Greetings from the 20th annual Zappanale Festival

For me the Zappanale fest already started in Berlin with Project Object playing at the DOT CLUB on August 13th. It was so awesome and my buddy Joe Jackson came and stood in the audience the whole time and watched. He said he enjoyed the show, the band was good but he said, as I said, the sound could have been better. The club is HOT as FUCK and smokey too- with bad sound. NOT good. But Project Object, of course, did the best they could do and nailed it. 


My good friends Dirk and Bully came to the show too and refused to accept free tix, they wanted to support the band! Snarky, a myspace Zappa group friend of mine came all the way from Virginia to see the show (and the Zappanale too)

Dirk, Bully, Snarky McBullhorn ^

Dot at the Dot Club. I felt at home here apart from the cig smoke, cough cough, I am NO fun, innit!? I LOVE the shirt I am wearing, my friend Robin Gelberg gave it to me, I treasure it. 

Oliver (in the middle) owns a bar called the Jansen Bar in Berlin and they have Frank Zappa night the first Tuesday of each month. Ike was happy to pose with Oliver and the Jansen bar bar-tender who swears he isn’t gay (inside joke). Check it out:

 Rather bad quality but here is a video of one  ^ of my performances at the Dot Club in Berlin



Not much time to write, just posting a few pics I took last night. The Zappanale gets better each time I come, I LOVE it (“it’s a way of life” 😉



To see the blog I wrote about the last Zappanale I went to two years ago, go to:






Bruce Bickford is here at the festival, if you don’t know who he is, you must not know the Frank Zappa film “Baby Snakes”. Google him, he is a legend- or just click link below:

 Super cool dude ^


All of Jimmy Carl Black’s kids are here. Met them all and his widow is here too, will post pics asap. 


Project Object from behind 😉

 CREW SLUT at the Zappanale ^ (I knew a better quality version would turn up 🙂




And I FINALLY met the famous Paul Green. We run in the same circle, never had the pleasure until tonight- wicked fun guy..


 And it felt like MAGIC to be in between these two legends, Don Preston and Robert Martin (they just met for the first time tonight!)

Haven’t seen Don for two years, it is always a pleasure. Haven’t seen Robert since 1988! We had a LOT of catching up to do and he gave me 2 hours of fitness and advice about what to eat and what not to eat (he is a strict Vegan). He is 61 and is still ripped, you should see his abs. Check out his web site, you can see videos of him doing one legged squats, he is amazing!!



Robert’s shoes fascinated me to no end ^  I told him if they made them for women, they could paint the toe nail part red to make them sexier. ha. 

Eric Svalgard ^ and Eric Slick of Project Object



 Eric Slick and Robbie “Seahag”  ^  (Guitar for Project Object) 


Project Object fucking RULED!! I performed as “Mary” for them during Crew Slut and Wet t-shirt night. Always an honor. Ike Willis is in top form, Don kicks ass, Andre’ gets better all the time, Eric Slick on drums, wow! Robbie Seahag on bass, Eric Svalgard  the crazy blond on other keyboards and Robert Martin came out and did a few numbers like Whipping Post and NAILED IT!!! Gregg Allman would approve. 

Gotta sleep, ttyl


 ps. Here is me below as “Mary” for the Crew Slut song/performance (would love to see a video of that, it was hilarious!)


Thursday night at the Dot club and Friday night at the Zappanale I played MARY in the songs Crew Slut and Fembot in a Wet Shirt (still waiting for someone to send me some pics of that)




I was slinking around each Project Object band member during the song and in this shot ^ back to back with Robert Martin


Robert Martin again ^ and I


“Hey hey hey all you girls in these
Industrial towns
I know youre probly gettin tired
Of all the local clowns
They never give you no respect
They never treat you nice
So perhaps you oughta try
A little friendly advice
And be a crew slut
Hey, youll love it
Be a crew slut
Its a way of life
Be a crew slut
See the world
Dont make a fuss, just get on the bus
Crew slut
Add water makes its own sauce
Be a crew slut
So you dont forget, call before midnite tonite
The boys in the crew
Are just waiting for you
You never to get move around
You never go nowhere
I know yer probly gettin tired
Of all the guys out there
You always wondered what its like
To go from place to place
So, darlin, take a little ride
On the mixers face
Be a crew slut
Just follow the magic footprints
Be a crew slut
Hey, youll love it!
Be a crew slut
Its a way of life
I aint gonna squash it
And you dont need to wash it!”   FRANK ZAPPA

