Missing in action?

I am so f-ing busy, I always end up answering my last email of the night at 6am (now) then the last thing on my mind is more writing. I promisd my lovely Literary Agent I would write one hour a day of my book. I am writing a book (life story, yadda yadda yadda). I agreed a week ago and still have not logged ONE hour for her 🙁


I get my keys today for my own tiny flat in Hoboken, NJ. I need space. I can not live and work at home with anyone around me, every single day. I go out of my mind. I am a loner, always have been. In Berlin I have my own flat, love it but not keen on the hasty anti-American public. So I am either REALLY alone in Berlin or way over crowded in NYC. Now as soon as I move in to my own space here, I will be at peace again. THEN I can get more work done and start the book. NOT happy about moving again (remember I just did a HUGE move last August, FOOK!!!).


On top of all that drama, I am studying for my American drivers license test (searching high and low for all my personal documents as you need a truck load of them to apply for a US drivers license and I can't find most of my papers (you have  certified copies of your birth certificate, soc sec card, marriage/divorce papers, passport, omfg, I can't even remember the rest, but it's a lot). So I am swamped as can be. Still logging the Ask Dr. Dot questions and answers every day, helping folks with my sex/love advice and on top of all that, running the worlds biggest and best massage/chiropractic team "Dr. Dot Therapy LLC" (official company now 🙂


Then there is Jasmine to tend to (LOVE), working out when I can and oh, sometimes I sleep). Forget hanging with friends or singing anymore, I rarely ever get to do that. I have loads of massage clients too. When my head hits the pillow at night (erm, I mean MORNING!) I can not turn my mind off. I gave up coffee and alcohol ages ago and it doesn't help, still wide awake!!




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