So many Dot Bots in one place at the same time=Massage Heaven

Had a staff meeting amongst a few Dot Bots yesterday; we were filming a TV sizzler (google it). SO amazing to have them all around.  



From left to right:

Pattie from Philly, Lars from Philly (originally from Sweden), Jennifer from Brooklyn, Jessica from Boston, Mimi from Brighton Beach, NY (originally from Togo Africa), Crystal from Southern NJ (in Pink shirt), Allison from Long Island, NY (bottom right hand corner 🙂

It was a BLAST! Not seen: Nicole from NJ (she was being interviewed at the time) and me (I took the photo :). NJ Dot Bot Pam came later after she returned from massaging Lady Gaga backstage at Madison Square Gardens and NJ Chiro, Dr Russ who was also backstage giving adjustments for the Lady Gaga entourage. 

Safe and sound in NYC

I like to meet and trade massages with everyone on my team so when Alice, one of my Atlanta Dot Bots told me she would be in NYC when I landed, we agreed she would pick me up from airport and sleep over a few nights so we can get to know each other. She was born in Cuba, raised in the USA. She is SUPER nice and friendly- very honest and kind hearted. I was so FUCKING tired but wanted to show her around when I landed…

There we are in Hoboken ^ 

Alice is a fitness trainer and Licensed Massage therapist. She loves to dress very girly when she isn’t working. She doesn’t smoke or drink either and eats VERY healthy so we have a lot in common. When she told me she loves to sing and enjoys karaoke, well, then I asked her to stay one more night so we could go sing..


Here is Alice belting out a Heart song called ‘Alone’. She nailed it! It was fantastic. LOVE karaoke but being completely sober at a karaoke bar has it’s drawbacks. So many drunks hitting on us and talking SHIT. We both sang two songs then went home. I sang “You sexy Thang” by Hot Chocolate and also Do ya think I’m sexy by Rod Stewart. Aida also sang an Evanesense (sp?) song but I didn’t know it. 

Going to a book release party tomorrow (er, today actually as it’s already 6am) for a book I contributed to called The Heavy Metal book of Lists. Should be a kick ass party. They want me to come dressed as “Dr. Dot” so I gotta get my nurse costume out and dust it off. Will take pics