Dr. Dot and her Bite Massage on Steve Harvey show NBC

Dot Stein and her bite massage is a topic of discussion today (June 14th) on Emmy Award winning TV show Steve Harvey . Producer said “Hi Dr. Dot,
The episode will air tomorrow and here’s a photo and It airs on NBC at 2pm in Chicago. I would go to www.steveharveytv.com to check where it airs by you”



Pete the grumpy old cat I am cat-sitting

Pete the meanie who bit me, showing his fangs. He just swatted me when I walked by. He has ATTITUDE.. owner Anthony is busy DOG sitting for Arturo Vega (our mutual life long friend) so I offered to cat sit for him so he doesn't have to go back and forth. BAD IDEA.

Pete came up onto the sofa and was affectionately rubbing against me and when I reached out to pet him he violently bit me, like he snapped on me!! CRAZY CAT! I prefer dogs, nuff said!! I had to go to the emergency room tonight to get a Tetanus shot and anti-biotics. The Doc said "that must be one BIG cat!!" as the bit goes from one side of my arm around to the other (you can't see the other two puncture wounds on other side) . THIS cures me of wanting a cat, not doing it.





Russian Television News Station uses my video footage

I guess News Stations don't even need to interview people anymore they just help themselves to footage and sound bites to build their own stories. At least they didn't speak in a negative way about “Misha” or me in this clip, like the Georgian News did. Imagine that, the Russians being nicer to Misha than the Georgians, lol. Would LOVE to let this crap die, but more of it keeps surfacing.

People need to understand, EVERYONE deserves a great massage. Massage doesn't just feel good, it increases blood circulation, boosts the immune system and helps one sleep better at night. People have been giving and receiving massages for over 2,000 years. What is the big deal?

I just happen to use a unique massage method called the Bite Method sometimes, but I wonder where they got the idea that I bit the President? NO WHERE in my blog or video's does it say this. Trying to put a puzzle together without all the pieces, tsk tsk.