Massage in Berlin, Germany

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Hello my name is Denise. I live and work in Berlin. I began as a dental assistant, but this wasn't the right job for me. I decided to go to the massage school and became a massage therapist. Since october 2008 I have my own office. My hands will give you a feeling of healthy and spiritual power, which helps you to calm down and relax your muscles. I got training in shiatsu; a special massage with acupressure and passive stretching for the whole body. It calms down nervous people. 

I massaged so far: Mark Keller (german actor), Nils Bruno Schmidt (german actor), André Hennicke (german actor), Bülent Sharif (german actor), Jürgen Harder (husband of Franziska van Almsik, self made millionaire), Antoine Monot Jr. (german actor) and many other people. 

To work for Dr. Dot means to work in the best massage team. It's a question of quality how you feel after the massage. 

Best wishes 

Massage in Palm Springs, California

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Hi, my name is Courtney. I was born in 1988 and raised in Riverside, CA. My parents were both Flight Attendants, so I grew up very fast. I learned how to be an independent self-thinker and a problem solver. I spent most of my free time growing up playing softball and riding dirt bikes. I have always had an interest in the athletic medical field. Throughout high school, I took ROP classes consisting of Sports Medicine and Medical Terminology. I was also the assistant athletic trainer at my high school. 

After I graduated high school in 2006, I decided I wanted to attend massage school. I wanted to have a profession that allowed me to help people in a medical way. I enrolled in the massage therapy program at Intercoast Colleges in Riverside. The techniques I learned include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Sports, Stretching, Hot Stone, and Acupressure. I completed this program with just under 800 hours of hands on training and technical knowledge. After I received my certificate, I attended the School of Holistic Touch in Ontario, CA. There I studied Sports Massage. I learned in great detail how to identify specific conditions and how to get to the “root of the problem.” I complete this 32 hour course and received my certificate in Sports massage. 

I am now living near Palm Springs, CA. I am a marine wife and a mother. I have had plenty of massage experience from working in day spas and gyms. I believe that “No two people are alike.” I treat every client as an individual. I have a very broad range of knowledge in the massage field and I am very confident in my work. I received the award for “Best foot massage in the Inland Empire” for 2009 by the Inland Empire magazine. I am also a State Certified Massage Therapist and I am thrilled to serve you in Southern California.