Fuck iTunes for spoiling it for Survivor viewers AGAIN

I KNOW it is really unimportant but I watch Survivor. Have done for years. I fucking HATE it when people post information about the show on my facebook page like who was voted off, or most importantly WHO WON because it fucking spoils it for those of us who watch it on iTunes.


iTunes is so fucking ignorant when it comes to series. They ALWAYS post the last two episodes of 99% of their series in the wrong order, SO before you get to see who won, they post the REUNION show exposing who the winner was before you even saw the last episode. Read the angry reviews on iTunes (if you give a fuck) and see the outrage. Again, I do realize how incredibly unimportant this is compared to bigger problems in life a the moment, but this is my blog and if I want to vent, I vent. I PAY for whole seasons of Survivor, I don't watch it for free on TV like most folks so you would think iTunes would get their shit together, but NO!!!!! This is the 3rd time they showed the reunion show before ending just on Survivor (they have done it loads on other contest shows too). FUCKING IDIOTS and to make it worse Facebook "Friends" on my fan page always rant and rave about who was voted off, who won etc before I get a chance to watch it, super pissed off, having a HISSY FUCKING FIT!!!!!!

How to sync contacts from Blackberry to MAC

Thanks to my genius friend Scruff, I no longer have to pull my hair out and curse the expensive Pocket Mac and Missing Sync SHIT they offer online. I LOVE Apple and my MAC but hate iPhones. I LOVE my Blackberry Curve and I do not plan on changing my ways. Syncing these bastards together WAS expensive, time consuming and annoying as a bag full of annoying things.




Just create a gmail account, email the google sync download to yourself on your Blackberry, download it, reboot and click on the icon and then menu key on your BB and hit SYNC NOW. The first time you do it, it will take a long time (took me 16 hours the first time as I have around 3,600 contacts). But each time you do it afterward, it only takes seconds.


THEN you sign into your gmail account, click on Contacts and click EXPORT, then "all of my contacts" and it saves them ALL in a file on your computer desktop. Click on it and it imports them into your address book. Easy as fucking pie. 


I am VERY grateful to Scruffers and owe him big time. I wrote this blog to help others who have the same problem I HAD.

Now Pocket Mac and Missing Sync can kiss my Mac/BB ass. 


heh he