24 hour massage service in Dortmond Germany


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My name is Kati, I live and work in Dortmund, a city in the Ruhr area. 

I am a licensed massage therapist with a three-year-apprenticeship in massages, medical gymnastics and other physical therapies. Additionally I learned foot reflexology and manual lymphatic drainage. During my education I decided to study medicine and so I am applying for a college place now. I have an interest in natural medicine, osteopathy and TCM. 

The work as a massage therapist is a very active and thankful job, I love it. A good massage can bring relaxation or it can vitalize, it relaxes the muscles and encourages the metabolism of the treated region. It helps to calm down, ease pains and let go of the tensions of daily life and it can bring back life into overworked bodies and revive spirits as well. 

Since my childhood I am making and enjoying music. I can just quote Tom Waits in the wonderful Jim Jarmusch movie “Coffee And Cigarettes”: “I mean, music and medicine, really, my thing is combining the two…and living in that place where they overlap.” 

I am bookable day & night for the whole Ruhr area and its neighborhood, including Cologne/Düsseldorf/Münster.

24 hour Massage Service in Frankfurt Germany

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I'm Noemi from Frankfurt/Main Germany, born in Offenbach/M in 1983. I do classical Massage, Lomi Lomi Nui, hot stone, foot reflexology and lymphatic drainage. 

Near end of school time i massaged some other people of my class while waiting on the steps and they just wanted to fall asleep while sitting there. So I get informed about the profession of a medical massage therapist and I liked all that knowledge and so I started to be a professional massage therapist. And the feedback of clients and patients still tell me I'm a good one. I speak german, english and also a little bit of spanish. 

Hope to see and massage you soon. 



Massage in Berlin from male Therapist (Germany)


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Hi there, my name is Tom. 

When I look back, it seems that my way led to a unique goal: to guide people to their physical and mental consciousness and strength through the power of my hands. That needs a huge physical and mental effort by me in every single treatment, but: zero input = zero result. And I always aim to get a 100% result. After our session you will get up from the massage table with a new feeling of an entire powerful person. 

I massaged “ordinary” people as well as celebrities, no-sport-people or swim athletes, dancers, musicians (classic or rock), politicians, university professors. I massaged people from every cultural background like people from India, Russia, Japan, Africa, North- or South America and from all over Europe, of course. Christians, muslims, jews or non confessionals – all human beings with their specific needs. 

My specialties are the classic swedish massage combined with energetic elements from craniosacral, foot reflexology, head massage. 

I’m looking forward to energize you.

Massage in Frankfurt/Main, Germany


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Hello, I am Bianca and I live in Frankfurt/Main. Everywhere I am going, I am trying to spread love and warmth.


Since my childhood, I have massaged everyone who wanted me to do that. Every time, when the massaged ones said to me that I did a really good job and that I am having healing hands, I felt a great satisfaction inside of me. After some detours in my life, I have decided to make this passion to my profession. So, I have started to study massage (classical massage, Ayurvedic massage, wellness massage etc.) and have a continuous practice in my personal surrounding.

Apart from that, I am practicing martial arts and yoga which are also as important as massaging.

My first job with Dr. Dot was on a Nickelback concert in Mannheim.

So, come and book my hands in combination with my warm and big smile.

Massage in Munich, Germany


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nice, that you’re interested in my profile. My name is Günther (Günne). I was born in the south of Munich in February 1974. I work since 2003 in different Hotels and Studios as an professional massager. Before I’ve became a massage therapist, I owned six years ago a music bar in my hometown. After this time I worked as an independently assembler in steel construction, till I had a brain haemorrhage (blooding). So I took the chance to start new and make my dream job. Music was for me always important, I visit very often concerts and festivals so is this, to work for Dr.Dot was a dream for me.

I’m qualifyed in:
Ayurveda-, Aromaoil-, classical- medical-, deep tissue-, foot-reflex- zone, Lomi Lomi Nui, Hot Stone and Sportmassage. Also I make the Dorn- Therapy and Breuss- Massage and the manual Lymphtherapy. I’m Reikimaster and Teacher.

I give all the best for your healthy and well- being. I’m available 24/7 and for tours if required. You can book me for Munich, Augsburg and the south of Munich.

Your Günne

Massage in Cologne Germany

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"Let me be surrounded by luxury, I can do without the necessities" – said Oscar Wilde and I love that quote. Getting a massage is a luxury, no one should live without. As I learned several techniques from Shiatsu, Thai-elements, Reiki, Ayurveda up to foot massage, body release and lymph drainage, I work individually, depending on what clients need at that moment.

In my opinion, Dr. Dot represents a true, authentic personality doing the job in a very professional way with passion, fun and respect. I think, that is, what it's all about. I can absolutely identify working and living like this.



Massage in Frankfurt, Germany

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My Name is Franco. I currently live in Frankfurt and I have been working as trainer for rehabilitation, fitness and nutrition.

As long as I can remember, my loved ones benefited from my passion for giving Massages. Therefore, I decided to go to private School to learn various professional Techniques. I wanted to give my talent more structure. Soon I found out that the Work as a Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist complement each other. One of the Massage techniques which I use most frequently (body balance) is very dynamic and fluent and includes techniques from various backgrounds, such as classical, medical and relaxation Massage.

I am looking forward to expanding my Horizon and making new Experiences with my new Clients. It flows together with all the other types of techniques like the classic, medical and relaxing Massages. I would love to be able to expend my Horizon again. I'm also looking forward to new Experiences with my Future Clients.

Massage in Berlin

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Hi, my name is Oliver. Im born 1979 in New Haven/USA. I live in Germany since I was five years old. I raised in Bavaria and live in Berlin for 10 years now. I began my career in Germany in becoming a Reikimaster 1999 and studied a little time later, what we call in Germany a 'Heilpraktiker'. This is similarly to the Naturopathist in USA. After successfully completing a four year taking education of school medicine, herbs, homoepathics, akupuncture, shiatsu and classical massage I decided to concentrate more on the body work. I love it, because you have direct responses and relievement comes immediately.

Feeling the tension of the muscles while working on them, stretching and pressing where the pain is, adjusting the joints, that's where you come right to the point. There's no need for big explanations and understandings, its just the body of the patient and my hands which work together to find a solution for the problem. Wether it's a diffuse or a well-defined pain, wether its just exhaustion or a concrete issue ('…which is in the tissue'). There can be help. My Massage-Technics are Shiatsu, TuiNa, Deep Tissue Massage, Manual Stretching and Classical Massage. Also Foot-Reflex-Massage, Ear-massage and Cupping.