Been all around the UK and my favorite place hands down is Liverpool. This is the 3rd time I visited Liverpool and as they say, third time's a charm. MUCH friendlier than Manchester and London. LOVES IT!!!!!

Here are some pics I have taken so far. I will complete the blog when I have time (made MANY videos too, so I have to edit them etc still)


Me at Albert Docks, enjoying the sun

View from my hotel room (fucking FREEZING here)

I feel like I belong here. I feel at 'home' here. I wish I could live here in Liverpool. Seriously. 

Beatles EVERYWHERE, loves it!

The Mona Lennon. Cost 150 pounds and it would never fit in my luggage, so I pic will have to do. I spent LOADS in the Beatles shops.

Out with local friends at karaoke


My good friend Jamie on the left, me and his twin brother Eddy out to karaoke at the famous Grapes Pub where the Beatles used to hang out back in the Cavern days (there was no backstage at the Cavern and so the bands hung out at the Grapes until it was their turn to play). Mathew Street. 

Jamie drunk as FUCK singing "I drove all night". It was so BAD that it was good. haha

The Blonde (Michelle)  is Jamie's girlfriend and the Brunette (Leah) is Eddy's girl. They were singing Dolly Parton's 9 to 5. Went over well, but my ears are craving rock and ROLL


Another mate named Jamie's Led Zepp tattoo. Mad cool innit?


I have had more fun in Liverpool in a few days than I have had in a year in Berlin. The people are SO FRIENDLY and the place is clean. Not expensive either and there is no thug/violent atmosphere going on as rumor has it. I hear so often from Mancunians how horrible Liverpool is and you know what? It's not true. I didn't like Manchester at all. I felt scared there, saw MANY fights, it was dirty as fuck and super expensive. I am a Liverpool fan, in every sense of the word. 

As I said, I will add onto this later. I will list the best places to sing for the karaoke freaks, but to be honest, you can't swing a cat without finding a pub that has karaoke on. It seems EVERY place has it, aaaah, I am in love with this place. 



Liverpool part 1, video I made…


Jan 20, 2010…


Just returned from the Fab Four Beatles Taxi Tour (cost 50 pounds per taxi and you can bring up to 5 people in it but I went with one friend)

It's really cool, they come and get you where ever you are in Liverpool and then they bring you to all the Beatles sights. I made lots of videos, but it will take a while before I can edit the film, as I STILL can't do it on my MAC, so I have to wait to get back to Berlin to do it on my PC. UGH.

Still NOT bored with Liverpool. It does exhaust me being a tourist, as I am used to having down time but I love it here. Everyone is SO friendly and ready for a laugh. I heard many times, mostly from Londoners and Mancs, that the "Scousers are thieving cunts" but so far NO ONE has even looked at me funny, so I think that is just an ugly rumor. I like it here and no one can change my mind. NATURALLY I have found things I don't like but these are things that happen all over the UK (everything shuts early, no one wears a fucking coat outside even thought it is FREEZING!!) and people drink WAY too much. Oh, and it is hard to find a healthy restaurant. BUT other than that, I love it and would move here tomorrow if I could.

The Case history of Liverpool, check it out here:



My hilarious friend Jamie ^ and I at Strawberry Fields. He is a native Liverpudlian but has never been on a Beatles tour until now



 "Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes"

My pal Jamie, a native of Liverpool and I did the Beatles tour together. It was bloody FREEZING, but fun. This is the 2nd time I did the tour (last time was 1988 with an older lady named Hilary who still does the tour in a mini bus)

Roundabout at Penny Lane…

"Behind the shelter in the middle of a roundabout
A pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray
And though she feels as if she's in a play
She is anyway"



"In Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs
Of every head he's had the pleasure to know
And all the people that come and go
Stop and say hello"


Wolton Graveyard, where Eleanor Rigby is burried+ Beatles old hang out ^



"Eleanor Rigby, picks up the rice
In the church where a wedding has been
Lives in a dream

Waits at the window, wearing the face
That she keeps in a jar by the door
Who is it for?

All the lonely people
Where do they all come from?
All the lonely people
Where do they all belong?"






 George Harrisons childhood home, Arnold Grove ^

John Lennon's childhood house on Menlove Ave, Liverpool  ^

Birth place of John Lennon: Oxford Hospital, Liverpool ^


Liverpool Registry Office ^ (John Lennon married Cynthia there and John's parents wed there too)

Paul McCartney's childhood home  ^ (the 7th home the family lived in). They stayed here the longest. 


Where the Beatles used to rehearse/play

 Smelt like they haven't aired it out since 1960 and all



Check out my Beatles Tour video:


John Lennon statue on Mathew street and I

Got coaxed into coming into  a 70's themed disco called Flares ^ I did dance my ass off when they started playing Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 too. LOVED IT. Kinda caught a cold after leaving disco as I was rather sweaty from dancing and it froze right onto my body when I left the club. DOH!



I'm not kidding, girls/ladies/women dress in costume on normal nights, in normal bars. It is NOT Halloween or some sort of Costume party, they just dress up like this for the hell of it. I have been to a few clubs and many pubs (for karaoke) since I have been in Liverpool and I can't believe how people dress up. Guys/boys/men dressed up as a robot or super man, just out dancing like that or in this case above, just out to the pub. 