Back again with more pics from Saturday night at the Zappanale:

 Project Object leader ^ and his lovely lady















OMFG, Roberts hands are AMAZING!! Wish he would do my feet 🙂


It is really hard to get good in concert shots. But I get some good in person pics. You can’t capture their music in pics anyways and my camera is too crap to make any decent videos of the shows


Eric Slick (drummer genius) on stage after his performance with Project Object ^ 


SUNDAY (last night of the Zappanale) below:


Was fun hanging out with Bruce again. He told many private things about himself, it was awesome to get close to such a genius mind. He is so kind and gentle; makes you want to protect him.


Ike and I have known each other for 21 years. His mind is still sharp as a whip and his sense of humor is as amazing as his voice. LOVE HIM!



Ah, to be a fly on the wall- wait, I was there. Super Fly. ha. 

The Zappanale is 4 days/nights of Zappa fun, but everyone is SUPER tired by Sunday night. Terry looked so fucking fit, wow. He claims he is “getting fat” but I didn’t see any on him.


Zappa alumni Sandwich part 2 (or 3?) keep em coming..



 Wolfhard is the founder of the Zappanale, started it 20 years ago. Super nice guy and he is a MASSIVE Zappa freak, he doesn’t do this festival for anything else but the love he has for Frank Zappa’s music. Thomas is the president of the Arf Society (google it, I’m too tired to write about it 😉



Wolfhard is rather shy and keeps to himself, not one to ask for pics or autographs, but he did want one with Bruce. They are both amazing people. 



 When I left the festival I noticed a rowdy bar still open in Bad Doberan and went in and it was PACKED with hard core Zappa fans (Zappateers). One of them, from the UK, had this hair cut goin’ on. Ha. 


Will TRY to ad more text and pics soon.


Haven’t really wrote much about the music. Not much to say apart from you can never get enough Frank Zappa music. Some were bored with Terry Bozzio’s 90 min drum solo set but hey, he IS Terry Bozzio and well, RESPECT! One thing that REALLY gets on my tits about the Zappanale is you have to listen to the same fucking songs over and over and OVER again because it seems to be impossible to controll what each band plays so they ALL play Frank’s top ten hits (I am the slime, dirty love, etc etc.) Project Object did the BEST version EVER of Whipping Post with Bobby Martin and hello? Some Austrian Band (Sex without Nails) did it the very next night. Jesus, have some fucking respect will ya? Give it up. I hate that. I think all bands should pick their songs from a Zappanale lottery 6 months before the festival and NO ONE should be allowed to repeat a song!!

What about Truck Driver Divorce? Or Lucille has messed my Mind up? There are HUNDREDS of songs to choose from yet we have to endure the same fucking songs repeatedly (which is ok if you are drunk and stoned out of your Zappa loving mind) but I am NOT so it bothers me and the other few sober cunts there. FOR FUCK SAKE!!! I asked the powers that be (Thomas and Wolfhard) about this and they said they DO try to control it BUT the bands “do what they want once they get up on the stage”. How can they play repeats? Are they retarded? Don’t they know how many SONGS Frank Zappa actually has? pfft. 


If you want a different view of the Zappanale, keep your eye out for Andrew Greenaways web site, he will surely cover it once he is back in the UK and sober:  



Jimmy Carl Black’s lovely but very sad, widow “Moni”


Gong TORE UP the stage. They ROCK!





Gail Zappa war continues: Zappa Family Trust trying to stop Napoleon Murphy Brock tour (the torture never stops)

Update on my last blog titled "Gail Zappa loses in court today"


Firstly, the ZFT has finally lost its battle to curb Arf-Society
activities in organising the annual Zappa music and more festival in Bad
Doberan. Basically, it could not prove that it owned any rights to the name
‘Zappanale’. Therefore, the 20th festival will go ahead as planned (see
updated details here). This has not deterred the ZFT from issuing another
‘cease and desist’ letter, this time regarding the ‘Napoleon Murphy Brock
performs Zappa with the Paul Green School Of Rock All-Stars’ tour. The letter
states that “none of you possess any license, permission or authority to
publicly perform the songs of Frank Zappa”. Over 3,000 fans have now signed
the petition to try and stop this sort of nonsense – are you one of them?

