24 hour massage service Manchester, New Hampshire


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My name is Bridget and I graduated from the Seacoast Career School in Manchester NH, with the study of Massage Therapy in December of 2010, which is a 900 hour program, more than the state requires 750 hours and licensed by the State of New Hampshire in February 2011.

Prior to getting into Massage Therapy, I had worked in retail for the last 10 years (part-time), after high school trying to go to college for a degree that I thought that I had always wanted and found out wasn’t the best fit for me…and after a few years of trying to decide what I wanted to do next…I got a flyer in the mail and a few months later I was sitting in class for Massage Therapy.

Currently I am attending classes at a local college for my Associates degree in Sports Management. I am expected to graduate in May of this year. I enjoy helping athletes getting ready for the “big game”, getting them pumped and excited to do what they love best.

24 hour massage service Manchester, New Hampshire

 Book me: info@drdot.com and write: “Melissa/Manchester” in subject line 🙂
Hi I’m Melissa! I am so honored to be a part of this amazing team of therapists and to get to do this incredible job! I grew up all over the U.S.A. starting in Boston MA, to California, Oregon, and finally ending up in New Hampshire, and i love it here. While in high school everyone told me i should be a massage therapist, they all said i have ” The Touch” and that i gave them goosebumps. it wasn’t until i had my first professional massage in 2006 that i decided to go to massage school. I graduated Hesser College in 2007 and by 2008 i was Nationally Certified, licensed and working. I have worked all over the New England seacoast from Newburyport MA to Portsmouth NH. While in school i discovered i am really good at deep tissue massage therapy, and over the years i have perfected that skill. I love to “find the knot” and work out all those everyday aches and pains. I also specialize in Hot Stone, and Prenatal Massage. I love music, it moves me in my massage and makes me better at my job. I have a deep appreciation for musicians and the stress that job puts on your bodies, luckily i can fix that! My technique is defiantly a unique experience  that you need to try! I am available throughout New England and possibly further. I look forward to working with you!

24 hour massage service Manchester, New Hampshire

     Book me: info@drdot.com and write: “Mary/Manchester” in subject line 🙂

My name is Mary and I truly love what I do!  I am a spiritual person and I feel very lucky to have found my true calling in life.  I have approximately 10 years experience working in a variety of modalities.  My favorite modality is deep tissue and trigger point therapy.  I combine this with reiki and cranial sacral skills to provide a very effective pain relief  technique to my clients. With this approach my clients receive an energetic healing that is felt throughout the body, beyond the area of the trigger point and the achy muscles.  I believe in following ‘my gut’ when working on a client and my hands are guided to where the pain and trigger points are as though they are being pulled by a magnet.  It is always my pleasure to work on my clients.
I have a soon to be 17 year old son Ian and my fiancé David.  As they say, I am a ‘dog person’ and have 3 furry children.  A 15 year old chocolate lab named Anna,  a 6 year old yellow lab name Sara and Booper, the 8 year old mini-dacshund.  My son says we only have one dog- Anna is really a piece of furniture, Sara is the real dog, and then there is our rodent, Booper! All are rescues and all are spoiled and loved dearly…and massaged of course!  
I am looking forward to our massage encounter!
Mary, BS, LMT, Reiki Master