24 hour massage service Southaven, Mississippi

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Hi, I’m Ted James from Memphis, TN. I grew up just a couple of blocks from Elvis Presley’s home so I’m used to being around famous people. 🙂 I am a graduate of the TN School of Massage and specialize in deep tissue, trigger point, Swedish, hot stone, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, & chair massage. I do massage work at our Level One Trauma Center for car accident victims to help speed up their recovery time and restore flexibility. Many clients who’d had a bad experience with another therapist have told me that the massage I gave them was specifically tailored to their individual needs and they have now become my regular clients.

I am a drummer, choreographer & dance instructor in addition to being a massage therapist. I’ve performed in television and in plays at The Orpheum Theater, & have taught dance & drum @ our inner city schools for several years. I have been married for 12 years. My wife and I live on 10 acres now, about 30 minutes south of Memphis. One of our passions is rescuing abused and unwanted animals, and we currently have 11 rescues – in the form of horses, dogs…and a miniature donkey.


I am glad to be a member of Dr. Dot’s team because I have a great respect for musicians and know how important the “pre show” time is. It’s a privilege to help you, our VIP Memphis visitors, be able to perform at your peak level and I look forward to working with you.

24 hour massage service Ibiza, Spain

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Hi Wanda here, I am one of Dr. Dot’s assistants in Spain. I come from an Argentinean family but I was raised in Barcelona, Spain. I lived in Dublin from 2001-2010 then moved with my two boys Ben and Luan back to Barcelona, and now Ibiza.

I started studying Therapeutic Massage (including Sports massage) and Reflexology in 1998 at a great school in Barcelona were I learnt my holistic approach to all treatments. The next year I moved to Madrid were I had the honor of working with my uncle who’s a yoga teacher and amazing massage therapist and osteopath. Working with him gave invaluable experience than I couldn’t have learnt from a book!

I have also learnt Pregnancy massage and I am a certified Doula (birthing partner). I also trained on LaStone therapy. and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. My speciality is Deep Tissue Massage were I can really help knots and stiff muscles loosen up.

I am available for tours.

24 hour massage service San Jose, California

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My name is Sonja. I am 42 years old. I have lived and worked on the Monterey Peninsula for most of my life. My first experience in the Health Care Industry started when my grandmother first opened a Residential Care Home in 1974. I helped her care for her elderly clients for over two decades until I decided to become a Health Care Practitioner myself.

My first coarse work was in 1992 when I became a Certified Massage Practitioner. I then completed a 2 year Pre-Med program from Monterey Peninsula College. When I finished a 4 year program at the Five Branches University in 2003, I received a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I was fortunate enough to study with Frank He, a student of Miriam Lee, who was a leading pioneer for Acupuncture in the United States, in the 1970’s. My focus was and still is Sports Medicine and Pain Management.

In 2008 I began to work in the Cruise Line Industry as an On Board Acupuncturist for Steiner Trans ocean Ltd. One requirement to work onboard an Ocean liner as an Acupuncturist is to offer the Guests free seminars during thiere cruise. Due to the popularity of the seminars, I have had the opportunity to treat thousands of individuals for many different reasons. The primary concerns I treated were usually for acute or chronic pain. Although I did numerous treatments for Facial Rejuvenation and Weight Loss.

My number one favorite thing to do after all the travel is to swim in the ocean. My new goal in life is to get a Scuba Dive license. I am in love with life and realize the privileges I have been bestowed and as I live and grow I can only hope to share my gift with others.

24 hour massage service Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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My name is Mickey. I have been doing massage and structural body work for 15 years.
My career began while teaching   Kick-Boxing and Step Aerobics. I started to get a massage once a week and found the muscle and energy recovery so incredible that I decided to go to school. Over 4000 hours later at two massage schools in Kansas City and Austin, and being an instructor for 2 years in Oklahoma City, I now find myself a part of a phenomenal team with Dr. Dot.

I am trained in all modalities and after talking with each client decide what will work best for that individual. Most of my clients come to me for the “hurts so good” massages that really inspire change in postural issues that have become chronic. I am blessed with a gift that allows me to offer remarkable results, especially for those in pain.

I am an artist as well, focused on painting, ceramics, and jewelry- making. I am passionate about creating art. I have tremendous respect for musicians. Music is part of my day. Every day. It inspires me to dance with my two boys, lift heavier than I thought I could, run faster and farther, as well as allows me to relax and unwind. I can’t imagine this world without it.

I believe all humans have a gift, mine truly is touch. Let me know if I can help you.
Enjoy the day!

