Massage in Washington, DC

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One of Washington, DC Metropolitan Area's Best!  Vicky is a highly trained, skilled, educated, and experienced massage therapist, bodyworker/healer.  A deep tissue, sports and injury recovery specialist.  Clients include pro/semi pro/retired athletes, Olympians, marathoners/triathletes, bodybuilder champions, martial artists and musicians.  Trained in over 12 eastern and western modalities and has medical as well as spa experience.  Vicky can instantly design a phenomenal massage to suit your needs ranging from relaxing parasympathetic massage to eastern full body deep tissue healing massage or any combination.

A graduate of the National Massage Therapy Institute, Falls Church, Virginia.  Further credentials from Ilchi Healing & Meditation Center, Sedona, Arizona; and the Thai Institute for Healing Arts, Sterling, Virginia.  As well as an 18 month master healer apprenticeship in Thai Medical Massage.  Earned a black belt in a Korean healing martial arts form and is a Level II Reiki Master.  Has a bachelors and master's degree, and has done post-graduate work in music as a healing art.  Attended George Washington University on an athletic scholarship, George Mason University/Institute of Conflict Analysis & Resolution, Oxford University (UK)/academic scholarship.  Vicky is also a musician/singer/songwriter, and into yoga and meditation.  She is also a Guiness Book of World Record Holder, and is currently living in Fairfax, Virginia with her 4 pets.

Massage in Northern Virginia


To book a massage with me, email me at and put "Linda/VA" in the subject line, thank.



Hi, my name is Linda 🙂

After Receiving my first hour massage, I was extremely interested and motivated to become a therapist myself. I enrolled in Piedmont School of Professional massage just a few weeks later. I was fortunate to land an internship at a Day Spa while I was still in School which gave me a lot of experience before even graduating. A month after Graduation I immediately signed up for continuing education credits to get certified in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (AOBT), which gave me a competitive edge with Deep Tissue seeking clients. In 2009 I served the Tour De Skyline Xtreme Bike Event.

With over two years of experience I am opening my own studio in VA. In addition to my studio I occasionally partner up/assist other therapists at various locations throughout Northern VA. In the mean time, I am going to school part time to work on a degree in Nursing. I am delighted to be part of Doctor Dot's team and I look forward to "getting my hands (and feet)" on her clients.