MANY females in Liverpool over do it with tanning beds. They look orange. And they really really dress to impress. High heels EVERYWHERE, all the time. I love it that smoking is NOT allowed inside and unlike the stubborn Germans, they really obey and smoke outside! It's great.


 I went to Smokey Mos ^ , they have karaoke on Saturday night, sound is GREAT, huge song list, short waiting time. It's kind rough looking but everyone is really friendly. 


My favorite place to sing in Liverpool so far is The Crocodile. They have karaoke almost every night. Great sound, BIG song list but rather long wait. 



Did not see ONE bicycle in Liverpool. I heard there never is any either. No rollerbladers either, even in summer (that would change if I moved here innit 🙂


I met SO many special people here, some old friends, some new. I love this place and would love to move here.


Last video…..





The main reason I went to Liverpool was to massages long time, loyal clients, Nickelback. They were in town Jan 16th for production day and the show was Jan 17th at the Echo Arena. 


Mike, Nickelback bassist, LOVES the Dr. Dot team's massages. And we love him 🙂


Opening act Daughtry's bassist was super cool. I massaged the singer "Daughtry" himself as well, but he doesn't pose for pictures. Sorry.







Oasis sold out concert in Berlin

So glad I decided to come back to Berlin in time to see/massage Oasis. My flight, by the way, was HELL. Stupid me, went to airport in a rush, no food in belly and sat at a bar to check emails, felt guilty for not ordering anything and decided on a white wine. Tasted so good I had another. Barely made the flight (plane had closed its door) and once I got in and settled, that old "i'm gonna puke" feeling came to me. Plane was barely off the ground and I was yacking in the bathroom. I pretty much threw up every 30 minutes of the 8 hour flight. Took me a day to get over that but the jet lag is still here. But NOTHING would stop me from missing Oasis again (last time they played Berlin I missed my flight out of JFK airport, that's why I never use JFK anymore, I use Newark instead).


Anyways, it was SO FUCKING GREAT to see Liam and Noel again, haven't seen them for years. Noel, who I first met in 1993 when he was a guitar tech for a band I was massaging called the Inspiral Carpets , always says the same thing when he sees me "you used to have blonde hair, what happened?". LMFAO. I guess he loves blondes and when he first met me in 1993, I was indeed blonde. I have massaged them many times since 1993, but he still remembers that first time. So funny. In 1993 he kept coming into the massage room backstage at the Loft (name of venue) and kept saying "one day you will be massaging me, I will be a rock star soon". He wasn't fucking lyin that is for sho.


I always get a warm welcome when I walk backstage at a Oasis show as I wear my Man City foot ball jacket (which I got in 1994 when dating a Manc named Steve from Strettford (Manchester). The lads welcome me with open arms "that's a nice top that is" they say 🙂

Liam is so fucking fun, I made him laugh so loud a few times, I love that. Making him CRACK UP is the bomb- his laugh is the best. Their new drummer, Chris Sharrock – who previously played with Liam's arch-rival Robbie Williams , remembered me from the last time he was in Berlin with Robbie.  Chris and Oasis is a great combo, he fits in perfectly and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Chris is from Liverpool and says he is as big of a Beatles fan as I am. I burnt him George Harrison outtakes last time and mailed it to his home, this time I burnt the lads "Joe's Garage" a good starter kit for people who "have never head any Frank Zappa". I hope the listen to it on the bus and it doesn't end up in the trash or used as a beer mat. 


Liam is looking FINE ^ as ever. SCHWING! Noel looked gorgeous too, but I didn't take a picture, in fact, I am PISSED off at myself as I forgot my fucking camera AGAIN. This is the third time (Paul Weller, President of Georgia and tonight, Oasis). WTF. I am surely getting Alzheimers or am still drunk from the flight. FOOK!! So my Blackberry had to do. The pics come out shitty, but they are better than nothing. 

 Above and directly below: Not taken with Blackberry


Another band from Manchester, Twisted Wheel   . They have a rather Punk edge to their sound. They LOVE the Clash, Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks and Oasis. Drummer is hip to Zappa. The singer is only 22 years old so he didn't know much Zappa (not that young folks don't know Zappa, but most don't, especially the Brits. Not many Brits I meet know Zappa.) The singer/guitarist is the one to the far right. I am sandwiched between him and the Drummer, Adam, dark green shirt. The blonde is Rick, the bass player. How fucking cute are these guys? Massaging them was an absolute pleasure. sigh.



So there is their set list ^  Click HERE to see Oasis tour dates


ps. Before I drag my aching bones into bed with Pooh, I had a silly thought whilst out power walking today. The NYC/Berlin comparisons never stop in my brain, and I thought, that song by Frank Sinatra about New York "If you can make it there you'll make it, anywhere" would be like this if it was about Berlin "If you CAN'T make it there, you won't make it anywhere". SO fucking easy to make a living in Berlin. Rent is SUPER cheap. You can walk everywhere. Hardly any pressure here at all to make ends meet. Had to laugh. If you can't make it here, forget it.