Massaged the singer of MGMT a few days ago. Their band uses my massage team rather often but this was the first time I massaged Andrew. SUPER nice guy. His sister is a massage therapist- maybe she will become a Dot Bot 🙂




Check them out on tour:




May 26 2010         Le Grand Journal                            Canal + 

May 28 2010       Avila Beach Resort                           San Luis Obispo, California

May 29 2010       Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium                         Santa Cruz, California

May 31 2010       Sasquatch Festival                           George, Washington

Jun 1 2010           Crystal Ballroom                               Portland, Oregon 

Jun 2 2010           Crystal Ballroom                               Portland, Oregon 

Jun 4 2010           In The Venue                     Salt Lake City, Utah

Jun 6 2010           Stubb’s                                 Austin, Texas 

Jun 7 2010           House Of Blues                                 Houston, Texas

Jun 8 2010           House Of Blues                 Dallas, Texas

Jun 11 2010         Red Rocks                           Morrison, Colorado 

Jun 13 2010         Uptown Theatre                              Kansas City, Missouri 

Jun 14 2010         The Vogue                          Indianapolis, Indiana

Jun 15 2010         LC Pavilion                           Columbus, Ohio  

Jun 16 2010         The Fillmore                       Detroit, Michigan

Jun 18 2010         Riviera Theatre                                 Chicago, Illinois s 

Jun 20 2010         Riverside Theatre                            Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Aug 8 2010          Lollapalooza                       Chicago, Illinois 

Sep 16 2010        Olympia                               Dublin, Ireland 

Sep 17 2010        Olympia Theatre                              Dublin, Ireland 

Sept 18 2010       Olympia                               Dublin, Ireland 

Sep 20 2010        Barrowland Ballroom                      Glasgow, Scotland 

Sep 23 2010        02 Academy                       Birmingham, UK 

Sep 24 2010        02 Academy                       Bournemouth, UK

Sep 26 2010        Manchester Apollo                         Manchester, UK 

Sep 29 2010        Brixton Academy                             London, UK < TYLER

Sep 30 2010        Brixton Academy                             London, UK < TYLER

Oct 3 2010           AB Café / Resto                                Brussels, Belgium

Oct 4 2010           Paradiso                               Amsterdam, Netherlands

Oct 7 2010           Bataclan                               Paris, France < AKIKA

Oct 8 2010           Bataclan                               Paris, France < AKIKIA

Nov 29 2010        Stahlwerk                            Dusseldorf, Germany

Nov 30 2010        Docks                    Hamburg, Germany 

Dec 2 2010           Sentrum Scene                                 Oslo, Norway

Dec 3 2010           Berns                    Stockholm, Sweden

Dec 4 2010           Vega                      Copenhagen, Denmark

Dec 6 2010           Columbiahalle                   Berlin, Germany 

Dec 7 2010           Tonhalle                               Munich, Germany

Dec 8 2010           Gasometer                         Vienna, Austria 

Dec 10 2010        Archa Theatre                   Prague, Czech Republic

Dec 12 2010        Alcatraz                                Milan, Italy

Dec 13 2010        Maag Hall                            Zurich, Switzerland

Dec 14 2010        Le Transbordeur                               Lyon, France

Dec 16 2010        Razzmatazz                         Barcelona, Spain 

Dec 17 2010        La Riviera                             Madrid, Spain

Dec 18 2010        Campo Pequeno                              Lisbon, Portugal


Project/Object with special guests… Ike Willis and Ray White !!!

Project/Object with special guests… Ike Willis and Ray White !!!


The Music Of FRANK ZAPPA..and more

Featuring: Ike Willis, Ray White, Andre' Cholmondeley, David Johnsen, Eric Svalgard, Jim Ruffi


Hello and how are you?!?

Hoping you had a great Christmas, Chanukah, Solstice, Kwaanza, Pagan Sun Worship day — or Atheistic hangout movie night!! Whatever you did or are doing, it's all good.

We are putting the finishing touches on what promises to be a historic and fantastic run with the two and only IKE WILLIS & RAY WHITE ….!!    

Ike and Ray, as you know – remain two of Frank Zappa's most beloved and listened-to frontmen/vocalist/guitarists. Between them they appear on over 25 of Zappa's releases from 1978 onwards.

Ike and Ray have not toured together in over TWENTY FIVE (25) YEARS !!!.

The 1984 tour ended on Dec 23, 1984, Universal  Ampitheater, Universal City. Since then, as you well know, Ike Willis has toured with Project/Object for nearly 15 years, and in that time Ray White has performed with us a handful of times in San Francisco and at Festivals around the country. Those occasions remain the only times these legendary performers have shared the stage since Zappa Tour 1984…..

Now… we bring you an opportunity to see them on an exclusive New Year's/Holiday tour with Project/Object.

