Paul Booth, reinventing his Tattoo Studio into something even FIERCER

I was at Paul Booth's NYC Studio last night and major construction is going on. Holy FUCK is that man busy. He is so unique, words fail me. LOVE him! He is the one who did my kick ass Hendrix tattoo. Some say he is the most famous tattoo artist in the world (waiting list is 20 years long lol). I pop in sometimes to see him and his incredibly sweet (and hot) girlfriend. Great people!




Karaoke HIT and run in NYC… please help

Last night this girl HIT my karaoke DJ friend Brooke very very hard over the head, causing her head to split open. She was angry that she had to wait "too long" to sing on a Saturday night and took it out on the DJ. My friend Brooke is so sweet, sober, never hurt a fly. 
The crime too place at Iggy's karaoke, 2nd ave (lots of racial tension there as owner Iggy claims "the black people do not buy enough drinks and rap music is NOT ALLOWED", making things HELL for the karaoke DJ's. There are many rap songs in the books, yet Brooke and other Djs have to constantly tell the guests "No rap music allowed" making THEM look like the bad guy, when it is the owners rule, not the Dj's). There needs to have more security there. This place is getting dangerous 🙁

1) the place is too HOT. People get angry and irritated when the place is too HOT. It sometimes reaches 90 degrees in this place. 
2) Not enough security. Bouncer there is USELESS. Lets anyone and everyone in. 
3) Place should have a $5 cover charge, to keep the riff-raff out on weekends!
4) If RAP music is "banned" then owner should make a SIGN and say so and have the balls to hang it near the DJ booth and sign his fucking name to it so the DJs are not to blame. 

The criminal:

Jennifer is the one ^ above in the pink shirt. Her sister Nicky is in the cherry red jacket

Link to MORE images of her: 

"Her name was signed Jennifer (with 2 n's)
Her email:
she was a short (maybe 5'4") black/latina woman… heavier set.
I assume that the 82 is a birth year.. age 28 or 29 sounds about right.
She said she was a bar tender and had been a bar manager at one time.
She said she used to come to iggys thurs and sundays.
I think she may work in the neighborhood. I have attached her picture.
imagine her with shorter hair and 20 lbs heavier.

She hit Brooke, knocked her out, and fled. Please help us out, we need to know if you know her, where she works etc. Please spread this around as she may very well end up injuring ANOTHER karaoke DJ at some point 🙁

Please spread the word so we can find this woman and make sure she gets her punishment. 



Massage in Austin, Texas 24/7

Email me at and put "Caren/Austin" in the subject line please.
Hi Y'all! 

My name is Caren and I'm from Austin, Texas, which is also widely known as the "Live Music Capital of the World." I have been a huge fan of live music since I was a young child and have attended countless concerts and festivals throughout the years. I am lucky to live in a city where live music is available every night of the week. 

After receiving my degree from the University of Texas in 2002, I became a Registered Yoga Instructor and a Licensed Massage Therapist. I graduated from Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in May 2007 with 550 hours of training. Since graduating, I have completed over 100 additional hours in training and became nationally certified by the NCBTMB. 

I am certified in Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Structural Integration, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Prenatal/Postnatal, Chair Massage, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Shiatsu, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy. Additionally, I have worked in hotels, resorts, a destination spa, and for the University of Texas Athletic Department. 

I individualize each massage I give in order to adequately address my clients' specific needs by utilizing my extensive training and by combining several different techniques. I take pride in offering my clients the knowledge to assist them with injuries or problem areas and the ability to add some "feel good fluff" to make them feel relaxed and less stressed. 

I look forward to meeting you!

Best Massage in Omaha, Nebraska

Reach me at and put "Angie/Nebraska"



Good day! My name is Angie and I am based out of Omaha, NE. I grew up in an era of good times with my parents playing Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendricks and Pink Floyd in the house. As a young adult, I was a "band girlfriend" and had a serious relationship of several years with a well known local guitarist. I am very familiar with the band environment and understand how hectic things can be from practice to recording to performing. I also know how exhilarating things can be! Well, I’ve slowed down a bit (just a bit, lol) since those days and found my calling…massage.

I hold an Associate of Applied Science degree in Massage and Bodywork and have advanced training in Myofascial treatments, Sports massage and Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy. I have clients from all walks of life, but the majority of my clients have chronic issues relating to overuse injuries, accidents and surgeries or some level of discomfort due to body imbalances. I'm not afraid to dig in deep when it’s necessary, but I give a smooth and relaxing massage at the same time to get the body AND mind to loosen up. It's not fluff massage, but serious therapeutic work. My techniques are a combination of various training and experience over the years. Each massage is tailored to the individual, so every session is as unique as the client and their particular needs.

