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24 hour massage service San Francisco , California


 Book me: and write: “Amanda/San Francisco” in subject line :)

Hi, my name is Amanda.  I currently live in San Fran, and love it!  Massage, music, ceramics, photo, and rhythmicity, have led to where I am today.  Music is my life, it has been a lifelong passion that has given me strength, wisdom, and balance. My current passion is massage, I love helping people release energy, relax, and let their mind and body be uplifted.  I tailor each massage towards your individual needs by using multiple modalities.   These include:


-Circulatory Swedish


-Deep Tissue


-Trigger Point Therapy




-Lomi Lomi


-Table Thai


-Hand, Foot, and Scalp


Combined they improve blood flow throughout the body, release tight muscles, reduce swelling, provide physical and emotional support, and relieve tension and release toxins through the deep muscle layers. I am a professional and compassionate healer who offers an intuitive, deeply healing massage. Next time you need a massage in the NYC area, call Doctor Dot and book an appointment with Amanda.


24 hour massage service San Francisco, California


 Book and write: “Patricia/San Francisco” in subject line :)

      My name is Patricia; I am a license Massage Therapist, Esthetician, and Health Educator. I love what I do.  My jobs include working in Spas and Chiropractic offices. One hour massage spent with me is as you were being massaged for twenty-four hours. My Clients love my technique of using my fingers, fist, and elbows to unblock negative energy to release tension and pain caused from tight muscles. In my spare time which is not a lot, I love listening to music and reading. I love being outdoors and near water it helps me to relax. My purpose for giving massage is to heal people. I believe that when someone is in pain it is only right to try to heal them of it.

24 hour massage service San Francisco, California


 Book me: and write: “Natalie/San Francisco” in subject line :)

I live in San Francisco, just moved here a few months ago and I am greatly enjoying it . I take great pride in my work and continue to educate myself to better attend to my clients needs. I have been interested in Massage Therapy since age 9 and have practiced on friends and family since then. Very attentive and in tuned with my clients, my energy makes for a comfortable and safe feel to the enviroment. I have had my certification since 2011 and my interests in the field only grow with each day.             I am familiar with Shiatsu , Thai ,Swedish , Deep tissue ,  and I also have a certification in Pre and Post Sports Massage. I am currently studying the effects of Massage Therapy on those with cancer , Oncology has sparked a great interest. I travel often between Hollister to Los Angeles , CA. I enjoy answering any questions you may have about our session and self care. I may be small but  don’t judge this book by its cover,I am strong and accurate especially when it comes to Trigger point and Acupressure.

24 hour massage service San Francisco, California


 Book and write: “Cynthia/San Francisco” in subject line :)

Hi my name is Cynthia
I’m a license massage therapist. Graduated from massage school in 2009. Skilled in deep tissue, pregnancy, prenatal, swedish, acupressure.
I give deep pressure chair and table massage. It doesn’t matter if your my first or last you will receive a great quality massage. I care about the people who are receiving my massages. I Love my work.                               Looking forward into tackling your massage needs.

lmt, abmp

24 hour massage service San Francisco, California


 Book me: and write: “Catherine/San Francisco” in subject line :)

Hi, my name is Catherine. I grew up in Connecticut and attended college in Massachusetts. Eventually, I made my out to California where I studied therapeutic massage at Touching For Health Center School of Massage and Bodywork. I’m nationally certified and California state licensed. I have trained in the modalities of deep tissue, sports massage, relaxation massage, prenatal massage, and acupressure. I enjoy helping ease peoples pains through a therapeutic massage based on my various modalities combined with understanding of body assessment mixed to meet every clients individual needs. The goal for each client to walk away feeling relaxed, balanced, and rejuvenated.


Music brings the soul its greatest pleasure. Music has always moved me. I have worked around stages for years in various rolls in event and concert production. Now having an outlet to combing my love of bodywork and music trough working on Dr. Dot’s massage team.

24 hour massage service San Francisco, California

 Book me: and write: “Kristina/San Francisco” in subject line :)

Hello my name is Kristina and I am a California Licensed Massage Therapist.My goal as a massage therapist is to increase range of motion, relieve tension, increase circulation and flexibility. I aim to finding the knots and dispersing them into nothingness because knots are simply trapped energy so why not set that energy free and let it serve a higher purpose.

I am creative and intuitive, always remaining focused and providing a tailored massage for the needs of my clients. I feel that massage is my “musical dance” and the body is my instrument.

I specialize in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Swedish, Reflexology, and Deep Tissue.I am available in San Francisco and anywhere with in 150 mile radius.


24 hour massage service San Francisco, California

Book and write: “Janine/San Francisco” in subject line :)
I have been in love with music just as long as I have been in love with doing massage.
My training began as a child, when I would work on my mother every night. Trying to
learn how to have enough strength to un-knot her muscles as a young child, I learned
to use many parts of my body as tools. In 2001 I enrolled at Santa Barbara School of
Massage where I learned Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Swedish, Sports and
Peri-natal massage. I have also attended focused workshops for Carpel Tunnel
Syndrome, Sciatica and TMJ. I studied Sports Medicine at West Valley College which
helped immensely with my work in the Physical Therapy arena dealing with injuries of
all kinds. Chronic neck and shoulder pain donʼt have much of chance once I get to work
on them. I also do excellent work on the hands, forearms, feet, legs and hips. I am
very strong and can work as deep as the chronic or acute pain requires, but have an
amazing ability to work with any client around their own personal pain threshold, being
sure not to work too deep or too lightly, always staying aware of and being sure to deal
with the issue(s) at hand. I am also able to give a much lighter stress relief massage if
that is what the client prefers. Having strong but gentle healing hands, I am typically
able to have a client floating away, pain free from the session, as many of the
techniques I use are extremely effective! The client is the boss, and I typically fare very
well with people providing excellent care and support. I respect the privacy of each and
every client with the utmost! I would love to have the chance to relieve your pain and
stress so you are able to have a fantastic show!
A Bio