Massage Delivery Service in Hampton, Virginia (and Virginia Beach)


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Book me: email and write “Joe/VA” in the subject line 🙂

I have been a Certified Massage Therapist for over 2 years, working on everyone from athletes to accountants, people in pain to people looking to relax; dancers, artists, cooks, real estate agents, yoga instructors, musicians, etc.  I played in a band that toured across the US, Japan, and Australia, and know how stressful tour can be on the mind and body.

I specialize in Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Swedish/Relaxation, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, and Craniosacral Therapy.

I look forward to helping you find relief on your way to wellness.

Massage Delivery Service in Berlin, Germany 24 hours per day


Contact me: and write “Augustin/Berlin” in subject line 🙂
I am an Argentinian certified Massage Therapist based in Berlin, so I am fluent in Spanish, English, Italian, and I´m learning german. As I am also an actor (clown, pantomime) and contact dancer, my interest has always been in Physical language and bodywork as well as exploring different techniques, such as Californian massage, Aromatherapy, reflexology and Joint Release.
My focus is to let blockages dissolve and make my clients be more aware of their own bodies and the pleasure of beeing touched. People have thoroughly enjoyed my massages because of the warm athmosphere, healing energy and trustworthy feeling throughout the session.
I was mostly giving mobile massages in Argentina and Spain. Here in Berlin I was part of the wellness team of the gym “Friends and fitness”. I also worked with Afino company that was managing the Spa areas of several hotels, such as Raddisson Blue, Estrel, Park Inn, Anders and Novotel. As travelling is one of my passions, I´m able to join on the backstage of the tours.
Soy un masajista certificado argentino viviendo en Berlin. Además de español materno, hablo de forma fluida inglés, italiano y estoy estudiando alemán.
Como soy también actor (clown, mimo) y bailo “contact improvisation”, el lenguaje físico es mi pasión. Mi masaje se nutrió de técnicas como el masaje californiano, drenaje linfático, “joint release” la reflexología y aromaterapia así como de todos los masajes dados y recibidos entre colegas artistas y masajistas. Mi foco está en ampliar la conciencia corporal de mis clientes y disolver bloqueos, generando una atmósfera cálida para que puedan con toda confianza entregarse a sentirse a sí mismos a través de mi trabajo.
Trabajé en Argentina y España como masajista autónomo, y en Berlin en el Gym “Friends & Fitness” y con la compañía “Afino Centro”, en los Spa y Wellnes Area de los hoteles Park Inn, Radisson Blue, Estrel, Novotel y Ander´s. Viajar es una de mis pasiones, por lo tanto estoy disponible para trabajar en tours y giras.

Massage delivery in Brussels, Belgium

Book me at and put “Patty/Belgium” in the subject line 
Hello, my name is Patty. I’m originally from Thailand, currently based in Brussels, Belgium. As you know Thailand is the land of Massage! 
I’m so much in love with massaging that became part of my life completely. As a massage addict for many years, I decided to turn my life to the massage world, becoming a massage therapist. I attended several massage courses in Thailand with a professional massage school but I am mainly self taught. 
I believe in the balance between sharing and giving, massage is definitely a medium that allows you to share yourself with the world. I have been working with a luxury Spa Belgium for several years and have recently started up my own business. 
Over the years, I have incorporated Reflexology, Tradition Thai, Balinese, Ayurvedic and Acupressure Massages which made me well known in Belgium. I’m doing my project full of joy and harmony; if you like massages why not join my massage world! 
Great massage feels great, it feels good to feel good.

24 hour Chiropractic care in Charlotte, NC

Book me at and put “Dr. Brad/NC” in the subject line please.


Hello, my name is Dr. Brad and I am here to help you keep your spine and body tuned up and powered on so you can be at your very best every single day!

For more than 20 years I have been helping people of all ages to reach their greatest health potential through healthy living and Chiropractic. As a Doctor of Chiropractic for the past 13 years, I have had the privilege of adjusting tens of thousands of people including countless musicians, performers and their crew as they have traveled through the Washington DC area and across the country. I am now located in Charlotte, NC.

The Gypsy Kings, Earth Wind and Fire, Sara McLachlan, Prince Musicology Tour, Al Jarreau, Freddie Ravel, Cirque Du Soliel, The String Cheese Incident, The Allman Brothers and Kenny Loggins are just some of the performers who I have provided chiropractic care over the years.

I am thrilled to be a part of Dr. Dot’s team and look forward to helping you too!

24 hour massage servie in Barcelona WWW.DRDOT.COM


Contact me at and write “Wanda/Barcelona” in the subject line




Hello there, I’m Wanda, originally from Argentina but raised in Barcelona!  I speak fluently in English, Spanish, Catalan, French and I’m making a start at Italian at the moment!    I’ve been training and working as a massage therapist for almost seven years. In one massage I provide therapeutic solutions tailored to your needs which include Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Reflexology, Cranio sacral therapy, Rolfling therapy, Akkinson method, Aromatherapy, pre/post-natal massage, baby massage, Lymphatic Drainage, but most of all relaxation, energy and ready to rock and roll!

   Currently I am working freelance for several companies in the city of Dublin including one of the city’s most prestigious hotel as well as private patients. I hope however to be opening my own treatment centre sometime in the near future.

   I found out about Dr. Dot online, got in touch and arranged to give one of her friends a treatment and now I’m more than happy to be part of the team!!!



Hello! My name is Julio. I’m spanish, born a libra 1968 in Baden/Switzerland and now living and working as a certified massage practitioner in Zurich.

I have my own practice and I offer Californian Esalen Massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Energy Bodywork and Trigger Point Release Work, always honoring the holistic approach. I qualified as a masseur in 1996 after working in the travel business for 8 years and then spending a very enriching and wonderful time at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

   I first saw Dr. Dot on TV when she appeared in Big Brother. I immediately contacted her introducing myself as a collegue and we stayed in touch ever since. Finally she asked me if I wanted to join her massage team. So I jumped the next train and travelled to Berlin to give her a nice rub. And here I am: available for you and your entourage whenever you are in Zurich or in the area. I’m fluent in English, German, Swiss German, Spanish, French, Italian and a little bit of Portuguese. So, I’m looking forward to meeting you and giving you the massage of your life! Hasta la vista…



*Julio is extremely strong and can travel all over Switzerland to massage you. He is quiet, clean and dependable. And no, he is not gay.

Dr. Dot