Captain Beefheart dies at age 69 :(

* Sorry, my blog seems like an obituary lately 🙁

By Basil Katz and Bob Tourtellotte
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Don Van Vliet, better known as pioneering blues and rock musician Captain Beefheart, has died in California from complications of multiple sclerosis at age 69, a representative for the artist said on Friday.

The Michael Werner Gallery in New York, which handles Vliet's paintings, made the announcement. "Don Van Vliet will be sorely missed," the gallery's statement said.

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      Musician Captain Beefheart dies at age 69

      Don Van Vliet, better known as pioneering blues and rock musician Captain Beefheart, has died in California from complications of multiple sclerosis at age 69, a representative for the artist said on Friday.

Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band rose to prominence during the 1960s with an experimental brand of rock music that was inspired by the blues and featured offbeat rhythms and lyrics.

Their best known album is 1969's "TroutMask Replica," and while it was not a commercial hit, it won critical acclaim and is still considered among the most prominent art-rock albums ever made.

Vliet was born Jan. 15, 1941, in Glendale, Calif. As a teenager, he befriended Frank Zappa, whose own brand of experimental music became popular in the 1960s and 1970s.

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band released their first album, "Safe as Milk," in 1967, featuring songs with titles like "Zig Zag Wanderer" and "Abba Zaba." While band members would change over the years, the group continued to crank out music through the 1970s up to 1982's "Ice Cream for Crow."

Vliet retired from music after 1982 and turned to painting, enhancing his reputation as a member of the avant-garde.

Vliet is survived by his wife of more than 40 years, Jan Van Vliet.

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Dr. Dot massage assistant killed :(

I have sad news. Kit, one of our beloved Dot Bots, based in Calgary Canada was killed by a motorist while on her bike. I had a feeling something happened to her as it was very unlike her not to respond to emails. unfortunately my suspicions were true. I came across this link:


explaining Kit's death. She was only 26 years old! 🙁

Kit was polite, kind, dependable, honest and an ambitious hard worker. She was a very talented therapist and great person. I send my deepest sympathy to her friends and family. The world lost an angel. 




Dr. Dot


Eagles of Death Metal meet Staind in Berlin

Saturday night (last night) was pretty entertaining. Met up with Aaron Lewis , singer of Staind who is by FAR the Dot Bots favorite client. He gets a massage pretty much every single day of every tour he does and he LOVES our massage team (the feeling is mutual). He is super generous, funny as hell and a good challenge (he expects EXTREME deep tissue, like no other!). Anyways, Aaron had his two hour massage then we went over to the Franz Club where the Eagles of Death Metal were playing.

I have not been to the Franz Club for years, so when we (Aaron and I) got out of the taxi, I asked the very first people I could "which way exactly is the Franz club?" – but I said it in German as it IS Berlin. The guy, looked at me like I was nuts and I said it again in English- and added we are looking for the backstage door to the Eagles of Death Metal. He said "WE ARE the Eagles of Death Metal" ha ha. I didn't recognize the singer, Jesse Hughs, as his hair is longer now..There was a video camera rolling the whole time, but I wasn't sure why- there was a massive soccer game tonight so I just assumed it was the local news, but it was a tv crew following the singer and drummer of the Eagles of Death Metal around outside for some reason, lol. So, I say "I am Dr. Dot and this is Aaron" and he said "I know who you are" and then he shook hands with Aaron and gave me a hug. I was perplexed as I had never met him before and he could not see my Dr. Dot shirt under the umteen sweaters I had on – eh? Guess he knows the Dr. Dot massage team and assumed I was just one of the Dot Bots lol. ANYHOW we all went backstage and had a BLAST.

