Massage Delivery service in Denver + Colorado springs, CO

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My name is Sarah and I have been practicing the art of massage therapy since 2010 after graduating from one of the top massage schools in the country.

I offer a wide variety of modalities, but my passion is in Neuromuscular conditions, injuries and Orthopedic treatment. I hold an Associates in Occupational Studies degree with focus on Medical massage. I have been called a tiny powerhouse by many client’s due to my ability to give strong and effective bodywork.

My background in dance strongly influences my approach to bodywork. I believe you must find your center to in order to move out from it into the world. I genuinely look forward to helping you reach your goals of relaxation and becoming pain free!

Massage Delivery service in Denver, CO

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Peter has been practicing massage therapy since 1998.  Having studied from many healing arts traditions all over the world, Peter incorporates several therapeutic modalities into his world-class treatments.  His integrative approach combines the best of those therapies focused on pain relief, stress reduction, and preventative care.

  Peter has been deeply immersed in the healing arts since a young age due to a personal injury which encouraged him to search for traditional and alternative approaches to healing.  Peter has managed two spas and served on the faculty of two massage schools.  He is also passionate about being a musician and producer, a husband and father, and a world traveler.

Massage Delivery service in Colorado Springs & Denver


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Hello, I’m Leah. Originally from a small town in Ohio, but moved to Charlotte, NC in January of ’09 and immediately went to Clinical Massage Therapy school. NOW I live in Colorado and cover the Denver & Colorado Springs area.
I’ve been Licensed since March 2010. I specializing in Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep tissue, Thai Yoga Massage, Sports Massage, and other clinical massage modalities. I also practice Swedish Massage, Hand, Ear and Foot Reflexology, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.
My mission statement is to use bodywork to assist in the physical, mental, and emotional healing of those who need and seek balance and well-being. I absolutely love what I do and being able to be a part of an individual healing is one of the most amazing rewarding things!

Massage Delivery service in Denver, CO


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Hello! My name is Kellie and I live here in beautiful Denver, CO.

I am a licensed massage therapist and have been practicing massage now for over 5 years. I have worked in every setting from alongside chiropractors to spas and wholistic wellness centers. Working with Dr. Dot lets me combine my two loves, the arts and helping people. I understand the toll everyday life along with traveling, touring, and performing can have on the body. I use a combination of techniques to make every massage custom to that person and their needs. My specialties include Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, Lymph Drainage, Myofascial Release, and Reflexology. I bring a great deal of knowledge and experience to the team and look forward to being your massage therapist!

Massage/Yoga Delivery service in Denver, CO


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Hello, my name is Carol; I am a Massage therapist, Skin care specialist and Yoga Instructor.My passion revolves around caring for my clients, listening and understanding what their needs are as well as customizing the session to what will bring the most healing.Born in France, raised in Tahiti and a US resident for now 15 years, traveling the world and living in many places, have made me aware that when the rhythm of life is so vibrant, having a team of professionals that can nurture and support our health and well being is something precious.Music is what moves me the most and I heard of Dr Dot’s team through a friend who is a Dot Bot. Becoming a Dot Bot and a part of Dr Dot’s team of professional makes me confident that I will be able to provide service that makes a difference and live in the midst of the creative energy that musicians, concert staff professionals, venues, studios naturally exude. I have been a massage therapist for 12 years, Skin care specialist for 5 years and started my yoga training 9 years ago. I am trained in the following massage techniques: Swedish – Deep Tissue/Sports – Cranio-sacral bodywork – Myofascial Release – Aromatherapy – Lymphatic drainage – Pre/post natal and Infant massage – Reflexology – Acupressure – Sensory repatterningMy approach to skin care is holistic and natural but I put an emphasis on teaching you how to understand and care about your skin.I have studied various styles of Hatha Yoga and can teach: Iyengar yoga, Flow Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin/Raja yoga, Hot yoga, Hot vinyasa, Hot Yin.I am most passionate about integrating all that I have learned with the main goal of body mind and soul alignment.I look forward to working with you soon!Thank you, Carol

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Exceptional massage therapist, Jon was trained in Berkeley California and Kauai, Hawaii where he lived for twelve years and massage professionally for nine years. He first studied Tui Na, traditional Chinese bodywork, in 1996 and then became a licensed therapist in Hawaii in 2005. Jon specializes in Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian Massage), Tui Na, (Chinese Massage) and Cranial Sacral. He is also experienced in Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone and Thai massage. His client base includes young and elderly, athletes and pregnant women, terminally ill and healthy individuals.
Jon comes from a linage of healers from his father side. As a life-long learner Jon currently is studying Chi Nei Tsang (internal organ massage). Jon is also a practitioner and certified instructor of Qi gong and Chen Style Taiji. He believes in our innate self and seeks harmony wherever he is. Jon is licensed in Colorado and Hawaii, certified in CPR & First-Aid and carries a liability insurance policy.