I thought The Zappa's wanted to reach the younger generation with Frank's music?



Don Preston , Napoleon Murphy Brock and Dr. Dot   ^

Gail Zappa lost in court today against the Zappanale / Arf Society


(basically what this article says is that Gail lost her several year long war against the Zappanale/Arf Society folks. She was trying her best to prevent the annual Frank Zappa tribute festival from taking place and from using the name ZAPPANALE. But she lost because she could not prove that the name ZAPPANALE belonged to her, not enough proof or power in Germany to coin that phrase. So, the 20th annual Zappanale Festival, which hosts MANY MANY Zappa tribute bands and Alumni from around the world over three fun filled days, will go on as planned this coming August. They (Arf Society) have tried MANY MANY times, even had me help, to make peace with the ZFT to join forces and make something that is already great, even better, but they (Zappa Family Trust, aka Gail and Dweezil) don't want any part of it and spend lots of time fighting against it. Pretty silly.

I say: If you can't beat 'em, JOIN 'em! 



Zappa-Witwe verliert «Zappanale»-Streit am 21. Januar 2009 17:00 Uhr


Die Witwe des US-Rockmusikers Frank Zappa hat einen Prozess um das deutsche Musikfestival «Zappanale» und den Bart ihres Mannes verloren. Das Düsseldorfer Landgericht wies die Zivilklage Gail Zappas am Mittwoch ab. Gail Zappa Gail Zappa hat verloren. Die Witwe wollte verhindern, dass das Festival weiter unter dem Namen «Zappanale» ausgerichtet wird. Sie sah darin Markenrechte verletzt. Auch das Logo, das einen stilisierten Bart Zappas (1940-1993, «Bobby Brown») darstellt, verletze Markenrechte, hatten die Zappa-Anwälte behauptet. Beides sah das Gericht anders: Die Klägerin habe nicht nachweisen können, dass sie ihre Wortmarke «Zappa» in Deutschland ernsthaft nutzt. Die Website in englischer Sprache mit Preisen in US-Dollar für Zappa-Devotionalien reiche als Nachweis nicht aus. Bei der Bildmarke, dem stilisierten Bart Zappas, seien die Unterschiede zum Festival- Logo so groß, dass keine Verwechslungsgefahr bestehe. Die 19. «Zappanale» hatte im vergangenen Jahr in Bad Doberan (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) 6800 Besucher angezogen. Der Vorsitzende der Festival-Veranstalterin Arf Society, Thomas Dippel, zeigte sich nach dem Urteilsspruch «sehr zufrieden». Die 20. «Jubiläums-Zappanale» könne wie geplant in diesem Jahr stattfinden. Man werde freiwillig den Zusatz «Zappa Music and more» anfügen, auf den man sich bei den Vergleichsverhandlungen mit den Zappa-Anwälten geeinigt hatte. Die Verhandlungen waren dennoch gescheitert. Die Witwe Zappas hatte in ihrer Zivilklage gegen den einzigen deutschen Zappa-Fanclub erklärt, sie habe in den USA den Eindruck gewonnen, der Name ihres Mannes werde als «Hingucker» für zum Teil völlig andere Musik benutzt. Der Rechtsvertreter des Fan-Clubs, Johannes Vogel, betonte, das Festival sei eindeutig «zappaesk».


Comments about this posting, taken from my myspace bulletin, below:

