Massage in Barcelona, Spain

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My name is Mariam, I'm French and I've been living in Barcelona for a couple month. I've been introduced to Reiki in 2004 which opened my mind to traditional Chinese medicine: I then enrolled the "Institut CHUZHEN" for a 3 year full time course. This school is the most famous and well-recognized in France, the only one offering a full time 3-years course that fully trained me to acupuncture and tuina. Tuina is a therapeutic massage based on the body's meridian, using acupuncture points. Thereafter I completed my massage course with a Sensitive Gestalt Massage training which led me to specialize myself in relaxation massage.

Thanks to the combination of these 2 massage techniques, I created a unique, powerful and relaxing massage that will release you from all physical and mental tensions. My massage is a full-body piece that will help you to re-energize yourself, feeling well-balanced and deeply relaxed.

I'm looking forward to take care of you!

Best regards,


Massage in Barcelona Spain

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Hi my name is Sal (short for Salvatore.) I am from Italy, many years ago someone gave me a book about Shiatsu, this is how I got involved in this ancient healing art.

I am a fully qualified Shiatsu Therapist, I studied Shiatsu in London with internationally reknowned teachers such as: Soul Goodman, Chris Jarmey, Ray Ridolfi, Wataru Ohashi. I strongly believe that “Energy is everything and Everything is Energy!“

Touching is healing and deep inside each one of us there is a little child that needs to be loved, cared for, nourished and touched, for this I consider touching a very serious and responsible task, through touching I can reach the very inner, spiritual, emotional side of people and where true healing can take place.

Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning finger pressure. The theoretical foundations of Shiatsu are rooted in Chinese medicine. Shiatsu is a holistic therapy, based on the same principles as acupuncture, but using the hands instead of needles. However very few people know that Shiatsu is not only finger pressure, it feeds the Nervous system, as well as rebalancing the flow of Energy (Ki) – drawing more of it into the needy parts of the body, or dispersing stagnation so that Ki can flow freely.

Have a great day Sal !!!

Massage in Barcelona, Spain

Meet Carolina,
the latest Massage Therapist to join our ever growing team of healing hands.
You can read about her and see her picture below. Looking forward to helping
you relax,
x Dr. Dot

My name is Carolina and I´m from Valparaíso, Chile.  I moved to Barcelona in
2001 and soon began studying Natural Therapies. I have since completed my
 studies and I now work in Therapeutic Massage and specialize in Hot and
Cold Stone Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Cyriax (deep transversal massage),
 Reflexology and Thai Reflexology, Infantile and Traditional Thai Massage,
 Craneo-sacra Therapy and Aromatherapy.
Before moving to Spain I studied journalism and, as well as doing my
Therapy work, I am also a freelance journalist for a health magazine. I
have worked backstage as a news reporter in concerts and art shows, so I feel
that I have a lot in common with Dr Dot. I  enjoy this work a lot, and
working as a part of Dr Dot’s Team means that I can now combine my two passions:
 music and massage.
When I heard about Dr Dot I wrote her a letter her asking to be a part of the team.
 I was then asked to give one of her assistants a massage and, well, the rest is
history! At the moment I am working in different places around the Barcelona and
Cataluña. For example, I work in a beautiful Health Spa situated on the coast just
south of the city and a Gym which is exclusively for females. I also have many clients,
 of different ages and back-grounds, whom I visit at their homes.
When I was Thailand recently doing a course on Thai Massage, my teacher in Chan Mai
used to call me “magic hands” – so I guess I was doing something right!

If you want a massage, email me: and put "Carolina/Barcelona" in the subject line and I will write back right away. 

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Hello there, I’m Wanda, originally from Argentina but raised in Barcelona!  I speak fluently in English, Spanish, Catalan, French and I’m making a start at Italian at the moment!    I’ve been training and working as a massage therapist for almost seven years. In one massage I provide therapeutic solutions tailored to your needs which include Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Reflexology, Cranio sacral therapy, Rolfling therapy, Akkinson method, Aromatherapy, pre/post-natal massage, baby massage, Lymphatic Drainage, but most of all relaxation, energy and ready to rock and roll!

   Currently I am working freelance for several companies in the city of Dublin including one of the city’s most prestigious hotel as well as private patients. I hope however to be opening my own treatment centre sometime in the near future.

   I found out about Dr. Dot online, got in touch and arranged to give one of her friends a treatment and now I’m more than happy to be part of the team!!!



Hello! My name is Julio. I’m spanish, born a libra 1968 in Baden/Switzerland and now living and working as a certified massage practitioner in Zurich.

I have my own practice and I offer Californian Esalen Massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Energy Bodywork and Trigger Point Release Work, always honoring the holistic approach. I qualified as a masseur in 1996 after working in the travel business for 8 years and then spending a very enriching and wonderful time at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

   I first saw Dr. Dot on TV when she appeared in Big Brother. I immediately contacted her introducing myself as a collegue and we stayed in touch ever since. Finally she asked me if I wanted to join her massage team. So I jumped the next train and travelled to Berlin to give her a nice rub. And here I am: available for you and your entourage whenever you are in Zurich or in the area. I’m fluent in English, German, Swiss German, Spanish, French, Italian and a little bit of Portuguese. So, I’m looking forward to meeting you and giving you the massage of your life! Hasta la vista…



*Julio is extremely strong and can travel all over Switzerland to massage you. He is quiet, clean and dependable. And no, he is not gay.

Dr. Dot