This tour also marks the return of an old friend and Project/Object Alumnus – Drummer Jim Ruffi. Jim did a few short runs with Ike and the band back in 1999, and he and I have been involved in several live and studio projects, including recordings with Ike Willis and unsung genius songwriter Chris McKenna. Really folks, check this man's wonderful music out…. I already know you have great taste in music !!!

Anyway…….Jim Ruffi ably steps into the drumchair as a result of Eric Slick's leave of abscence. Come check him out !!

As always, the setlist will feature some old P/O favorites, some new items from the vast Zappa catalog, and, but, especially material that Ike and Ray are known for separately and together. Just hearing these voices together in harmony is a thing of wonder. Take a look on youtube at the clips of the famous NYC Pier, August 1984 show, immortalized on the  "Does Humor Belong In Music" DVD to get an idea of the dynamic these guys whip up. We hope to see you there, say hi!!!

ALSO– as always we have our "Project/Object Local Crew Program" in effect. Many of you know what this is and have kindly participated — For those new to the idea — what we do is solicit volunteers from our fan base to be "roadie for a day" and help the band in/out of the club, assist with setup etc. In exchange the "roadie" gets a free ticket to the show, a beverage or two, access to soundcheck, pictures with the alumni, and autographs from Ike and Ray on their raggedy LP covers dug up from their basement.
We still need to fill in a couple cities on this tour — especially the new ones. If you are interested in this venture —please email me  (  for further details and make the subject line "P/O LOCAL CREW <city of the gig> ".

Please don't write back with the actual words <city of the gig> in there. That will, sadly, be a failed cognition test, and we need you to be able to follow simple instructions. Being a musician -or- having a knowledge of musical equipment, and a willingness to schlep gear are all you need to qualify !

ALSO — thanks again for all the well wishes and support. My partner Cheri Jiosne is still valiantly fighting her battle against breast cancer. After 6 months of a chemo program, she reached a plateau. For about 6 weeks now she has been on a very promising program specially geared towards her type of tumor. So far — so good — and we are staying upbeat and positive every day. Still — even though some kind of beginning of a change in the US health system began yesterday with the Health Bill being passed – that won't help us financially anytime soon. I will be donated all my proceeds from this tour -as well as the profits from T-Shirt sales –  to her cause.  

I continue to reach out to anyone that wants to help – (THANK YOU!!!)

There is info on, scroll down to the "THANK YOU" blog post, or you can just email me.

We have TWO options:

1) sending her a check directly (email me for address or check the site)
2) donating directly via PAYPAL : send it to the address "". Note: my first name "Hugh (Cholmondeley)" will return in the confirmation email.

Every penny counts!! Even $5 will go to very good use for medications, travel to treatment etc. This sh*t is expensive!!



-Andre' Cholmondeley

Project/Object with special guests… Ike Willis and Ray White !!!
The Music Of FRANK ZAPPA..and more

Ike Willis, Ray White, Andre' Cholmondeley, David Johnsen, Eric Svalgard, Jim Ruffi


SUN 27    SELLERSVILLE PA        Sellersville Theatre
MON 28    BALTIMORE MD            8 x 10
TUE 29    PITTSBURGH PA            Rex Theater
WED 30    CLEVELAND OH            Beachland Ballroom
THU 31    EAST LANSING MI        Mac's Bar

FRI 1    CHICAGO IL                Martyr's
SAT 2    CHICAGO IL                Martyr's
SUN 3    MILWAUKEE WI            Miramar Theater
TUE 5    HARRISBURG PA        The Abbey Bar @ Appalachian Brewing Co.
WED 6    PLAINS PA                River St. Jazz Club
THU 7    NEW YORK NY            BB King's Blues Club
FRI 8    CAMBRIDGE MA            Regatta Bar
SAT 9    TROY NY                Revolution Hall
SUN 10    NEW HAVEN CT            Toad's Place

And check out the new and ever-evolving website:

Attention West Coast Frank Zappa fans: Ike Willis and the Pojama People heading your way

Pojama People featuring Ike Willis performing the music of Frank Zappa

Sep 11 Friday 8pm
The Mix
6006 12th Ave S
Seattle WA 98108
$10 Advance / $15 Day of Show

Sep 13 Sunday 7pm
Roxy's Vets Club
406 N Mount Shasta Blvd
Mt Shasta CA 96067

Sep 14 Monday 9pm
Elbo Room
647 Valencia St
San Francisco CA 94110

Sep 16 Wednesday 9pm
1 SW 3rd & Burnside
Portland OR 97209
$15 CHEAP!

Sep 17 Thursday 9pm
The Red Fox Tavern
415 5th St (5th and E)
Eureka, CA 95501
(707) 269-0282

Sep 18 Friday 9:30pm
Caspar Inn
14957 Caspar Rd.
Caspar CA 95420
$10 CHEAP!

