Feels like the first time…

I have not eating a hamburger or any red meat since I was ten years old. Saw a family kill a chicken for soup in PA and it scarred me for life (or so I thought). From age 10 until about ten years ago, I was a strict Vegetarian. Ten years ago one of my best friends Satu convinced me I need to at least eat Chicken sometimes for the protein. So I have been eating it since then, like once a month. But I am SO fucking tired all of the time and feel hung over even though I don't drink or smoke. NOT fair! I don't even drink coffee anymore, just organic green tea. STILL, not well.


I have been to two different acupuncturist (one in NYC and one in Berlin) and they both told me the same thing, I NEED to eat red meat once in a while. So, I gave in and put  my moral animal loving ways aside last night and finally had a burger. It tasted like heaven on earth. I could feel my body inhaling it, like it was famished for it. Going to sleep now and I will see if it makes a difference as I really have a major sleep disorder and it is ruining my life. So we shall see if it helps somehow. If I feel more energized when I wake up. 


I would REALLY like to hear your opinion about meat vs vegetarianism etc. Everyone tells me something different so I am very on the fence about this.


Waiter was as dumb as a rock. Told him I wanted a wheat bun, he brings white. Then he vanishes with burger, bun, slaw and pickel for like what seemed 20 minutes (me- starving and indecisive which made it seem longer and worse). He comes back with wheat bun minus pickle and coleslaw. I am surrounded by idiots. HELP. 


Germany wins over Turkey


 ^ "fan mile" (in background you can see the Adlon Hotel where Michael Jackson dangled the baby out the window AND where I massaged the President the other night).


I am sure you heard it already, but last night Germany won over Turkey in football (soccer to the yanks) 3-2. It was a close game the whole time, super exciting!!!

Martina, my preggy gal pal, is lovin' her extra cleavage ^ I found it hard to look in her eyes whilst talking to her with such lovely optical distractions right in front of me, now I know how it must feel to be a man

Martina (my pregnant girlfriend) and I went and watched it in Oscar Wilde Irish pub, which is normally a peaceful place, BUT last night hard core German football hooligans, all with shaved heads, Doc Martin boots and Nazi symbols filled the place. At first there were just ten of them and it was funny watching them scream and shout and carry on, but then 20 or so more piled in and it got scary. Martina is German and said the songs and chants they were belting out were old German Nazi songs. The other Germans in the place were also getting very very uncomfortable with this, but even the owner and bar tenders were petrified of them, so no one could do anything. It was even too crowded to leave at one point. The shit really hit the fan when the power went out. There was a massive storm in Basel which caused a disruption of video footage, which means, all over the world, people who were watching it live, had to watch a blank screen for a few minutes during the match, and that happened 4 times, which created even more anticipation and frenzies galore.



Every time there was a goal from either side, stools went flying, beer was tossed everywhere (Martina and I were dressed in girly dresses and little strappy sandals and got SOAKED). There is no stopping these guys. A few took off their shirts and showed they had Nazi ( swastikas  ) all over them as well as this one: 

Every country has it's nationalists, but this is the closest I have been to the chaos they bring. Sometimes it seems football and nationalism go hand and hand together, sigh. This one hooligan KEPT spilling beer down Martina's back (who is 7 months pregnant) and I asked him to back up and be careful and he just screamed at us and made obscene hand gestures. Scary guys.

 One of the Jewish waitresses was off duty and sitting with us during the whole match, she was not amused. Anyways, not sure how the Turks dealt with losing as there were NO TURK supporters what so ever in that pub, or on the streets in that area afterwards. I am sure they are pissed off, gutted, sad. However, the Germans are in the BEST mood ever, the sun is shining and Berlin is heaven on earth at the moment (if Jasmine was here it would be even better, but she is still in Italy). 


Lots of great concerts coming up again here in Berlin, Motorhead, Radio Head, etc.. I will never be able to decide between NYC and Berlin. I just can't. I love them both. So instead of me trying to decide, I decided not to decide. Less pressure. ha! Next month the official smoking ban will be enforced ( I will believe it when I see it) then Berlin would be even BETTER. The Oscar Wilde pub is smoke free; LOVES IT! But "Kaffe Burger " where we went after the match to help the Exberliner celebrate it's 6th anniversary, was smoky as fuck. Oh, it's predominantly men there, and even being 7 months pregnant< Martina & I were getting hit on non-stop. So, if you are a lady and looking for a man in Berlin, head to Kaffe Burger. jeeze!!