From Comment
donvision Jan 22, 2009 9:24 AM
what did she lose? her looks?
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joe Jan 22, 2009 5:11 AM
sometimes the will of the people is actually served, glad to see it in this case. it sucks to see someone who wants to drag everyone down and make her loss everyone's loss. glad this fest isn't in america, judges here are so ugly and hardup they probably woulda gangbanged her and she woulda won the case , and fuck fuckin dweebil too
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl02_Body'), {frequency: 5});
MO Jan 22, 2009 2:29 AM
i have always disliked gail…shes a money hungry widow living off of a great mans fortune and talent!! i wish i could make it to that festival though R.I.P F.Z.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl03_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Blue sky! Online Now! Jan 22, 2009 2:06 AM
Dweezil is not Mr. Frank Zappa. I am sure they wanted to shut everyone up so Dweezil could dominate. Dweezil Zappa does not conduct the band the way his father did. He was supposed to do a show at the Wakarusa music festival in Kansas last summer. I was in back stage camping for the event and witnessed the sound check. WEIRD. ZPZ was supposed to play at the end of the day when A HUGE rolling cloud of thunder and lightening doused the show with heavy Hail and Rain. Enough said. Thank you Dr. Dot
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl04_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Angelum Jan 22, 2009 1:38 AM
I would really like to hear Gail's "reasons" and give her a chance to speak out about why, we the audience, should be restricted from celebrating her husband's talent and music. I am wondering if she is so adamant about not being able to hear Zappa on the radio for example…?
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl05_Body'), {frequency: 5});
david Jan 22, 2009 1:38 AM
I played Black Napkins today and i saw The Mothers and FZ live. I hope to god she never finds out or i'm fucked.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl06_Body'), {frequency: 5});
WPLJ Jan 22, 2009 1:19 AM
Smitten Then Bitten…….Too bad Gail…..Sorry 'bout your luck…(LMFAO)…now get over it!!!!!!! LOL
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl07_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Loki Jan 22, 2009 12:49 AM
Their whole issue seems to be regarding Frank considering himself a composer. Things are much more formal, legally and business wise about performing orchestral works than they are with rock or jazz styled works. Thing is my impression was Frank satirised the rigid formality of the orchestra world as much as he satirised the absurdity of rock n roll. I really hate how Gail thinks she is the only person who "gets" Frank Zappa's music and ideas. My father was an accountant but my mother doesn't know anything about accounting. I'm sure his clients wouldn't want her dealing with their finances.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl08_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Eric Jan 22, 2009 12:40 AM
FRANKly, she seems to have nothing better to do than have/create issues with such events/activities regarding her late husband's great musical legacy. She should lighten up, encourage others to celebrate FZ and not deter these events from occuring. Perhaps if some of the garnered monies from the event went to a Cancer research foundation she might be more inclined to join in.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl09_Body'), {frequency: 5});
From Comment
ѴÏ€†ØЯ¡Ã Jan 21, 2009 10:39 PM
My only beef is with the font. Had to right click/highlight to read it. 🙁 Some ppl like to argue and fight throughout life. Gives them a "cause" to stand up for, right or wrong. (See "Middle East")
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl01_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Mike Jan 21, 2009 9:51 PM
Hey Gail… "Don't make a fuss, just get on the bus, and be a crew slut"
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Jock Of Rock Jan 21, 2009 9:40 PM
I do not want to disrespect Frank's wife… but it is sooo hard not to! It is hard to imagine FZ being behind all that Gail and Dweezil do to discourage his music being played and heard… isn't that the point of it all anyway?? Play and listen to FZ music people…Everyone!! Miss you FZ and thank you Dr. Dot!
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl03_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Dr. Benway Jan 21, 2009 9:29 PM
I have mad respect for Frank and the rest of the family, but honestly I cant stand Gale. She sues her husbands own fans all the time for wanting to celebrate his life and achievements and keep his memory alive. I think she's ridiculous.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl04_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Greg Rhodes Jan 21, 2009 9:19 PM
A friend of mine was the coordinator for the "Annual Frank Zappa Hoot Nite" in Austin, Texas (the proceeds of said event were always donated to the American Cancer Society) and they were hit with a letter of cease and desist merely because they didn't have permission to use the name Frank Zappa. I don't presume to speak for FZ, but that seems like exactly the sort of thing he would have found both frivolous and absurd. Sad.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl05_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Zoon Noetikon Jan 21, 2009 9:03 PM
Couldn't you find a better pix of Gail?
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J.D. Jan 21, 2009 8:42 PM
Paul McCartney doesn't own the rights to the Beatles songs, they were bought by Michael Jackson.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl07_Body'), {frequency: 5});
MR. JOHN EDGAR Jan 21, 2009 8:42 PM
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Manchik Engineering & C… Jan 21, 2009 8:25 PM
Y A A A A A A A Y ! Gail Zappa is one greedy bitch! The ZFT should let EVERYONE celebrate the music and life of Frank Zappa.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl09_Body'), {frequency: 5});
From Comment
Dream Weaver Jan 21, 2009 8:14 PM
This is your side of it; I'd like to hear it all from Gail's p.o.v……..
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl01_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Decay Jan 21, 2009 8:13 PM
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Steve C Jan 21, 2009 8:11 PM
Who owns the rights to all the Zappa songs?
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Curtis E Johnson Jan 21, 2009 8:08 PM
It is such a shame that Gail is so intent on trying to stop the people That love Frank, and his work, Enjoying his art. When Frank was alive. his work, and the people who bought it, and payed to see him live. Gave her and her family a very safe financial base to allow them all to live a massively more affluent life than most. No one wants to take anything, from Gail we all would like her to enjoy Good health, wealth, & happiness. There are massive vaults of unreleased recorded material at the house, that really should be allowed to be heard, not hidden away and allowed to decompose (magnetic tape that old is gonna start going mushy even in an air conditioned room) People want to buy it So Cmon Gail Zappa, the Kids just wanna rock and we dont mind paying for the privilege, AGAIN! Look at your house, if you don't belive me. Frank is an icon You were lucky enough to have him to yourself in life. .Now in death he belongs to all of us.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl04_Body'), {frequency: 5});
dwayne jones Jan 21, 2009 8:03 PM
I wonder if she will soon realize how much these efforts hurt FZ's legacy and will ultimately work to not spread his music.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl05_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Tim Jan 21, 2009 7:30 PM
wunderbar! (aber lass mal die farben… da kriegt man ja augenkrebs oder sowas ;))
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl06_Body'), {frequency: 5});
GB Jan 21, 2009 7:27 PM
I am happy for that! And reading the German text aloud was a good exercise for my tongue. Thank you!
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl07_Body'), {frequency: 5});
scott Jan 21, 2009 7:22 PM
And the relevant quoate of the day is…"JAZZ IS NOT DEAD IT JUST SMELLS FUNNY"…boogie on, Igor…
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From Comment
BillyAzlin Jan 22, 2009 6:27 PM
When we're all dead, the MUSIC will still BE!!! All these shenanigans will be for nought! Music Is Best!
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl01_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Jestersdomain Jan 22, 2009 6:04 PM
Zappa rules! I have over 60 of the albums he put out. I can't believe anyone would try to stop people from celebrating this great man and his music.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl02_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Two Fist Popping Corn Jan 22, 2009 4:33 PM
Damnit! it's a fucking honor to have people play your husband's music and have large groups of people come check it out. the man's dead and gone already. let the people celebrate his legacy how they want to. and stop putting out frank's music at absurd prices. every time i check out the zappa website or get one of those emails from "the barflys" i think to myself, "WHAT THE FUCK!" i have no idea what these guys are saying. and their pissing all over franks legacy. either they really are bar flys and have drank too and don't need to be marketing fz product, or someone's lost their sense. not too mention that they have lost my cents. thanks to bit-torrent, who needs zft! thanks for the rant doc.