I'm extremely honored to be a member of Dr. Dot's team…and I am here for you. I'm available in the Omaha / Lincoln, NE metro areas…but willing to make arrangements for specific events just about anywhere if requested. I will work out those knots, loosen tight areas and soothe your tension away. If you are looking for a massage that is immensely effective and deeply relaxing then tell Dr. Dot I'm the girl for you!

Massage in Northern Virginia


To book a massage with me, email me at and put "Linda/VA" in the subject line, thank.



Hi, my name is Linda 🙂

After Receiving my first hour massage, I was extremely interested and motivated to become a therapist myself. I enrolled in Piedmont School of Professional massage just a few weeks later. I was fortunate to land an internship at a Day Spa while I was still in School which gave me a lot of experience before even graduating. A month after Graduation I immediately signed up for continuing education credits to get certified in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (AOBT), which gave me a competitive edge with Deep Tissue seeking clients. In 2009 I served the Tour De Skyline Xtreme Bike Event.

With over two years of experience I am opening my own studio in VA. In addition to my studio I occasionally partner up/assist other therapists at various locations throughout Northern VA. In the mean time, I am going to school part time to work on a degree in Nursing. I am delighted to be part of Doctor Dot's team and I look forward to "getting my hands (and feet)" on her clients.

A grand night out

So it's been a while since I've seen my friend Jill. She is from London but her Mom was from Barbados. She has a sweet English accent and is a total rock chick. You may remember her from my Motorhead Blog . She lives in London but comes back to NYC often as she has a flat in Brooklyn. Anyways, even though she may not LOOK like a rocker, she is. Whenever we go out to karaoke, she sings Led Zepp or some other hard core rock band. She tells it like it is and I adore her. 



I WILL pass the scratch and sniff test.


"Every girl's crazy bout a sharp dressed man" ^

"she only comes out a night, The lean and hungry type
Nothing is new, Ive seen her here before
Watching and waiting
Shes sitting with you but her eyes are on the door….ooo wooo, here she 

comes, watch out boy, she'll chew you up, woooo oooh here she comes,

she's a man eater" 


Ok. let me explain who THAT^  is. I have been going to Iggy's karaoke bar for a few years and Mariam is a fixture in the joint. She never shows up until after midnight, when all guys are good and drunk and sure enough, this sugar mama scores every time. She absolutely LOVES my friend Jonesy, but it's been so long since he's been there (and his hair is darker now) she didn't even recognize him last time we went in to sing. She kept comin up to him saying "don't I know you?" and he tried to avoid eye contact as she really crowds him ALL night. He even had the DJ call him under his real name "Chris" so she wouldn't suspect that it was really him. heh heh. 



Jill on the mic. Sandwiched by two NYC men


I could not stop laughing at Jill giving Jacob (below)  shit for farting in my car. She was BRUTAL on the poor guy.


Looks better than he smells ^  Jacob, aka "Mr. Farty pants" 


Told Jacob to "get an enema to clean out your smelly rancid fucking ASS!" 


After karaoke we had an after hours party in my car. Burning herbs and incense to make my car smell nicer, and to TRY and combat our pal Jacob's GAS problem (which smelt like a year old bag of hard boiled eggs). Had we lit a match in my car, it would have surely exploded. He LOVES Led Zepp and Hendrix, as do Jill and I so it is fun hanging out and jammin with him but daaaaaaaaaaaaam. My eyes were watering from his smelly ass. I am starting to think this bout of Bronchitis I have wasn't triggered by jogging in the cold, but from inhaling his lethal gas. FUCK!! Yet another downside of going out to Irish pubs to sing karaoke. 

St. Patricks Day in NYC smells like a fuming compost heap of beans, beer and rotten eggs inside stinky socks by the way. Not for the faint of heart or people who have excellent sense of smell like me. Sorry if I am making your stomach turn, but you know how misery loves company…


I am working on a few more blogs since I am home sick so lets see how much I get done. Fucking bloody cold here in NYC, we got hammered by snow AGAIN. Mother Nature is on a rampage. I still hear Florida calling my name "Dot, come back, bake in the sun" but I also hear Berlin calling "Dot come back and freeze in the miserable below zero Berlin winter" ha ha. Oh the choices. 



