Black Out Escapee

What does Janis Joplin have to do with the Black Out? As I left the chaos of a dark NYC behind me, I drove north in my vw black golf, listening to Janis, the pain in her voice as she belted out Kozmic Blues made me grateful that we are only having a power outage, others have had it worse.

Yes, NYC was crazy today, as you all saw on the news.This is my second LOG entree tonight, the first one somehow disappeard ( dont you HATE that??). So now I have to start all over again. I had to pack my bags in the dark today, and take a shower by candle lights, which would have been much more fun if I wasn't alone 😉

My first entry

My friend Daniel convinced me to get a web log, so here it is. If you all want to know what I am up to over here in NYC, pop in from time to time and get the latest gossip, photos and if you want, throw your two cents in. I am new at this copy and paste stuff, so bare with me AND there is no “spell check” so go ahead and have a laugh! Last night, I dragged Daniel out again to do Karaoke, he didn’t sing last night, but I did of course.(look at the pic’s here). I will add more later and search for incriminating photos 😉

Love from NYC

Dr. Dot