From Comment
Jimmyjammz Jan 22, 2009 10:20 PM
why try to take away something that frank himself gave to us,love,what is the problem,do you need to controll everything that has a frank-dollar attached to it,let the fans express theyre love and interest in frank,my god get a cosmic clue gail,we all love the zappas.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl01_Body'), {frequency: 5});
Jenn Jan 22, 2009 7:48 PM
It is truly sad when it is for the good of Zappa's name and music, not for slander and other crap….man, like you said, if you can't beat em, join em.
MySpace.Util.applyWBRToElement($get('ctl00_ctl00_cpMain_cpMain_BulletinRead_BulletinComments_Repeater_ctl02_Body'), {frequency: 5});


Bad Doberan, Rostock, etc.

I am still at the birth place of the Zappanale.. Bad Doberan, Germany (formerly East Germany) being spoiled by the founder of the Zappanale himself and his lovely family. They are showing me around the whole area, it is amazing. Will blog about Dublin and the Zappanale as soon as I get back to Berlin.


More Zappa drama ( this time, Pro- Gail)

Here is Ed Mann's (Zappa alumni) opinion on this whole situation. (Not sent to me, but forwarded to me)


Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2007 9:06 AM
Subject: Re: Gail vs the Germans

Hey Everyone
re: this event

I have to say that I agree with Gail – ARF fucked up royally, Just meeting Ahmet is in no way making an agreement with ZFT, nor is having Napoleon sing with Sheik Yerbouti any form of tacit endorsement by ZFT, and for ARF to mention those things as some sort of defense and their "18 years" of all they have been thru with ZFT, ARF did not see this coming? THAT is Dumb.