Key West Florida winter 2008 ( Dr. Dot’s blog- continued)

This is a continuation of my Key West winter 2008 blog. Part one is HERE


(and I wrote about Key West a couple years ago too, if you want to see that BLOG )



 Video I made of this trip ^


So, I am staying at one of the Heron House hotels in Key West. GORGEOUS and expensive (the whole area is super pricey). I asked for the quietest room they have and I got the loudest room you can possibly have the first night. If you like quiet, do NOT stay in room 42 of the Heron House. It is directly over the office and the gate and doors are slammed every few seconds. AND it smells of serious mold. They moved me the next morning into another room which is extremely silent, no smells at all and is heaven on earth (squeaky wheel always gets the oil). This above is room 42. Awesome location, but as I said, smelly and loud (but very clean). Manager said most places smell of mold down here as it's so humid. 


My feet are loving the sunshine and fresh air. If I could only find a massage here..


 I can't believe how big the tits are in the store mannequins here. wtf? The times they are a changin' 

Above ^ Duvall street, which is said to be the longest street in the usa (but I heard that about a street in Manchester, NH too.. hmmmm. 


 I've been here pretty much every night since I have been here. Creature of habit, microphone whore. This place has karaoke every night and the sound and crowd, are kickin'. If you like seafood, you will love it here, but I hate it and stick to the salad.

Brian is the Karaoke DJ, originally from Connecticut (one of the many that "escape" to Key West and start a new life). The dark haired guy got nuts singing "touch me" by the Doors and ripped his shirt off (amazing abs) but the bouncer made him get his top back on right away, booo! hissssss! He is from Ohio and came with his two female buddies (below). I hung out with them but I forget everyone's names. 

Originally from Ohio, these cuties now live in Ft. Meyers Florida (they came together with the dark haired fellow up above). I will give them nick names and choose characters from Sex and the City that most suit their personalities. The girl on the left in the brown top would be Carrie, girl on the right (who can sing her ASS off) would be Charlotte for sure. Dark haired bloke, well, he would be Smith. Me? Samantha, of course (apart from the fact I HATE fashion). 

Look how sweet Charlotte's feet are. 


Even though Charlotte (and Carrie) is a school teacher and dresses really prim and proper, she was whipping that games ASS. Seems like she is no stranger to the rifle. Her voice by the way, is like butter. 

Continuing along with the Sex and the city name game, this would be Mr. Big (aka Roderick easier to remember a GIANTS name)  sitting on the biggest tree I have ever seen. He joined us. He is from Holland and is about 6' 4" so he towered over us, like this tree. LOTS of Europeans in Key West. LOADS. You would think it would be predominantly Latinos because Key West is closer to Cuba than it is to Miami, but it's not. In fact, Miami is loaded with Spanish speaking folks; not so in Key West. The music scene is really different too. I HATED Miami (lots of disco/techno/house music) and well, I was in on South Beach and it was just a heaving meat market which is fine for some, but I didn't like the vibe. Everyone is too perfect, too on display, too competitive. In Key West, people chill and the music, well, old time rock and roll rules.  A bit too much Jimmy Buffet but it comes with the territory. In NYC you hear too much Sinatra; in Key West it's Mr. Buffet. (not a fan of either, although I do respect them). 

Me looking like a snotty Fag Hag ^ shopping with Mr. Big (who looks a LOT like a German friend I know named Tarzan). 



Typical sight on Duvall street. Anything for a buck. Naked Cowboy, look out, you have competition.

Actually, now that I think about it, I am SURE the real Naked Cowboy goes South for the winter (can't imagine him standing in Times Square at this time of year).  THIS picture of the real Naked Cowboy actually looks like he is standing on Duvall street..





Duvall street ^


Duvall street has LOADS of performers, beggars, tarot card readers, body painters, tourist, BARS, shops and homeless folks who left their lives behind to live in which most people call Paradise. The homeless are kind of a drag as if you don't give them spare change, they snap at you and give you shit (try loudly to make you feel guilty). If you are here for a week, you can't give everyone on Duvall street spare change that asks you, or you will soon be on Duvall street begging for spare change too (same thing with Haight street in San Fran)

 Most every bar down here has live music all day and all night, 7 days a week and this band was taking a break but their mascot was keeping the guitar case warm. CUTE!

 There are free roaming roosters/chickens every where you look and listen here. They are protected by the law and some hate them and some love them. They crow all the time and I think it's sweet, but the locals seem to consider them irritating pests. You will also see several Geckos, Lizards and Cats walking around. This place is like a little zoo. purrrrrrrrrrrr.


