24 hour chiropractic service Los Angeles, California


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Dr Rich is a chiropractor with extensive experience in diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries.  He is currently in private practice in Hermosa Beach, CA.  Dr Rich completed the DACBSP (advanced sports program for chiropractors).  He was senior staff doctor at the Soft Tissue Center ’91 to ‘95.
Dr Rich has been a member of the PGA Sports Medicine Team since 2007.  He participated in the US Olympic Physicians program in Colorado Springs, CO.  He was medical director for the AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals).  Dr Rich has been part of the medical team for Mountain Dew Action Sports Tour, Gravity Games (summer and winter), ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) and Pro Beach Volleyball.  He has been treating world class and professional athletes for over 20 years, as well as working in the field of chronic pain.

24 hour massage service Manchester, New Hampshire


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My name is Bridget and I graduated from the Seacoast Career School in Manchester NH, with the study of Massage Therapy in December of 2010, which is a 900 hour program, more than the state requires 750 hours and licensed by the State of New Hampshire in February 2011.

Prior to getting into Massage Therapy, I had worked in retail for the last 10 years (part-time), after high school trying to go to college for a degree that I thought that I had always wanted and found out wasn’t the best fit for me…and after a few years of trying to decide what I wanted to do next…I got a flyer in the mail and a few months later I was sitting in class for Massage Therapy.

Currently I am attending classes at a local college for my Associates degree in Sports Management. I am expected to graduate in May of this year. I enjoy helping athletes getting ready for the “big game”, getting them pumped and excited to do what they love best.

24 hour massage service Houston,Texas


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My name is Darlene born in New York but raised in Houston. I graduated from MTI School of Business & Technology. I have been a massage therapist since 2005. I enjoy working as a therapist. I have work for several oil/gas companies doing corporate chair massages. I have also worked in upscale salons and spas. I am currently working with children with special needs. My clients love coming to me because they say I have strong hands. I am CPR certified by the American Heart Association. I am looking forward to working with Dr. Dot team and glad to be covering the Houston area.

I specialize in:
    •    swedish
    •    deep tissue
    •    sports
    •    prenatal
    •    reflexology
    •    hot stones
    •    body scrubs/ body wraps
    •    chair
    •    special need children

Whenever you are in Houston and are in need for a massage book with Darlene. It will be the best hour in your life because by the time am done you will be stress free and relaxed.

24 hour massage service Utah


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After working for nearly 14 years in the automotive industry as a certified technician and continuously breaking down my body, and after being laid off from what I thought would be my dream job after just 4 months, I decided to go back to school for Massage Therapy and Body Work.  My wife was in 2 car accidents within two weeks of each other and while she was undergoing physical therapy, we found that it helped with not only her current injuries, but past chronic illness (Fibromyalgia) issues as well.  I felt like it was time to start down a new path.  While I was in school, it felt like something I should have been doing all along and I’ve been told I have a natural knack for the healing arts.  I have several family members already in the healing field, but being called nurse or doctor didn’t feel quite right to me…
I am trained in many different modalities including, sports therapy, deep tissue, trigger, and reflexology along with a few Eastern modalities as well including cranial sacral, shiatsu, and acupressure.  I am honored to have the opportunity to serve so many wonderful people and look forward to working on the Dr. Dot team.

24 hour massage service Utah


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My name is Stacey and I have been a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist for twenty-two years. I have worked with a Physical Therapist and Chiropractic Physicians and have spa experience as well. My specialties include deep tissue massage, injury rehabilitation massage, trigger point therapy, and pain relief–with emphasis on headaches as well.  I am passionate about catalyzing people’s physical recovery, and well being.

24 hour massage service Los Angeles,California


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In 1997 Marianne attended the prestigious Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing in Southern California,

 or “IPSB” as it is known to bodyworkers.


Also trained in The Feldenkrais Method.

Started her career working on many well known boxers preparing them for their main event.

 One of her goals has been to create an environment of relaxation and well being while addressing clients individual needs and wants.

 Massage Therapy treatment for medical conditions, injuries and wellness maintenance.

 Providing assistance and information regarding techniques for

postural improvement and stretching, strengthening, recreation, and rehabilitative exercises.

With her busy schedule, she still finds time to Golf and take flying lessons.

24 hour massage service Raleigh, North Carolina


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HI, I’m Lynette. I am a passionate Massage therapist, and Zumba
Instructor. My mantra is “if I could massage and dance the rest of my
life, I can die happy.” Being half Jamaican and from Philly, movement
and music has been passions of mine for years. The gift of healing
through physical manipulation is truly wonderful.

I specialize in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point and Reflexology.
I have a wonderful technique that is deep and relaxing at the same
time. I am small and strong, most of my clients admit that I am
“stronger than I look.” Working for Dr. Dot is a dream come true.

I was trained in Raleigh, NC and now am employed in Durham, NC. Though
I live in Durham, I am willing to travel. I am always learning more
and I am looking forward to using my gift on future clientele.

Be Blessed,