Sep 19 Saturday 9:30pm
933 olive st.
Eugene OR 97402
(541) 687-4643
$10 CHEAP!


Know any Zappafanatics on the west coast. Forward, away!

“I kissed a girl and I liked it” (Katy Perry packs the Fillmore in NYC)

I only knew THAT Katy Perry song until last night when I was backstage massaging at her concert. I was pleasantly surprised to hear her show is very rock and roll. She has a going ON! Young, hot, sexy, cheeky and a voice that will bring her really far in the music biz. I sat in her dressing room and couldn't help but watch her get undressed, dressed and undressed and dressed again (I was trying NOT to look but the room was too small to swing a cat it and she is NOT shy). I thought to myself, how many men would DROLL watching this scene here?

She, her super tight band and whole entourage have been using the Dr. Dot team for massages for months now and I finally got to meet them all. It is so cute how there is always one manager who introduces me to everyone that walks in “This is Dr. Dot, you know THE Dr. Dot, the one who runs the whole shebang, the whole team, the guru!” Everyone is always so nice to me after such an intro. Naturally I show them what all the hype is about by whipping out my oil holster and getting down to business by rubbing everyone down with gusto. By the way, I am not sugar coating things here, the whole entourage are super friendly and helpful. Very cool bunch.

The Pogues do NYC, twice

The Pogues are legendary. They played last night in NYC and it was AMAZING. I never saw them with Shane as the singer before, when I saw them in 1991, Joe Strummer was on vocals (this was when the band and Shane weren't getting along). So it was SUPER special for me to see the original line up in full force. It was everything I exptected. Band is tight, Shane is fun and very entertaining and his voice, omfg, so sexy, I swear every female in the place must have had goose bumps the whole time. Highlight for me was when they played “Dirty old town”. If they are heading your way, PLEASE don't miss the show, they are the BOMB.

Project/Object tour dates (featuring Frank Zappa alumni)

PROJECT/OBJECT with IKE WILLIS the music of Frank Zappa NOVEMBER 2008 –


15 SAT Plains PA Jazz Cafe'

16 SUN Annapolis MD Ram's Head

17 MON New York NY BB King's

18 TUE Troy NY Revolution Hall

19 WED Northampton MA Iron Horse

20 THU New Haven CT Toad's Place

21 FRI Boston TBA 22 SAT TBA, NJ

23 SUN Phila PA World Cafe' Live

NYC is still fabulous

The last few days I spent in Berlin, I was living off of 4 to 5 hours of sleep and loads of extra stress. I had ONE hour of sleep the “night” before I left for NYC so when I got on the plane, I was craving shut eye something fierce.

Finally back in NYC and started massaging as soon as I hit the ground.

Got a message that Adam of Maroon 5 wants a massage ASAP…


This was taken the last time I massaged Adam ^ and you can see his left arm wasn’t covered yet in his new tattoo:

Maroon 5 is on tour and I am handling their massage needs (sending out Dot Bots to any show they want a massage at) but Adam is in town just to finish his sleeve tattoo ^ above. I think it looks fucking awesome. Forgot the name of the tattoo artist, but I know it wasn’t done at Last Writes (where I had mine done).


Closer look ^

Anyways, after I massaged Adam I had to rush over to massage Billy Idol’s manager. I have also been taking care of the Billy Idol tour, massage wise. Going to see his show tomorrow here in the city. Super excited as he has Brian Tichy on drums, I LOVE watching Brian play. OMG!!

Jasmine starts University tomorrow, another OMG. We are preparing and getting ready to move her into her dorm tomorrow early. Sleep is a thing of the past for me. Still getting over 400 emails per day too. I can hear my heart beating, it’s that loud. Heart attack approaching soon, stay tuned. lol. PLUS all of my regular clients all want a massage (They say they have been waiting months) and every friend and relative all want to chat on the phone, I am gonna snap. Hoping things settle down soon, but that is never the case when you are anywhere near NYC. This place is alive and kicking and the energy it radiates is contagious and can not be stopped. The weather here is AMAZING. Hot, sunny, nice breeze!! FINALLY I got a bit of summer. YAY!!
Jasmine wants to go power walking, gotta go


ps.NEWEST  Maroon 5 tour dates:

Maroon 5 2013

02/25 Grand Rapids, MI- Van Andel Arena
02/27 Kansas City, MO- Sprint Center < Dr. Zach
03/01 Moline, IL- I Wireless Center
03/03 Omaha, NE- CenturyLink Center Omaha
03/04 Saint Paul, MN- Xcel Energy Center
03/07 Calgary, AB- Scotiabank Saddledome
03/09 Vancouver, BC- Rogers Arena
03/11 Seattle, WA- KeyArena at Seattle Center
03/13 San Jose, CA- HP Pavilion at San Jose
03/15 Los Angeles, CA- Staples Center
03/16 Las Vegas, NV- Mandalay Bay Events Center
03/19 Houston, TX- Toyota Center
03/21 Dallas, TX- American Airlines Center < ABBY
03/22 Tulsa, OK- BOK Center
03/24 Nashville, TN- Bridgestone Arena
03/26 Birmingham, AL- BJCC Arena
03/27 Atlanta, GA- Philips Arena < ALICE
03/29 Sunrise, FL- BB&T Center
03/30 Orlando, FL- Amway Center
04/01 Jacksonville, FL- Jacksonville Veterans Mem. Arena < BRANDI
04/03 Washington, DC- Verizon Center
04/04 Philadelphia, PA- Wells Fargo Center
04/06 Rosemont, IL- Allstate Arena

Joe Jackson tour

Joe is one of my favorite massage clients AND friends. He lives in Berlin since about 1 1/2 years now and usually comes over once a week (when I am in town) for a massage. I have been massaging him for many years now and I have never even hinted around for an autograph or a picture, as I know he is extremely shy and private and hates the whole fame hoopla. He is so interesting AND his two favorite bands are the Beatles and Frank Zappa, so we get along JUST FINE.

We've walked together to my favorite Zappa bar here in Berlin a couple times, where the Zappa fans were trying to hide any star struck feelings. Joe is so fun to talk to and his shows are outrageously good.  The last tour he did a marvelous cover of "Girl" by the Beatles and "Dirty Love" by Frank Zappa. AMAZING. 

We sometimes argue about smoking though, heh heh, as he knows I loathe cigarettes and he is so pro-smoking he even wrote a pamphlet about it, which you can download from his web site:



He is about to embark on a world wide tour, so if he is heading to your area, try to see his show, you won't regret it.


Wed	02/27/08 	 	  Cardiff, UK	 	 The Point
Fri 02/29/08 Dublin, IRE Olympia Theatre
Sun 03/02/08 London, UK Shepherds Bush Empire
Tue 03/04/08 Paris, FRA La Cigale
Wed 03/05/08 Brussels, BEL Ancienne Belgique
Fri 03/07/08 Amsterdam, NET Paradiso
Sat 03/08/08 Amsterdam, NET Paradiso
Mon 03/10/08 Hamburg, GER Fabrik Hamburg
Tue 03/11/08 Berlin, GER Schillertheater
Thu 03/13/08 Mainz, GER Phonixhalle
Fri 03/14/08 Zurich, SWI Kaufleuten
Sun 03/16/08 Milan, ITA Teatro Smeraldo
Tue 03/18/08 Trento, ITA Auditorium
Wed 03/19/08 Rome, ITA Rome Auditorium
Sat 03/22/08 Vienna, AS Birdland
Tue 03/25/08 Tel Aviv, ISR Zappa Club
Wed 03/26/08 Tel Aviv, ISR Hangar 11
Tue 04/01/08 Toronto, ON Music Hall Theatre
Wed 04/02/08 Montreal, QC Metropolis
Fri 04/04/08 Glenside, PA Keswick Theatre
Sat 04/05/08 Northampton, MA Calvin Theater
Mon 04/07/08 Somerville, MA Somerville Theatre
Wed 04/09/08 Red Bank, NJ Count Basie Theatre
Thu 04/10/08 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
Sat 04/12/08 Kingston, NY Ulster Performing Arts Center
Tue 04/15/08 New York, NY Apollo Theater
Wed 04/16/08 New York, NY Town Hall
Sat 04/19/08 Homestead, PA Carnegie Library Music Hall
Sun 04/20/08 Ann Arbor, MI Michigan Theater
Mon 04/21/08 Milwaukee, WI Pabst Theater
Wed 04/23/08 Chicago, IL Vic Theatre
Thu 04/24/08 Chicago, IL Vic Theatre
Sat 04/26/08 Atlanta, GA Variety Playhouse
Mon 04/28/08 Austin, TX Paramount Theatre
Tue 04/29/08 Dallas, TX Palladium Ballroom
Thu 05/01/08 Boulder, CO Boulder Theater
Sun 05/04/08 Seattle, WA Moore Theatre
Mon 05/05/08 Vancouver, BC Chan Centre For The Perf. Arts
Tue 05/06/08 Portland, OR Aladdin Theater
Sat 05/10/08 Redwood City, CA Fox Theatre
Sun 05/11/08 San Diego, CA Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
Tue 05/13/08 Los Angeles, CA Orpheum Theatre
Tue 05/20/08 South Bank, AUS Brisbane Convention Centre
Thu 05/22/08 Sydney, AUS State Theatre
Fri 05/23/08 Sydney, AUS State Theatre
Sun 05/25/08 Melbourne, AUS Town Hall
Tue 05/27/08 Adelaide, AUS TBA
Fri 05/30/08 Perth, AUS Riverside Theatre