Jesse Hughes , singer of The Eagles of Death Metal ^

Jesse, Aaron and Eagles of Death Metal drummer, Joey Castillo ^ who also plays with Queens of the Stone Age

Guitarist of Eagles of Death Metal, Dave Catching ^ was super cool to talk to. He played me some OLD Roxy Music on his iPod and I have to admit, I will be looking it up online and buying it. Sounded great. It was before the Talking Heads had formed and you can tell the Talking Heads must have been heavily influenced by early Roxy Music (the Brian Eno connection going on too)

This was taken months ago ^ just thought I would toss it on here again


We came so early to the Eagles of Death Metal show and Aaron and I both couldn't be bothered to see the opening act, so we booked it to White Trash for some yummy grub and ARROGANT service. The hostess there pretty much SCREAMED at us to get out of the big booth and move to the tiny table Wolfgang the owner reserved for us. JEEEZE. Even Aaron could not believe how fucking bitchy they are there. White Trash is fun and the food is great but they are FAMOUS for snotty fucking service. Not kidding. Their french fries are called "Fuck you fries". lol

Took these pics of Aarons new tatt's while awaiting our grub.


Aaron had his hands tattooed not so long ago ^ looks mad cool. 

He told me who certain songs of his are about, he said no one knows except him and his band. Felt privileged to know that inside info. I swore to secrecy, so I will just have to leave it in my will. lol

 Ate and ran out of there to make it back in time to the Eagles of Death Metal gig. They still had a half hour before show time, so we had some laughs. Some cute groupies slinked back stage, oooh la la:

Electrical Tape bra. She must be a Wendy-O fan ^


Their tour manager, Louie and I go WAY back. I have known him since 1989. He used to tour for YEARS with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Great to see him again. "Rock and Roll never forgets"

Two minutes before show time. Jesse is pumped up and ready!

Drummer Joey waiting til the very last minute to put sticky tape on his drums sticks so they don't slide out of hands. 


"The band's on stage and it's one of those nights, oh yeah
The drummer thinks that he is dynamite, oh yeah
You lovely ladies in your leather and lace
A thousand lips I would love to taste
I've got one heart and it hurts like hell
If you can't rock me somebody will
If you can't rock me somebody will"

Rolling Stones


 The Franz Club was beyond sold out. This was a special record company gig, super hard to get in if you didn't have a hook up. The band sounded fantastic. VERY energetic. Their intro song (before band comes out) was "Ladies Night" super funk!

Well, gotta get to bed, the Staind show is tomorrow at the Columbia Halle, gotta rest up.



2 weeks after the Tonsillectomy and I am feelin’ fine :)

I am pretty much all better now. YAY! I have been making up for lost (eating) time let me tell you. I am leaving Thursday to fly to Berlin so between now & then I have tons to do, lots of loose ends to tie up etc..

Last night I visited Arturo Vega, a friend I have had since I was 15. He is the Ramones creative director and has designed every official Ramones t-shirt out there. He invented that Ramones symbol:


Anyways, Arturo turns 60 this month; my fellow Libra pal will be celebrating his birthday with me in Berlin. He is coming for some art exhibition. The Ramones signed their very first record deal in his flat, the same flat "The Loft" he calls it, he lives in today (around the corner from what used to be CBGB's).

Arturo showed me the new DVD he produced called "Too tough to die". It isn't even out yet. It's all Ramones material, most of it never before seen and it included the unveiling ceremony for the Johnny Ramone statue. Artie is quite the salesman, I ended up buying lots of Ramones t-shirts etc. I get them half price but $80 is $80. I have more Ramones shirts than I know what to do with lol.

I have to get my ass into bed, my final Doctor visit is tomorrow (he will look at what used to be my tonsils one last time). It helped me a lot to vent here in my blog; without that I would have been not only in pain, but very frustrated. I love to write, it feels great.

That reminds me, I have to publish another Ask Dr. Dot blog, it's been a while.. busy busy busy..

10 Years ago we lost Frank Zappa

Yes, it is hard for me today, as my hero and favorite musican on the planet died 10 years ago. Prostrate Cancer took its toll and Frank lost the fight. If you don't know Franks music, do yourself a favor and get your Butt to a CD shop and stock up. For starters, try “Joe's Garage” or “Apostrophe” or “Shiek yer Bouti” , then perhaps ” Tinsel Town Rebellion” and ” Overnite Sensation”.