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Upon graduating from the Swedish Institute, NY in 1994 my massage career has taken me from chiropractor offices and gyms to traveling the US and South America with touring musicians, as well as working in some of the most prestigious hotel spas in NYC.

My massage style is a blend of traditional massage strokes and energetic modalities with a focused intention of creating a space for healing and rest within the body. During your massage session I may incorporate Swedish, deep tissue, and myofascial techniques as well as Thai pressure points and stretching, Reiki, and Craniosacral therapy in order to reduce pain, relieve muscle tension and impart deep relaxation.

I give what I expect from a massage – attention to detail, strong sure hands, flow and most importantly…results.

New Years Day 2009 Central Park and Belvedere Castle

I am sure you had more fun than I did on New Years Eve. I laid down around 5pm and didn't get up until 2pm on New Years Day. Thing is, my belly has been in turmoil the whole time I was in Key West and it still is. Didn't find out until too late, that the drinking water in Key West is full of bacteria "fecal e-coli bacteria " ew!!!!!!!!! My own fault for drinking tap water. I won't do it again. UGH!


 So, after almost 20 hours in bed, with pooh and my MAC (watching some Survivor episodes- my new favorite show), I decided to take a walk and get some fresh (and fucking FREEZING) air in Central Park. It was pretty much empty apart from some brave German tourists (I could hear them chatting away in German) as they are used to strolling around on Holidays and Sundays, regardless of the weather. 


 A new book I came across called "NFT " (Not for Tourist) lead me to this Castle called "Belvedere Castle". I had never knew it even existed before. 


 BIG difference in clothing compared to just the other day when I was just wearing a bikini in FLA. brrrrrrrrr. I feel like the Michelin Man in all of these layers.


 Oh well, I do indeed miss Florida already. I miss the sun and the warmth badly. I will have to lick my wounds a few more days and get up and at 'em though again, as you do. It felt good NOT being hung over on New Years Day though. 


 Cold or not, I still LOVE NYC.


 I may have had a boring New Years eve, but I had one of the best Christmas eve's I have ever had. 

John Lennon vigil 2008 in Strawberry Fields, NYC

Last night at around 10 minutes past midnight (it had just turned Dec 8th), I drove to 72nd street, corner of Central Park west to the Dakota building. There was NO ONE around, not even a guard. I sat in my car blasting Hide your love away, feeling eeire- thinking this is the same spot John Lennon was shot in 1980. Imagining that horrible scene gives you a nasty chill, especially when you are at the scene of the crime. Then an overwhelming feeling of sadness comes over you. Hard to describe, you just have to visit the place to FEEL what I mean.


Every year on Dec 8th Beatles fans gather in Strawberry Fields  to sing Beatles and John Lennon songs. I got there around 7 pm at night, it was naturally dark and FREEZING BEYOND belief (20 degrees fahrenheit/-1 celcius) AND it was windy as FOOK.



The bitter weather didn't stop the vigil. Every one sings along to the 5 or 6 guitarist who were in the middle of the circle they formed around the Imagine mosaic. I went alone, didn't know anyone there- and just sang along with everyone, as you do. It felt SO NICE to be around other Beatle fans. SO FUCKING AWESOME. 



It was extremely difficult to get a picture or get anywhere close to the middle.. so many swarmed around it.. I had to stand on tippie-toes and take these pictures (not a place to get even slightly pushy so you just wait and try)




Not sure how long the guitarists were all there, but I could only take an hour of the brutal cold. My toes were frozen solid and I had a hard time walking back to my car as my toes would not bend anymore; I looked like marching soldier the way I was walking, lol, trying to avoid bending icy toes out of fear they would have snapped in two lol. Only hardcore Beatles freaks were there, you could tell. Everyone knew every word to every song and people were even making the electric guitar notes in 'Something'



When I left they were in the middle of 'Let it be'. No sign of Yoko this year. She did come out to the vigil in 2005 though. 



After the vigil I went to an amazing wine bar and met some wonderful new friends. You just never know who you will meet in this city. Then I met up with Jonesy and we went and did some karaoke. I sang "Helter Skelter" as my Beatles tune for the night. I wore a Beatles shirt too to show love. John Lennon; gone but never, ever forgotten. Mark David Chapman – may you rot in hell.