Ripping open old wounds ( and a cockey Arab )

One thing that has changed since I have been back here in Sauerkraut land, something quite amazing-is that I have become a morning person. I am not sure how long it will last, or if it is a sign that I am ill, but since I landed 6 days ago, I have gone to bed every night at 11:30pm and I get up at 9:00am! Of course I got up like everyone else for school at 6am for years and with Jasmine for years too, but like I said in a former blog entree,

Animal Cops, Dogs and why Berliners are so angry

You no longer need to wonder why Berliners are so fucking miserable. Imagine, you work your ass off all year long, give about 50% of your earnings to the government for taxes, and just when the weather gets nice ( this happens about 14 days a year) you may go to the 'Beach' in Berlin, the Wannsee and naturally you want to stretch out and lie in the sun rite? WRONG!!