To be clear: ARF Head is a capitalizing promoter, just like any other promoter. The leader is a super duper capitalist who knows how to make gazillions Euro. Yes he has poured money into Z-nale but he is also building an institution which someday will make him lots of money, he is a guy who understands investment and return, just like Frank did.

I have read some responses in which z-fans react with this pre-enabled hate towards Gail and ZFT about "being ripped off for ticket money because of Gail" – This is not Gail acting out against the fans, this is the result of the promoters/ARF lack of professional procedure which then leads to bad experiences for fans. For an event this Big – naming a street for her husband, ARF should have contacted Gail formally long ago when this was in the planning stages (they have been into this for a couple of years), offer to fly her over and put her up in a grand hotel, ask her to speak, show her every respect, pay her a great fee, and then get on with it. This BTW is not unusual, the surviving spouses of many great composers required similar – fees, etc.

ARF operates in a big self created arena that is all about celebrating and making money off of FZ's persona. I recognize that they love FZ to death too and I understand the healing effect FZ's work has on the post WWII German populace. But if anyone wonders why there is such animosity toward ARF from Gail, I think this example serves to illuminate the big "why"….and now that the event is happening ARF is doing the crybaby thing and pointing fingers at Gail? Really Really Dumb.

It is big-time non-pro fuck-up shit like this that just makes it worse for the Zappa community at large.




From: yellowshark
Sent: Friday, July 27, 2007 9:11 AM
Subject: Re: Gail against the Germans

Dear Ed,
Many thanks for these bright prospects, you’re wishing for Zappanales and Arf-Societies future in your email dated July 26, 2007.
We more than hope your guess – we’ll get a return of investment in the near future – comes true! This will be the safest and only base for all music – and zappa-interested people – worldwide, to enjoy more sophisticated and successful Zappanale festivals in the coming years.
We are honoured to read, that you really compare our voluntary work with Frank Zappas professionalism and cleverness. You’re absolutely right, saying that we acted naive and really unprofessional when we first tried to make contact to Gail and the ZFT, but even we are learning more about this year after year.
Do you really believe a more professional behaviour would have had any influence on Gail's reaction to our simple request of cooperation? I don’t! All she said in a telephone call (oh yes we talked to her personally) is the only chance for cooperation is:
If she gets total control about who’s allowed to play and all musicians have to subordinate their program under her creativity.
Thanks again Ed, maybe we see you back on stage in Bad Doberan one of the next years! If all your good wishes for us come true, we should get the chance to get you financed again.
By the way, Arf-Society has never had, or will have, any influence on Gail's behaviour. All we do is support her business, as allowing to sell her products at the festival through traders, who are all members of the Arf-Society, without asking any charges for this.
All of our Zappanale-CD’s and DVD’s are officially registered by the German GEMA, to keep the composers rights and the ZFT is paid by this.
Come on Ed, who’s got the return of investment?
We better should tell the fanbase about this.


Thomas Dippel
President Arf-Society e.V.


From: Ed Mann
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007 11:36 AM
Subject: Re: Gail against the Germans

Greetings Thomas,
I do absolutely mean what I wrote and yes I do believe that the building of a Brand is what is going on. Wolfhard knows well how to invest and make money and one day Z-nale will be a money maker…any fans that choose to volunteer are unpaid workers toward this end result. Wolfhard KNOWS how to make money. In the case of Z-nale, FZ is his Brand. And I do believe that the years of problems between Gail and Z-nale has turned to Gail vs. the entire Zappa alumni (save Terry and Steve). Z-nale has played a part in making that worse and it has been going on for so long that now things are worse than ever. Sorry to say this; I do not intend to hurt anyone, but this is the truth as I see it. That ARF did not see this coming (from Gail) for the upcoming street-naming event amazes me. I do believe that before things were in place, the right kind of organization, professionalism and respectful pre-contact with Gail would have resulted in a positive effect.
So to be positive, take this for what it is worth, ARF would be well advised to bring their activities up to professional standards and not let unskilled volunteers be given the authority to make critical ARF decisions. The way I see it now, as a result of the street naming event and how things have transpired, and Gail's reaction to it – progress has been set back a good 5-10 years for the entire Zappa community.
I am just being honest with you.

Best wishes


Sorry Dweezil, didn’t mean for YOU to be offended.

