of her “I don't want sex” hair do and she went wild in the car. There were limbs waving out of every window, including my sun roof and Jonesy video taped the whole time as usual (He has tons of rowdy footage, remind me to bribe him for the tapes).

In the karaoke joint, Jonesy and I decided to try songs we have never tried before as it was pretty empty. I sang “I'm a SOUL MAN” from the blues brothers. It sounded awesome but it is hard to pull off a Blues Brothers tune in a fucking prom dress! Jonesy did Stevie Wonder's “You are the sunshine of my life” so well, the two black dudes in the place gave him jealous looks.Then I did “A day in the life” from the Beatles and I had the timing down perfect, but it's not my range (odd, as it sounds prefect when I sing it in my car!). Laura and Tusay danced when we sang but they refused to sing.

Now, with all that partying, I am back to square one with this evil cold Sicky

Photos from the CT and MASS trip as promised…

Bit by Bit I will add photos now, starting with Lisa's strange white cat, she pays 50 bucks a whack to have him(?) shaved into a LION, the cat normally has super LONG hair,she has it cut all over, very short, except the tip of the tail and all around the head, to make it into a mini-suburb lion cat. I can't believe no one steals this gorgeous walking piece of furry art! That is what people in the Suburbs do to get their thrills, shave their cats, get wasted and have a LOT of sex.Can you blame em? It is called the simple life 🙂This other Photo below, is the Tattoo I was writting about a couple weeks ago.It is Arturo, the artist who did EVERY Ramones album cover and invented this cool logo for them. He added his own name there, and got rid of one of the Ramones names.To find out why, go back and read what I wrote in the blog titled RAMONES.The photo below is Arturo – check out his site:

Black Out Escapee

What does Janis Joplin have to do with the Black Out? As I left the chaos of a dark NYC behind me, I drove north in my vw black golf, listening to Janis, the pain in her voice as she belted out Kozmic Blues made me grateful that we are only having a power outage, others have had it worse.

Yes, NYC was crazy today, as you all saw on the news.This is my second LOG entree tonight, the first one somehow disappeard ( dont you HATE that??). So now I have to start all over again. I had to pack my bags in the dark today, and take a shower by candle lights, which would have been much more fun if I wasn't alone 😉