Massage Delivery Service in Los Angeles, California 24/7


To book me please email and write “Lunye/Los Angeles/California“ in the subject line 🙂

Hello, I’m Lunye and I live in Los Angeles Ca. I’ve been a massage therapist for this past 5yrs and so far loving every moment of it . I enjoy the fact that I can make someones day go by a little easier or just helping someone relax or taking some stress away just by a special touch. I specialize in deep tissue, pregnancy, pressure point, Swedish and, hot stones.
I’m a certified massage therapist in the Los Angeles area and willing to travel to surrounding cities. I’m excited to be working with Dr.Dots team and looking forward to being your next massage therapist . 🙂

Carli _Vegas

To book me please email and write “Carli/Las Vegas/Nevada“ in the subject line 🙂

Hello, my name is Carli, L.M.T. and B.Msc.. I specialize in several modalities, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology, Cranio-Sacral, Sports Massage and Stretching, Hydrotherapy, Hot Stone, Shiatsu, and more. I also am a Reiki Practitioner, and a Metaphysical Advisor. I am very spiritual and try to focus on positive thoughts and healing. Happy and looking forward to serving you in the Las Vegas area!

Massage Delivery Service in Sydney / Australia 24/7


To book me please email and write “Christine/Sydney/Australia“ in the subject line 🙂

WHO AM I … ?

My name is Christine and I am presently living in Sydney, Australia, although I’m originally from New Zealand (a Kiwi).

When I first left New Zealand I was very interested in alternative lifestyles and a more organic and natural way of being in the world. Through a series of events I ended up in Japan where I discovered I had ‘healing hands’ and an instinctive way of working with bodies.

After injuring myself in an Aikido class I decided that studying acupuncture and shiatsu was a safer and more beneficial path for me. Interestingly, the language barrier helped confirm that I instinctively knew what to do and how to use my hands and body to ease people’s pain and discomfort. I often ended up showing other students in the class how to work and eventually became more like an assistant to the teacher.

When I heard about how Dr. Ida Rolf helped release trauma stored in tissue and could changed posture by aligning structure, I knew I needed to go to the US to study this method. Prior to entering the Rolf Institute, I studied Esalen oil massage (as taught at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California) – and afterwards, I went on to study Rolfing Movement integration in Boulder, Colorado.

After returning to Australia, I deepened my work by studying the Feldenkrais Method in Sydney (with European and American instructors) and qualified as a teacher and practitioner.

It’s been my experience that Rolfing® gets immediate, visible and palpable results – and hence it has remained my primary focus for the past 23 plus years.


I enjoy working with people from all over the world and I feel confident working with my hands, fingers, elbows in alignment with my intuition to get the required results.

I listen carefully to what each client asks for and needs to personalize each massage just for them. I have an innate ability to help people (and animals) release shock and trauma from their bodies. Using the right combination of tools you, I encourage and stimulate your body’s natural ability to recalibrate, heal and find balance, with just the right pressure to facilitate the body’s natural healing ability.

For tired, sore muscles I recommend deep tissue massage or Rolfing®. For the immune system support and/or a feeling of being run down, I highly recommend having a Raindrop Technique® treatment as well.

Typically, clients experience more ease, relaxation, openness, awareness, grace and flexibility. They have reduced levels of pain and less restriction in movement and breathing. They report viewing – and being in – the world differently and having renewed confidence to do what they want to do.

Aside from success in dealing with sleep issues, I’m gifted in working with neck and back difficulties, RSI and carpel tunnel (forearm and wrist) problems, Clients also gain an increased capacity to breathe more fully – very useful for those in the entertainment industry … musicians, in particular, love this work!

I also specialise in making sure clients are more fully present, centred and grounded in their bodies and hence more present with others and effective in all their endeavours.

My bodywork sessions address the following issues (and more) to promote relaxation, realignment and physical/emotional wellbeing:

· Muscular aches and pains
· Fatigue
· Sleep issues
· Headaches
· Joint problems including neck, wrists, hips, knees, shoulders
· Circulation issues
· Breathing difficulties
· Movement difficulties
· Menstrual problems
· Repetitive strain injuries
· Digestive issues


Massage in Salt Lake City, Utah

Email me at and put "Jamie/Utah" in the subject line please  
My mother always encouraged musical influences in my life. When I was young, she enrolled me in piano lessons, which I, at first, dreaded going to. Now looking back, I’ve come to appreciate the difference it has made in creating a passion to use my hands in bringing joy to others. This eventually had an influence in the profession I love so much today. 

