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Dr. Jessica is living the dream working as a chiropractor in Los Angeles.  A Pittsburgh native, she relocated to SoCal to achieve her dream of becoming a chiropractor in order to empower others to live happier, healthier lives.  Dr. Jessica is highly skilled in assessing the body for dis-ease and injuries involving the vertebrae (backbones).  She uses a whole person approach instead of simply chasing a collection of symptoms so that her patients receive the best care possible.   Dr. Jessica has been trained in many chiropractic and soft tissue techniques including sports, pediatrics, and nutrition.  She has attended over 300 hours of chiropractic seminars and continues to her education in the healing arts because believes, as a healthcare professional, her quest for knowledge and excellence is never over.
Dr. Jessica believes in giving back, and does so by going on chiropractic mission trips to El Salvador, tutoring students in low income areas, and working with Habitat for Humanity.  She is also a skilled public speaker on all tops Health and Wellness related.  
~The Power that Made the Body, Heals the Body ~