Dweezil read my blog and emailed me; he is disappointed by my comments, which were aimed at Gail, not him.


It is a fine line I walk, trying to speak (write) my thoughts without hurting anyone, but yet, I am not one to brown-nose either. Most of my blogs are very complimentary, but sometimes they hurt and disappoint. I strongly believe in the words and music of Frank Zappa and believe bands and fans have the right to play his music (they should pay the royalties of course).

I hope someday the whole mess between Mrs. Zappa and the Zappa fans and festivals comes to  a peaceful solution. I think Dweezil should headline at the famous annual Zappa festival in Germany, like Ozzy headlines his Ozfest, but that's just a dream I guess.

I adore Dweezil and always will.  I have yet to do an interview without mentioning Frank Zappa. I do more PR for ZAPPA then anyone around. I have done since 20 years.

A few Zappa fans (one is actually a Zappa alumni that wishes to remain anonymous) have responded to this blog today and I thought I would share that with you….



My favorite line is when Bobby called Gail "mean spirited, untalented and money-hungry." In my opinion the most horrible thing Gail does is alienate the kids from their aunt and uncles. I know you keep in touch with Dweezil. Ask him why he hasn't spoken with Candy in 14 years, even though Candy has tried to get in contact with him. Ask him why Carl had to sell his jacket on Ebay two years ago just to pay rent. IT'S FRANK'S BROTHER FOR GOD'S SAKE! I was a mild supporter of Gail until this. For Christ's sake it's just a goddamn street! I don't know. Take care, James.

Gail= Mommy Dearest  



Thank you Dot,

You brought it to the point!

All we want is cooperation, our biggest dream is to have Dweezil on stage,
and I'm shure he knows this deep in his heart.
He never will have the chance to find a better promoter for his music in the
zappascene than us.

These are my true words and wishes! I love what he's doing, I went to his
shows in Germany and will go again this year.
He needs to get undepentend from his mother, to realize a career he's
supposed too.

Tell him!
Thomas ARF Society 
3) (from the Zappa alumni)
Fuck that!!
EVERYONE has asked over and over and over for 'permission'
bottom line--- YOU CAN RELEASE MUSIC and the ARTIST
GETS paid, period. they cannot control it!!
Like you said -- that's why the beatles music, zeppelin etc can  be  
you simply pay the publishing amounts, it's all legally worked out, you
simply look it up (online) enter all the info about your cd sales,,,,and
This  (Dweezil's response) is a lame response on his part- very naive. and he
NEVER addresses your very good points
 He Dweezil, if you can't beat 'em, JOIN 'EM!
The one thing I agree with Dweezil in his letter is that Gail has every
right to protect Frank's music, but why is she so determined to
alienate his fans? I know that when ZPZ plays a concert the money goes
back to the ZFT. But, like you suggested, if Gail could give a little
I'm sure Arf-Society would gladly give a percentage of their profits to
Gail. It just take a little cooperation on both ends.
I hate this unholy war, but your response to Dweez was pretty cool. It does
seem that he (too) is somewhat misinformed. I'm not sure what he means by the
"many inappropriate things" the Arf Society have done, but I'm pretty sure they
haven't ever made a profit from staging Zappanale. Not ever.


As regards the t-shirts, for the last four events these haven't
featured any trademarks that I can discern (I'm wearing last year's right now,
which simply says "2006 Zappanale" on the front, and lists the bands that played
on the back). A few years ago, they had what I thought was a psychedelic bird,
that was probably in fact an abstract tache and imperial, but certainly nothing
like the copyrighted ZFT version (took me a year to work out that's what it
might be). Prior to that, for the star-studded Zappanale #13, they had a bad
drawing of Frank on the toilet, which I'm pretty sure the ZFT does not have any
claim to and which, if they did, their attorneys would be knocking on your door
about right now! In any event, as you rightly point out, fans wearing these
shirts simply promote FZ's music. As for the festival discs, I compiled last
year's in my precious spare time for NOTHING and I know that the Arfs ensure
both the CDs and DVDs are officially
registered by the German GEMA to keep the composers rights and the ZFT


bottom line is: Zappanale is put on by fans for the fans. The Arfs may be a
little naive, but if they were to get totally professional the event would
lose most of its charm and probably a lot of its hard-core fans.