I made it backstage to my first all-day concert at the age of 16. I had the opportunity to rub elbows with 311, Incubus, Stir, Violent Femmes and others–I still have my sharpie marked jeans. I’ve made it to the point where I almost always need music playing in the background whether it be Tool, The Beatles, Rush, or even some classical Chopin. Needless to say, I’ve grown up since that first show and always welcome the chance to work with these talented artists. 

I’ve worked in some of the top hotels and spas in Utah for the last 7 years. This has given me the opportunity to work with people from all over the world with different tastes and preferences. I utilize many different modalities to customize and cater to the needs of the individual on my table.

Massage in Manchester, England

Email me: and put "Izzy/Manchester" in the subject line to reach me.


Hey, I'm Izzy, a massage therapist currently based in Manchester.

My passions include festivals, traveling and hitching. Summer times are usually spent working the festival circuit in the UK, then going off abroad to travel and to crash as many foreign festivals as possible on the way – for the atmosphere, the music and the freedom! I love music – (listening, playing and seeing live!) – dancing, reading, learning, dreaming, body modification, the outdoors, the sea, seeing the world and, of course, healing and massage therapy.

At 18, I went to study Chemical Physics at the University of Bristol, and it was here that I first became seriously interested in massage. We covered in detail a huge variety of massage strokes and techniques for every body part, and were introduced by guest speakers to many different massage disciplines, such as shiatsu, Thai, Tui Na, sports massage, reflexology and Indian head massage. It was eye-opening. Far before I graduated, I was teaching the techniques involved to newcomers, and knew I wanted to continue to learn and grow as far as possible as a massage therapist.

I am now formally qualified, fully insured and a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapies. To me, massage is about communication through touch, about healing and stimulation, about empathy and intuition, about working as closely as possible with every client to make sure they get the best possible outcome from every treatment. Deep tissue Swedish massage is my favourite treatment to perform, especially over areas like the back and shoulders where the muscle tissue can really be worked into. I try to make treatments as pleasant and relaxing as possible, but intense enough to leave you with that light, floating feeling after-wards!

Working as part of the Dr Dot team is a dream job: doing something I love, in an exciting environment, with the opportunity to meet some very interesting people! I am available 24/7, for tours, for most things! I look forward to seeing you and working with you soon.


Sports Therapy Massage in Manchester, England

Email me at: and put "Andrew/Manchester" in the subject line


My name is Andrew and I’m a qualified massage therapist from Australia.

Born and bread in Melbourne, I discovered the benefits of massage a few years back while working the 9-5 office job. The impact that massage had on me physically and mentally changed my life, and led me to jump in and learn this amazing craft, so that I could share it’s benefits with others.

I have since graduated from the Australian College of Massage and gained experience working in deep tissue, relaxation, and aromatherapy massage through my own mobile massage business. For me, massage has several rewards. It gives me the chance to connect with people to help in the healing process, and it gives me enjoyment seeing the immediate satisfaction that massage can bring.

I’ve been living in Manchester for 6 months now, and being a part of Dr. Dot’s team gives me the chance to combine massage with my other passion – music. Having played in a band for 9 years, I know the stress that constant touring and performing can have on a person, both physically and mentally. It’s this awareness that I bring to my role on Dr Dot’s team. Whether it’s a pre-show loosen up, or a post-show wind down, my healing hands are here to help. I therefore consider myself a fortunate member of the team, as I know what it’s like to be in your shoes!

But I’m not restricted to massaging backstage at gigs. I also do call outs to hotels, homes and other events. Name the place and I’ll be there.


Massage in Barcelona, Spain

Email me at and put "Miram/Barcelona" in the subject line, thanks 🙂




My name is Mariam, I'm French and I've been living in Barcelona for a couple month. I've been introduced to Reiki in 2004 which opened my mind to traditional Chinese medicine: I then enrolled the "Institut CHUZHEN" for a 3 year full time course. This school is the most famous and well-recognized in France, the only one offering a full time 3-years course that fully trained me to acupuncture and tuina. Tuina is a therapeutic massage based on the body's meridian, using acupuncture points. Thereafter I completed my massage course with a Sensitive Gestalt Massage training which led me to specialize myself in relaxation massage.

