24 hour massage service Brighton, England


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As a firm believer that massage can cure most ailments, I have applied my knowledge gained through years of hands on experience to perfect my craft.

Introduced to massage at a young age, I decided to take my passion and turn it into a profession, finding various ways to integrate the diverse therapies that I believe to be the most effective methods. Through this I have created a massage composition that integrates the most effective therapies, using deep tissue, acupressure, reflexology, and aromatherapy to achieve a full-body treatment.
This method works for all types of discomforts, general uplifting and for eliminating exhaustion and pain.  

Hope to see you soon…

24 hour massage service Edmonton, Canada


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I’m Rachel.  I graduated from M.H. Vicars School of Massage in Edmonton, in Alberta over 5 years ago. I have been practicing massage full time since.  I am registered with NHPC, having my 2200 hours that is now required for most insurance companies in Alberta.

I practice therapeutic/deep tissue massage, myofascial release techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, and pregnancy massage.

Massage has been a very rewarding career choice and I am excited, that now I have the opportunity to use my skills on Dr. Dots team.

I’m looking forward to treating you in the Edmonton area and I am available to travel to Saskatoon or tour, if necessary.


24 hour Yoga service and Massage Service in San Francisco


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Lea  maintains her credibility and integrity as a Registered Yoga Therapist with Yoga Alliance. She has a 200 Level Yoga Certification and a Bachelors Degree from Rutgers University. She teaches private and group classes at local studios and fitness centers. 

Her passion for fitness began 2 decades ago as a competitive dancer and runner. Her focus on dance has brought her to dance competitions all over the New Jersey. As a runner, some of her achievements included placing 3rd in category during the Seaside Half Marathon and 2nd in category during the 10K Boardwalk Races Against Hunger.


Additionally, Lea has gained 9 years of experience in aerobic and group fitness classes including Yoga, Pilates, Spin, Bar, Zumba. Most recently she has been focusing on toning and functional strength, yoga inversions and arm balances. 


Now, Lea is eager to promote physical health, safety and strength in others through yoga in both group and private settings. Because Lea has gained an outstanding sense of mental and spiritual clarity from each of these practices, she is delighted to share these benefits with others!



Thanks for reading. Namaste!

24 hour massage service Paris, France


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My name is Junnon (pure music or pure sound).  I am an American LMT on sports massage & rehabilitation, also, holistic massage & hydrotherapy.  As everyone else, I employ techniques of connective tissue, deep tissue, NMT, swedish, then, of course medical massage for injuries.  Up until 6 years ago, I taught Thai massage, a student of Pichet Boonthumme.  I am thinking of taking up the teaching again in Paris.
Aside from massage I have many other diplomas on bodymind work. Neurostructural integration technique, Energy medicine, Chinese medicine, and stress and emotional release work.  In my private practice, people come for urinary infection, migraine, prostate, fibro myalgia, depression, phobia, anxiety, vertigo to spondylosis, etc.
I mix and alter techniques I learned, Last year I modified EFT to make it work for the things that was little difficult for me.  Right now, April 2013 I would like to experiment with new technique I developed for frozen shoulder release work, but I am not receiving enough of these clients to verify if it works for everyone.  Big advocate of magnet use for different types of problems, and of course I use magnets in my therapy.  I consider myself as traveler in this life on earth.  Inevitably, I traveled through 42 countries to the furthest part of countries of countries as long term traveler.  Difference and varieties enriches everyone!
“We are what we think. All that we are, arises with our thoughts.  We make our own world. ” Junnon



24 hour massage service Birghton,England


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Hi I am Julie  and I moved to England from France 10 years ago and I am a highly qualified massage therapist with a background in social care. I gained a Diploma in holistic massage at Brighton and Hove City College in 2008, I have over five years of experience in the health and beauty industry and specialises in Deep Tissue Massage.

 I am passionate about the healing properties of massage, to nurture and revitalise the body. I constantly strive to develop myself as a therapist; incorporating elements of Thai massage, deep pressure, stretching and breathing techniques into my practice and all of my treatments are tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Kind regards,


24 hour massage service Portland, Oregon


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   I became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2007.  My techniques serve clients looking for relaxation massage, stress release, or treatment from injury.  I use a variety of Neuro-Muscular techniques as well as Deep Compressions, Assisted Stretch, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Cranio Sacral, and other modalities.  My pressure has a long range from light to very deep. 


   I am experienced with pregnant clients.


   I will match your level of communication (other than what is necessary for the massage).  I am open to talking with clients during massage but I will not initiate conversations. It is your massage. I appreciate your communication and will also utilize my skill and intuition to create the best and most personal massage for your needs at the time of treatment.


   Other pertinent training:


   Bachelors Degree in Psychology

   CPR certified


   All bodies are welcome.

24 hour massage service Austin, Texas

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Some years ago I went on a quest for creativity. My journey began at the Art’s High School in central Minnesota where I had the opportunity to share dance, music, visual art, and photography with a collection of young artists. I began performing with a small group of modern dancers, the energy of these performances was incredible, but I will never forget how sore my body felt after shows, new stages, and rehearsals! Wow, I had so much appreciation for massage therapy!

Soon after, I studied at Northwestern where my passion in anatomy and physiology became clear. I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2003, and love being able to share this great work with others! I specialize in Deep Tissue, and Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian Massage). This type of bodywork is a wonderful blend of deep specific therapy, and circulation massage. If you have neck, shoulder and back tension: I’m your gal!

Being a part of Dr. Dot’s dynamic team is such a treat! I am looking forward to supporting you on your next tour!


I thought my book was done, then we went to Hawai‘i and the whole last chapter happened.
-Mariel Hemingway

24 hour massage service Rome, Italy


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Hi, I am Erica, I was born in Ethiopia and I have a Swiss and Eritrean heritage.
I grew up in Rome and after completion of my studies I headed off to Spain where I lived for 11 years.
My passion for massage began in the colourful and cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. In 2000, I obtained a “Therapeutic Massage” diploma which included Hand Massage, Foot Reflex zone massage and Lymphatic drainage training.
After that, I gained practical experience working in a Spa where I learnt to use Aromatheraphy:  a massage technique which uses essantial oils to heal the body and the mind.
I continued working in Wellness Centres, Spas and Hotels for over twelve years both in Spain and in Italy, gaining expertise.
I love my job and I love making people feel better through the energy of my hands, in fact, clients often say that I am a natural healer. Practicing yoga regularly and being a vegetarian help me in my job.
I couldn’t live without music, It’s like a best friend to me! I love concerts, travelling, walking and most of all I love my beautiful daughter!

I am happy to be a part of  DrDot. Team and I’m looking forward to my next massage!


24 hour Chiropractic service Louisville, Kentucky


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Dr. Justin is a chiropractor who began practicing initially in Denver, CO and now Lousiville, KY.  With his experience playing Junior Hockey at the age 17 before ultimately hanging up his skates and turning down playing college due to injury, he understands to rigors of travel and pushing your body to the limits night in and night out. As well as being an athlete, Dr. Justin has been playing music since the age of 13 and even playing in a regional band in the Midwest for 3 years.  He has treated many musicians and athletes over the past three years where his proficiency in extremity adjusting, myofasical work and spinal adjustments, as well as laser therapy and low-force instrument adjusting has helped allow them to perform free of pain and restriction at the highest level.  Dr. Justin currently works in a multidisciplinary Physical Medicine office consisting of Chiropractors, Neurologists, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Massage Therapists and Rehab Specialists. If you choose to hire me, I will choose the appropriate techiniques needed that are also within your comfort range.