 A few blocks from my hotel is one of the beaches (Key West is an island, but some areas only have boats- no beach). Anyways, I walked here thinking I could have a swim, but instead I felt I was invading the homeless folks private beach. You can see them napping and hanging around and the men were trying their best to chat me up and get me to hang out and give them money and/or food but I had neither of those on me and just kept walking. They look really weathered and smell of alcohol, I feel really bad for them and wonder what each one's story is. Where they are originally from? How long have they been here? I read in a book I bought called "Quit your job and move to Key West" by Christopher Shulz that the "homeless get around $100 per day so don't feel bad for them as they earn as much as most bartenders do"


 Lots of rich people come to play here. They spend their winters here and park their yachts in this area. Big contrast going on. Wealth and homeless. It HAS to get you thinking. If not you are surely numb.


Salt water, I love thee. 


I met lots of people here so far and this cutie ^ is one of the hottest women I have ever seen. She is from Russia and a bartender at Ricks. GORGEOUS. 

I think Rick's is where all the pretty ^ people hang out (Key West attracts lots of Gay men- I wonder if he is or not?)  "How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?" The Beatles

 Lori, a native (aka Conch) loves karaoke too and she and I have been singing together almost nightly since I have been here. I had originally planned to come with a few girlfriends (co-workers too) but no one could get time off or cough up the dough for hotel/flights so I followed through and came alone. BEST way to meet people is to go alone. It doesn't bother me one bit to be alone. I recently told one of my closest friends that I am never lonely or bored and he said "that sounds so cold!". What the fuck ever. If you are happy in your own skin, love your life and have enough to keep you busy, you shouldn't have time to get bored or lonely. Clingy, dependent and lonely does not suit me. Am I a freak? If so, oh well, I am a freak. I don't get lonely or bored. PERIOD. This doesn't mean I don't miss certain loved ones when I am not with them, it just means I enjoy the moment. If that is wrong, then I guess I am wrong. But I can't/won't change. 

 The bouncer at Two Friends is from Georgia (the country). I showed him the pic of me and his President and since then he has been spoiling me. He asked me to pose with him and also wanted a copy of the pic of his President and I to show his friends back home. Super nice guy. 

The DJ at Rick's took this picture of me singing TNT (ac/dc) and just emailed it to me ^



 Will work for food?  "there may come a time you can even take your clothes off when you dance" FZ


Exit Only. 


 Remember how I said no one really notices Christmas down here? Guess I was wrong ^

But overall, this is the best place EVER to avoid Christmas stress. There are LOADS of Jews down here too by the way (they don't do Christmas either! :).. Straight from Israel too. Most of the shops are owned by them. Great time to get deals as no one is spending. I got a great pair of shorts for $5!


My two favorite places to eat here are The Cafe (amazing healthy, mostly Vegetarian place) and "915" which has the best wine in Key West and the food is DELISH. BUT it is pricey. 


After reading more of "Quit your job and move to Key West" I thought about it but one thing would prevent me from ever moving there.. NO CONCERTS! There are tiny cover bands in every bar on every corner, but Ac/Dc or Steve Vai, etc, would never come play there as there is simply no venue for that. Closest would be Miami and I wouldn't want to drive 3 hours or catch a flight each time a band I love or have to work on comes to Miami. Pffft. See how much  trouble music can cause? ha ha. Just kidding. 


I made a few videos and will string them together once I get back to NYC..


Anyways, gotta run, literally- great place for jogging. OH, this place is perfect for rollerblading and bicycling too (you can rent bikes every where as well as mopeds). NO need to rent a car, the island is only 2 miles by 4 miles. Walk it baby.



I am back home in NYC now and my stomach is still feeling uneasy. UNFORTUNATELY I didn't get to the part of that book I bought until too late, that explains "All drinking water flows into the Florida Keys within a single 36-inch diameter pipe. Kind of like a giant garden hose". It also explains that the water is tainted with Fecal e-coli bacteria, etc.. hello!! I was drinking the tap water most of the time and my belly felt like there was a war going on inside. NOW I know why. SO if you are heading to Key West, please do NOT drink the tap water. 

I decided there are 3 reasons I would/could never move there:

1) No rock stars: NO big concerts- the Who or the Stones would/could never play there. No space. 

2) Drinking water is dirty. I drink so much water, I would have to get another full time job just to quence my never ending thirst

3) It is over 90 degrees Fahrenheit every day from May – September and the humidity will make you sweat like a pig the second you leave your house- some say without an air conditioner, you would die. 

Oh well, guess I will be one of those winter visitors from now on


Gail Zappa stops Project Object show this Friday in Boston

"Due to Adelaide Gail Zappa and her incessant, worldwide legal attacks on fans honoring Frank Zappa's music, and attempts to negate his request (according to the Zappa hotline, Dec 1993) to "Play My Music", the Project/Object show for Fri 21 Nov 2008, at Bill's Bar in Boston, has been cancelled.