24 hour massage service in Denver Colorado

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Keri/Tampa Bio
Hello!  I’m Keri and a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Colorado.   Prior to Denver, I lived in San Francisco for 14 years and Seoul, South Korea for 2 years.  Born and raised in Alabama, I graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Health Promotion.  My respect of the human body and its capabilities are the driving factors behind my passion for massage therapy and treating my clients’ issues.  I am certified in Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy including Trigger Point and Tender Point treatment, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Sports Massage and Swedish Massage.  I am continuously learning new techniques and furthering my knowledge of the human body.  I am known for my strong touch and the gift of being able to lay my hands on you, find your problem areas and treat your issues effectively.  I have treated all body types and fitness levels, including professional athletes.  I do not have a “massage routine.”  My treatment is specifically developed for each individual’s needs and concerns, whether it be therapeutic or just relaxation.
On a personal note, I am the mother of 3 amazing young men, and they are my inspiration to achieve my dreams and be a strong role model.  I enjoy cooking, sports, working out and photography in my spare time.  I grew up listening to all genres of music, but I love my old school R&B, 80’s hair bands and rock-n-roll.  I am honored and excited to be a part of the Dr. Dot team.  
I am available to travel outside the Denver area.

24 hour massage service Denver, Colorado



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Hello, I'm Denise. I live in the Denver area, and originated from the Four-Corners of New Mexico. I’m Native American, a full-blooded Navajo. I attended Weber State University in Ogden, UT on a golf scholarship, moving to Denver in the spring of 2004. I attended and graduated from the Denver School of Massage Therapy in December of 2005.

I am a licensed therapist and have been practicing for 5 ½ years. I specialize in deep tissue, trigger point therapy, cranial sacral bodywork, structural bodywork, and sports & injury massage. I worked for Spa Struck, a spa resort in Beaver Creek, CO during the winter of 2007. I've had experience working with a chiropractor and currently working at a massage studio. I’ve held this position for 5 years.

My grandfather is a medicine man. His teachings have inspired me to follow his heritage while integrating new medical thought. Our touch is healing.

I feel challenged and proud to be part of the Dot Bot Team. Whether your body or your spirit aches, I have the strength, talent, and flexibility to meet your therapeutic needs.

We are the best of the best!

24 hour massage service Denver, Colorado



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Hi there! I'm Heather and I have been providing therapeutic massage services since graduating from The Healing Arts Institute here in Colorado in 1997. After graduating, I immediately took a position providing rehabilitation therapy in a pain management clinic. I worked with motor vehicle accident victims, burn victims, people who had been injured on the job and people with long-term debilitating illnesses such as MS and cancer. This laid the foundation for my passion for providing impactful therapy to everyone I lay my hands on … which has been quite a few people. I struck out on my own, building a thriving practice as a Preferred Provider for Medical Doctors, Acupuncturists, Chiropractic Doctors, Physical Therapists and other health professionals that referred their patients to me for rehabilitation.

Inspiration brought me to the Denver metro area in 2005. I expanded my practice to include providing high level services to visiting performing artists and senior level executives as well as working with local charitable organizations. I count many of the high level classical and contemporary musicians and physical artists that travel through Denver as not only my clients, but my long time friends. I have found that the only way to facilitate health and wellness is to get to know my client and tailor my tools to their needs. Yes, I do intense, therapeutic work – but my clients love that I can get results without beating them up. I could list the many therapies I practice with, but it all comes down to bringing the right tools to bear at the right time and working in harmony with the signals your body is sending. And you will be different each time you are worked on … what worked last week may not be effective today. Your therapist should be responsive to those variations and only use what your body is calling for in the moment, rather than the latest fad move.

My large family (seriously – it's huge!) includes my two beautiful dogs, Oki and Sascha and we enjoy all the cultural events in Denver. We go from the First Friday Art Walk, to symphony on Saturday to tubing Boulder Creek on Sunday. Our boys are active football / wrestling / rugby players, and our girls are fanatic about softball and cross country. Believe me, my work is not done when I get home … they all line up for their hands on time. Every chance I get, I take my motorcycle through the canyons and valleys around Denver – there is nothing better to empty your mind and replenish your soul than the open road and no maps!

I'm proud and honored to provide therapy through Dr. Dot – she only hires the best and we work hard to make sure you get 7 Star Service every time. I look forward to working with you as we uncover the perfect balance of tools for your health.

24 hour massage service Denver, Colorado



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Hello and thank you for checking out my profile on Dr Dot’s website!

My name is Jessica and I was born to do bodywork and hands on healing. It all started in my first year of college when I was impelled to have friends come over to my dorm room for massage and energy work; I just had to do it for it was as therapeutic for me as it was for them. I have always received a tremendous amount of pure enlightened bliss from tapping in and giving the body what it needs, releasing burdensome stress, pain and discomfort. I finally started to do massage professionally several years later and it has truly changed my life! It is a blessing to do what I do.

With a background of 15 years in competitive gymnastics I have a huge “one-up” when it comes to understanding the anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology of the body. The body being one harmonious organism, often it takes a deep intuition and experience to approach the issues that arise for us (usually pain and discomfort are the result of more than just the target area). I use a variety of techniques in deep tissue, myofascial release, sports/therapeutic/stretching, and more subtle energy work to get the chi flowing and the body back to how it should be and wants to be, naturally.

As well as a love for and devotion to bodywork, I am driven by art and music, both as an appreciator and participant. From making clothing to throwing pottery, writing lyrics and singing to making music with whatever instruments are around, I could never get bored or out of inspiration! My father and grandmother were professional musicians and came from a long line of professors of music so working with Dr. Dot is like the fulfillment of a dream. I can bridge my two passions and give back to the people who give me the most, who I consider the most powerful and influential people of our times, the musicians.

I am nationally certified and licensed in massage and bodywork and can be booked for shows and hotel calls in Denver and the surrounding areas.

Book me and get some bodywork to remember!!!!