24 hour massage service San Diego, California


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Vae is a Certified Massage Therapist in San Diego, California. She received her massage therapist certification in 2008 from International Professional School of Bodywork (IPSB) and specializes in a relaxing and therapeutic Deep Tissue Circulatory/Swedish oil massage. She also carries a Specialization in Traditional Thai Massage, and offers Thai ‘table-style.’ Vae’s approach and innate intuition to her work, blends massage therapy with an energetic sensitivity, offering her clients an integrative healing experience.

“My clients experience relief from chronic and acute pain, see me for preventative care and tell me that I have ‘good hands’, although I think my elbows are even better! I’m looking forward to helping you find balance and relaxation while working out the kinks! Till then – Be Well,

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Hi my name is Sam and my passion for the healing arts began 20 years ago.

 My passion began when I was eight years old and my father started training me in myofascial release. After graduating high school I attended the California Holistic Institute of Massage Therapy where I was trained in Swedish massage.

I have been a licensed practitioner for three years now and I have loved every second of it. I specialize in treating chronic pain and I give a great Swedish massage. I hope to see you soon!

Dr. Sam is a licensed Chiropractic Doctor, a licensed Massage Therapist, and an educated Pre-Physical Therapists.

Dr. Sam has spent the last ten years delivering top quality body to athletes, musicians, and families. His specialty is being able to create a unique treatment to satisfy the needs of almost any patient.

This is possible because Dr. Sam has done over 10,000 treatments and has over 10 years of college education. The combination of experience and education means that treatments by Dr. Sam are truly one of a kind.

24 hour massage service San Diego, California


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Hi, I’m Mike:  For years I had not been satisfied with the way I was feeling at the end of my workday.  It was because I was not doing what I love…promoting a state of well being for myself, and helping others do the same.  I have always believed that the human touch plays an important part in the healing process.  Over six years ago I complete school and training in the field of massage therapy.
 Since then I have been helping family, friends and clients learn how to live better; stress free and relaxed.  Using a combination of modalities consisting of deep tissue, trigger points, myofascial release, aromatherapy, swedish, sports, chair and Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage, I will customize a session specific to my client’s needs and areas of concern.
 My relaxing, power touch will leave you feeling great and free of stress.  When I am not doing a massage, I may be found coaching and helping young people with a workout routine training for their activities or just enjoying a day at the beach.  I look forward to meeting you and becoming your massage specialist.  ALOHA NUI LOA.

24 hour massage service San Diego, California


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I have been doing bodywork and instructing yoga for over nine years in the San Francisco Bay Area, recently moving with my family to San Diego.

I practice Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Tui-Na, Thai (Traditional at and Table) and trained in an orthopedic therapeutic massage (The Hendrickson Method).  I have experience in corporate chair massage, using Japanese Acupressure (Anma).  I also incorporate yoga-inspired stretches and advise to further your relaxation by ‘listening to the body’.
I believe in listening to the body, especially to the rhythm & quality of your breath.  I incorporate breathing techniques also found in yoga that will aid in the body’s relaxation.


My goal is to work with you and to help you to trust in the natural healing process of the body.

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 I live in Las Vegas- graduated Esthetician school at Marinello School of beauty here. An graduated massage school from Everest college in Vancouver WA.

I have worked with names such as Brittney Spears,Nikki Minaj, Kanya West, Jay-Z, and even gave Beyonce her pre-natal massage in the Tacoma dome.

Specialize in deep tissue, Sports, relaxation therapy, aroma therapy, hot stone, rain drop therapy, crano-sacral and other custom massage. Also a Licensed Esthetician i specialize in facials, back facials, microdermabrasion, waxing, peels, airbrush tanning, ear candeling.

With an employment history as a counselor my true passion is to help people live emotionally, spiritually and physically pain free and with confidence. I NEED to make people feel like a million bucks.

24 hour massage service San Diego, California


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Hello! my name is Jaimie and I have been a practicing massage therapist for over six years now. Having graduated from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy, I am proficient in many massage modalities.


The types of massage that I specialize in include: Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Injury, Thai massage. Trigger Point, Cranial Sacral, Hot Stone, Swedish, and Reflexology. While I can give a very relaxing Swedish Massage, I tend to gear my work toward the Deeper massage modalities.


I love working with clients to help relieve tension areas and get the body feeling balanced not only with massage but many other healing practices as well. Having trained as a yoga instructor, I am also able to provide clients with stretches and breathing exercises that they may use at home or on the road to help keep the benefits of the massage lasting even longer. Currently I am also studying to be a clinical herbalist/nutritionist and may be able to guide clients in these areas of health as well.



24 hour massage service San Diego, California


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My name is Christina, I am a certified massage therapist in San Diego California, where I was born and raised. I have been working in the bodywork industry for 4 years and have loved every minute of it. Currently I am practicing at a Chiropractic office, where I see a wide variety of patient daily. The work I Do ranges from relaxation to injury rehabilitation.
When initially starting to learn about massage therapy I was amazed with how much healing touch could affect peoples live in positive ways. Since my journey with holistic health began I’ve been on a quest to learn and apply techniques in my practice that would ultimately help with pain management and the stress of everyday life.
Some of the modalities I offer in my practice are:
Deep tissue Sculpting
Swedish/Circulatory Massage
Neuromuscular Therapy
Trigger point Therapy
Structural Organization/Integration
Lymphatic Drainage
I am very excited and grateful to be on the Dr. Dot massage team. Music is pretty much my life, other than massage, and now I have the amazing opportunity to fuse the two together! Who can ask for more? I look forward to Helping you heal in the future!

24 hour massage service San Diego, California


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Irene has always been the one to lay her hands on family and friends to help with their
complaints of tightness long before she knew she had an interest in being a
Bodyworker. Originally from Palm Springs, she realized her dream of moving to San
Diego in 1995. Irene took a turn in her career choice in 2009, completing her massage
therapy certification. She started her career working with health professionals and
continued her education at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, holding her Associates
in Holistic Health Science. With over 1600 hours of formal training, she has earned the
title Holistic Health Practitioner. Irene takes her clients health of bodymind, and well
being as her first priority in each specialty session created for you! She specializes in
her own integrative massage combining her bodywork talents in a variety of modalities.
Such as – Tuina, Shiatsu, Thai, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, and Swedish. If
your goal is relaxation, pain relief, releasing tension areas, or just overall balance – she
is here to help you. !

Irene loves to dance, listen to all genres of music, spending time with family and close
friends, caring for animals, and taking road trips!!