Stand by for further details on the threatening letters. All other shows, have proceeded fantastically or are proceeding as planned, since what we do is 100% legal under US law. It's sad that lawyers are being enriched every year by this useless letter-writing campaign (all clubs also get threat letters).

FYI – The band Ugly Radio Rebellion, who you'll remember was under attack for Dec. 2007 shows, just had to cancel all their Nov 2008 shows due to a couple of clubs' unfounded fears of Adelaide Gail Zappa suing them. Bogus Pomp in Florida also recently was attacked for celebrating this music. Artists in Germany also continue to be attacked. What a waste of good money that could be used to release more Zappa music……

We are not breaking any laws and we will continue to perform Frank Zappa music for you. And maybe even a little of the music of Mozart, Stravinsky, Gustav Holst, The Seeds ('Pushing Too Hard' used in 'Sy Borg'), Yes (1984 'bamboozled' solo section), The Beatles (medley played on 1988 Zappa tour), Richard Berry (Frank quoted "Louie Louie" DOZENS of times), Herbie Hancock (riffs quoted in 'Greggery Peccary'), Culture Club ('I'll tumble for ya'), The Doors ('The End', 'Light My Fire')..and on and on and on….

I am conducting research into where and when Frank Zappa got permission to perform, record or parodize ALL of these and many, many other various artists' music. Of course sometimes he sought permission, and when RECORDED and RELEASED, he certainly paid mechanical royalties. But certainly many times he didn't.

For a guy who has a LARGE part of his art based on USING THE MATERIAL OF OTHERS, his estate is strangely, hypocritically opposed to any one else doing the same!

Thank you
Andre Cholmondeley

“February made me shiver..”

^ Taken a few hours ago in an Irish bar, midtown (pretty sure it's called PJ Clarke's), none of the staff was Irish..anyways, they claim to have one of the oldest toilets in NYC. They said they are "over 100 years old". WOAH, that's really old (not!). Baby USA lol….. 


I went to PJ Clarke's after a stop in at a bar called 2A, because it's on 2nd street and avenue A. When you ask for a wine list, they roll their eyes and say "red or white, that's our list!". The snotty bartenders barely look up from their Blackberry pearls, so good luck getting their arrogant service. Two good things about the place though are (1) the music (the bitchy bartenders have great shit on their iPods) (2) It's dirt cheap. Just thought I would throw a little review in there, heh heh. 

It's bloody cold here in NYC. Been swamped with things to do, people to visit and packing for my journey back to Berlin in a couple days. Once I am settled in, I will spend hours uploading the many pictures I have taken over the last couple of months. I supposed on one hand it's good thing when one is too busy to blog properly, but I find it therapeutic and it helps me sleep better once I've unloaded all the shit flying around in my mind onto my blog. Sadly, I can't write everything I would like to, as certain people in my life read my blog religiously and get upset, jealous, etc.. that sucks as I wish I could just write everything I am doing, thinking, etc.. but I do try to write in a way that one can read a tad between the lines. Censorship sucks ass. 

My fingers are KILLING me from doing so many massages. Fuck, my knuckles hurt so bad. I have been massaging pretty much non stop since I was 5 years old; starting on my mom and her hurtin' back and feet and it's taking a toll on my fingers as I don't just pet people, I insist on doing extreme deep tissue, which gives the patient lots of energy, but it takes mine. Guess that means at least my hands are getting old. dam!

Massage therapists are like shooting stars. They usually shine really bright for a few years, but they can't last forever. Usually people start doing massage at around 20 and throw in the towel after ten or 15 years as it is really taxing on the body (schlepping the heavy massage table up and down stairs, working odd hours usually spontaneously.. it is a difficult profession. I started WAY young and so I am feelin' it. I have met therapists that retired at age 40 already (well, they do other things for a living after; things that are not as physically taxing).

The rest of me feels great, it's just my knuckles and wrists that are aching. Tried wearing a copper bracelet for a while, I didn't notice a big difference. I wonder if that is just a scam/hoax?

It's gonna be tough leaving NYC again, this place is wild, ambitious, fast, loud, exciting, quirky, liberal, wealthy in every way and packed with talented people from all over the world, but most of all, it's FUN. Like Arnold said "I'll be back"

 "A long, long time ago… I can still remember how
That music used to make me smile.
And I knew if I had my chance,
That I could make those people dance,
And maybe they'd be happy for a while.
But February made me shiver,
With every paper I'd deliver,
Bad news on the doorstep…
I couldn't take one more step.
I can't remember if I cried
When I read about his widowed bride
But something touched me deep inside,
The day the music died."