Half of Ahment, Frank and 3/4 of me ^

“Only in it for the Money” ?

"Hi friends,


read this, you won't believe it. As I know Ed Mann got a letter too, I'm waiting for it.


Indeed, she hates the fans, she hates Frank, paranoia took control like with Wild Man Fischer.


I got Eugene's permission to make it open, I can't post at


See you soon!




Hello Arfers

I am with Jimmy Carl Black at his home, we play this weekend at Schipoorst (Faust) festival near Hamburg.

Jimmy had told me about this stupid situation with Gail Zappa. We just had our own trouble, she insisted two Zappa pieces be removed from the new Jack and Jim CD coming on the Boxholder label in USA: fine versions of Mom and Dad and Willie the Pimp which I no doubt FZ himself would have appreciated because of the spirit of adventure and excellent quality banjo and guitar playing.

In doing this, she violates my understanding of the American copyright law, specifically the compulsory mechanical liscense that cover artists must apply for and also MUST be granted by the publisher once the composer has released a recording of the song.

Although I know no exception to this law, Gail Zappa will not allow her lawyer to communicate with me, all I want is an explanation of why she is allowed to violate this law.

You may be amused, although I am not sure (??) that in our correspondence she told me the Mothers of Invention as we know them do not even play on We're Only In It For the Money, only four mysterious musicians who Frank told her about but she will not reveal who they are.

The reason the Mothers are pictured on the album was pressure from the record company, a marketing ploy.

Gail, you see, wants me to believe that her husband was such a patsy that he would do whatever the record company says. Meanwhile, we wonder, who played on the record, then? A young Elton John? Neil Diamond?

The Monkees?

Meanwhile, I wish you the best of patience with this problematic human being.


Name withheld to avoid more shit from Gail.


please note:



July 23, 2007
Ridgewood, New Jersey USA
This is an open letter to Thomas Dippel, President of the ARF Society and co.organizer of the annual
Zappanale festival and to all Frank Zappa fans on the occasion of the street naming event in Berlin
on July 28, 2007:
Dear Thomas and all Frank Zappa fans everywhere:
I am writing this letter on behalf of Frank’s original remaining family members, our brother
Carl and our sisters Candy and Ann to show our support and deepest gratitude for the special
honor that the ORWOhaus musician’s collective have arranged in Frank’s memory.
We are genuinely touched and extraordinarily pleased that the world famous city of Berlin has
agreed to permit the street renaming in our brother’s honor on July 28th. We are thrilled to
know that there will be a street in the Marzahn district of what was once East Berlin that will
be formally dedicated as "Frank-Zappa-strasse". This is an honor we humbly share in his
memory and we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this event possible.
When I first heard about this event I remember reading the comments that Andreas Otto,
spokesperson for ORWOhaus, made about Frank to explain how his organization made the
decision to arrange for this honor. He said that:
"Frank Zappa was one of the best all-around musicians in the world; (he was) a guitarist,
composer, and band-leader. He was celebrated for his uncompromising pursuit of musical
exploration and excellence, and also for his courage using his music and lyrics to make
society see its faults and hypocrisies. He didn't do it just for media attention; it was part
of his highly creative and unbending character. He stood up to his own government
against politically -motivated censorship – he testified with great intelligence in the US
Congress, and he refused to hold back his own outrageous sense of humor. We of
ORWOhaus had our own battles trying to save an unused building and turn it into an
active music center, and we decided that Zappa was a great example of how a musician
can have an influence so far beyond the notes on a page. We hope Frank would be proud
to have his name as an address for so many musicians."
I know that I can speak for my brother and sisters when I say that Mr. Otto’s comments have
captured the essence of our Frank’s unique talent and motivation and that I am absolutely
certain that he would be very proud to have his name as an address for so many musicians.
And no, he didn’t do it just for media attention , or even for the money. He did it because he
had the integrity and strength of purpose that those who knew and loved his music looked up
to. Those character traits served us, myself included, as examples of how to deal with the
mean spirited, untalented and money-hungry people in this world who use threats and
intimidation to get their way. And I can think of no better way to keep Frank’s legacy alive
and out of the reach of anyone who would demean his memory for profit than to let the world
know of this special honor.
Our very best wishes and deepest gratitude to the ORWOhaus collective for their kindness and
generosity in connection with the street renaming of Frank-Zappa-strasse.
Bobby Zappa