The Mayor of NYC : Mr. Bloomberg (and Moby)

You know, I have been ill since one week and I have been on the sofa for days trying to kick this evil cold. Yesterday (Wednesday) I finally dragged my ass off the couch and to my hair salon for some mane maintenance.

Then I went to Elaine’s, on the upper East Side, where I usually eat before heading out to Iggy’s for karaoke. Elaine, the lovely owner (who has been running it since 1968)  suggested I go sit at the Mayors table and so I did.

It was so exciting to chat with Mr. Bloomberg, his Press Secretary, Mr. Skyler kindly introduced me to the Mayor and he was VERY friendly

and I told him about how I lived half the time in Berlin and he said he “loves Berlin”, adding “it’s MUCH more exciting than Frankfurt” and he “can’t wait to get back there”. I told him I am VERY pleased with his tough NO SMOKING law and to please stick by it, I am all for it. He was happy to hear this for once. (sorry my pix are crappy, it was a tiny camera)..

A very famous writer, Norman Mailer sat at the same table and also chatted with the Mayor. Norman was very kind and endearing. I felt honored to be at the table and hear them chat. Norman is charming and wise- he had the whole place in awe of his presence.

Mr. Bloomberg, however, was making me slightly uncomfortable as he had his hand on my leg under the table at one point and then later, one hand on my behind. I wiggled away a couple times but he was very touchy feely. I thought to myself  “Stop and Frisk” and laughed it off. 😀

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