Thanks to the combination of these 2 massage techniques, I created a unique, powerful and relaxing massage that will release you from all physical and mental tensions. My massage is a full-body piece that will help you to re-energize yourself, feeling well-balanced and deeply relaxed.

I'm looking forward to take care of you!

Best regards,


The Happy Mondays on tour again (playing in NYC this Friday)

My old pals the Happy Mondays are back and I love them more than ever. Check them out on tour:


Oct 9 2009           Roseland Ballroom                           New York, New York

Oct 10 2009         House of Blues                  Boston, Massachusetts

Oct 12 2009         Newport Music Hall                        Columbus, Ohio

Oct 13 2009         Royal Oak Music Theatre                              Detriot, Michigan
Oct 14 2009         Koolhaus                             Toronto, Ontario
Oct 15 2009         Olympia de Montreal                     Montreal, Quebec


Staind in Berlin on Super Bowl Sunday 2009

The Staind show was moved to Huxleys Neue Welt as they sold so many tix they were too big for the Columbia fritz club. 

Aaron does NOT mind people filming their shows. He showed me loads of videos of his band on youtube and said I could film what he calls the "last song" as in, he comes out for the encore alone, with an acoustic guitar and sings without a microphone or amp, nothing, just singing. Takes a while to get the rowdy crowd to be quiet so they can hear him sing.. The song he is singing in this video is called "Intro" 



 "thank you to the people in my life
for putting up with me
and thank you for the time you sacrificed
all on account of me


for all the times i didn't say
the times i didn't say
for all the times i didn't say
the times i didn't say

fuck you to the jaded and the fake
like to see what you would do
fuck you and the judgements you make
we're not all perfect just like you,
like you, like you


all the times i didn't say [x2]
thank you to the people in my life for putting up with me"


Aaron stood in the EXTREME cold weather for at least 45 minutes signing autographs for dedicated fans. I got fed up after ten minutes and waited on the bus, I can't stand that cold whipping post weather..brrrrrrrrrrrr Key West, I miss you so!

Once he got on the bus, the whole band, apart from the bassist and the crew all went to the Hard Rock Cafe to watch the Super Bowl.


Mike ^ the guitarist, me and drummer Jon and Fran, band video/photographer holding the Pittsburgh Steelers "terrible towel" lol

Mike HATED that towel as he was routin' for Arizona. Jon, Fran and a few others were for Pittsburgh. I didn't give a toss as I hate American Football. Too much padding and stop and go. I prefer Soccer and then Basketball. I don't get why they call it "Football"when they are allowed to use their hands. It's just plain padded Rugby. Padding is for pussies (and bras)

 We were the loudest fucking group in the place. There was NO doubt in the German's minds we were all yanks. (one roadie was from the UK).


 For-mentioned ^ roadie, Aaron and production manager/sound man/stage manager, erm, think his name is Scott? Matt? I am bad with names! I communicate mostly with the tour manager who stayed behind with the bassist. BAD WITH NAMES I am. sigh.

That's pretty much all I have in me to write. Hurricane Staind came to town for two days and I am BEAT. It was well worth the fatigue though 🙂

Massage in Orlando, Florida

Hello. I am one of Dr. Dot's assistants here in Orlando, Florida. I  hold an
A.S. degree in Advanced Massage Therapy, and am Nationally  Board Certified. I
hold formal certification is Swedish massage,  Neuromuscular massage (Deep
tissue), Sports Massage, and Aromatherapy.  I am trained in Orthopedic massage
and Trigger Point therapy. I have a  "natural" Shiatsu lilt utilizing the
principles of acupressure and  Chinese Medicine. I have been practicing since
2003. My approach is to  harmonize with the music and conditions your body
presents to me.  Through my advanced knowledge, aroma, ambience, and skill set,
I offer  silent, reverent, skilled therapy to you with an evidential result.  
Leaving you free to enjoy the music of your life.

I have always found peace through music. All art to me is life's best  therapy,
fantasy, and a tried and true way to "Hang On" and enjoy the  journey.

Next time you're in Orlando, give me a shout: (just put "Tina/Orlando" in subject line)

Thanks for reading my  page. Cool