24 hour massage service Austin, Texas

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Hi my name is Michelle. I have been a clinical massage therapist for over 15 years.  Being a musician can be tough on the body. Repetitive motion exists in every facet of your craft and this constant motion will bring you aches and pains that can wreak havoc with your performance. I understand your body and how it moves with any given instrument you play, in addition to feeling those fancy stage moves that you regret the next day after the adrenaline of performing wears off.  And vocalists…. you are not left out. You can benefit from abdominal and diaphragm work to gain better lung capacity to maximize your true vocal potential. Each massage therapy session is customized utilizing several advanced techniques to regain range of motion, movement and overall performance power.  I know the pain touring takes on the body as I have traveled with professional cycling team. I am an avid athlete myself, I know “just take time off” to rest is not always an option but massage can help you make it a bit better out there on the road.

I support the local musician community by being an active Health Alliance for Austin Musicians provider. I look forward to working with you as part of the famous Dr. Dot team.


24 hour massage service Portland, Oregon

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Hi, I am Mel.  I was born in Portland Oregon and lived primarily in Oregon and Washington growing up.   I have been in practice as a LMT for eleven years and am licensed in both Oregon and Washington. 

I graduated from Ashmead School of Massage and have taken many continuing education courses including: Clinical Evaluation of Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Spine, Yamuna Body Rolling, Thai Massage Level one and level two.  Prenatal & Postnatal Thai Massage and Cranial Sacral Therapy 1.

I have had my own business for eleven years, with some time off to stay home with my wonderful daughters. My practice is in Oregon City, Oregon, but I also do outcalls to businesses where I offer chair, table or mat massages.

In my practice I primarily deliver “hate me now, love me later” massages.  They are deep tissue, therapeutic massages in which I combine massage and stretching together as a treatment.   It is important to me to educate my clients/patients to care for themselves. 

I can also deliver a nice, relaxing energetic massage when needed.  My “job” is very rewarding and it is a great honor to help people feel better, move better and live better.  When entering massage school my goal was to be an “energetic healer”.  I am a Reiki master (energy work). The soft music, incense, candles and crystals drew me to the art of massage, but after starting coursework, I fell in love with the clinical side. 

It is professionally and personally rewarding to help people with ailments and start them on the road to recovery after an injury, by giving DEEP “getting down to business” type of massages.  My hands are warm and inviting but firm and strong.  My clientele consists of young children to elderly adults, marathon runners and body builders to couch potatoes. I have something for everyone! 

I am excited to be a Dot Bot and look forward to serving you!


24 hour massage service New York City

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Hi!  My name is Lisa and I would love to be your massage therapist!  I graduated from the Swedish Institute in New York City and specialize in Swedish massage incorporating Shiatsu to promote balance and positive energy to both the body and mind.  I have a firm, caring touch but can go lighter or deeper depending on your needs.


I am very passionate about massage and believe in the healing power of touch.  When I was a younger, my mom and grandma would ask me to massage them and I would always say yes because I love doing it, I knew it felt good and made them feel better!  My grandfather would ask me to walk on his back and I would have no problem doing it and still have no problem doing it until this day!  So don’t hesitate to ask me to do so!


Music is also very healing and has always been a big part of my life!  Music helped me get through many times…good times and bad!  I have a love and appreciation for all different types of music…from hip hop, R&B to rock, Latin, country etc…


It’s a huge compliment when a client passes out on the table and snores out loud…then I know I’m doing what I love right!!  So if you are looking to float away for a while then I’m your girl!!


I am really excited to be a part of Dr. Dot’s team and look forward to working with you!!


24 hour massage service San Francisco, California

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Hello my name is Kristina and I am a California Licensed Massage Therapist.My goal as a massage therapist is to increase range of motion, relieve tension, increase circulation and flexibility. I aim to finding the knots and dispersing them into nothingness because knots are simply trapped energy so why not set that energy free and let it serve a higher purpose.

I am creative and intuitive, always remaining focused and providing a tailored massage for the needs of my clients. I feel that massage is my “musical dance” and the body is my instrument.

I specialize in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Swedish, Reflexology, and Deep Tissue.I am available in San Francisco and anywhere with in 150 mile radius.


24 hour massage service New Mexico

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Kat, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Hi, I’m Kat! I am a Licensed Massage Therapist here in New Mexico, originally from New Jersey and an Oregonian at heart. I studied massage at the amazing Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy. I specialize in what I call Integrative Deep Tissue Massage, drawing from my training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Myo-Fascial Release, and Reiki.


I take a holistic approach to massage as I use superior technical skills and an in depth understanding of the human musculature in combination with intuition in order to create unique personalized massage for each individual client. I am dedicated to inspiring growth, facilitating change, and improving quality of life through massage.