Yvonne Michelle Oliver, former Dot Bot, passes away at age 40 :(


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Yvonne was one of my BEST Dot Bots. She was very dependable and helped me build my Dallas team up. She auditioned therapists, massaged our touring clients and was always punctual, professional, polite, efficient. I was sad to see her leave the team 6 months ago but understood she had her hands full.

I heard of her passing from another Dot Bot, Koko and I am extremely upset. Such a talented, intelligent and thoughtful person, leaving this earth WAY too soon. I am saddened to think of her kids, husband and family losing such an angel. My heart goes out to you all, if there is anything I can do, name it. I have nothing but amazing things to say about this woman, she will be missed by so many. "only the good die young" peace Dr. Dot 


Boycott BP




While BP officials labored Thursday to seal off the leaking Deepwater Horizon well, new government estimates suggested that the amount of oil already spilled could be more than twice as much as the Exxon Valdez leak two decades ago.

Once the nation’s worst oil spill, the 1989 grounding of the Exxon Valdez tanker dumped 11 million gallons of crude oil into Alaska’s Prince William Sound. But revised U.S. Geological Survey estimates of the Deepwater Horizon spill have pegged the release of oil at between 12,000 to 19,000 barrels a day, or up to 684,000 barrels since the well exploded one month ago.

Oil is seeping into Louisiana’s fragile marshlands, which serve as critical wildlife as well as a natural buffer against Gulf storms. But the soft soils in the marshlands pose a challenge to cleanup efforts, since the rakes and pressure hoses used to clean rocks and sand during the similarly devastating Alaskan spill would tear the marshes apart, according to NPR. Officials are considering controlled burns of the oil to clean out the marshes, though that could prove just as lethal to the plants.

Some 32 National Wildlife Refuges along the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida are at risk from the spill, according to The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. One of the most threatened areas is the Southeast Louisiana (SELA) Refuges Complex, which includes the country’s second oldest refuge: the Breton National Wildlife Refuge. Breton is home to nesting wading birds and seabirds, songbirds, birds of prey and wintering shorebirds, as well as waterfowl.

Wetlands in these coastal regions also support a wide variety of fish and shellfish, and serve as nursery areas for both fresh and saltwater fish species. Endangered and threatened species including the West Indian manatees, whooping cranes, Mississippi sand hill cranes, wood storks and four sea turtle species are all vulnerable to the spill.

Meanwhile Louisiana officials have been using freshwater from the Mississippi River in an effort to push the oil slick farther offshore. The state’s Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration opened six freshwater diversion structures and a navigational lock along the lower Mississippi to try and prevent oil from seeping into sensitive coastal wetlands on either side of the river delta.

The combined flow of the diversions has added 22,500 cubic feet of water per second to the river flow, or 600 million gallons per hour.

The rain-swollen Alabama and Tombigbee rivers flowing into Mobile Bay may be helping to keep the oil slick from washing ashore in Alabama, the Mobile Press-Register reported Wednesday. As a result, Alabama Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources Barnett Lawley proposed increasing the water flow through dams along the rivers just a few days after the Deepwater Horizon’s April 20 explosion.

Lawley told the newspaper that his proposal has drawn little support from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Alabama Power, which control the dams. An Alabama Power spokesman told the newspaper that releasing additional water isn’t a guaranteed solution and that it risked the ability of nearby communities to draw drinking water from the river.

EPA water tests along the Golf coast last week found elevated levels of nickel—a chemical usually found in oil—at levels that may harm aquatic life. The results seem to correlate with where the oil has reached the Louisiana coastline. Since the laboratory analysis and data verification take about seven days, the EPA’s most recently available results do not reflect current conditions.

Federal officials do not expect the spill to affect drinking or household water in the region.

Sources: Mobile Press-RegisterNew York TimesNPRWashington PostU.S. Environmental Protection AgencyU.S. Department of Health & Human Services 


Massaged the singer of MGMT a few days ago. Their band uses my massage team rather often but this was the first time I massaged Andrew. SUPER nice guy. His sister is a massage therapist- maybe she will become a Dot Bot 🙂




Check them out on tour:




May 26 2010         Le Grand Journal                            Canal + 

May 28 2010       Avila Beach Resort                           San Luis Obispo, California

May 29 2010       Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium                         Santa Cruz, California

May 31 2010       Sasquatch Festival                           George, Washington

Jun 1 2010           Crystal Ballroom                               Portland, Oregon 

Jun 2 2010           Crystal Ballroom                               Portland, Oregon 

Jun 4 2010           In The Venue                     Salt Lake City, Utah

Jun 6 2010           Stubb’s                                 Austin, Texas 

Jun 7 2010           House Of Blues                                 Houston, Texas

Jun 8 2010           House Of Blues                 Dallas, Texas

Jun 11 2010         Red Rocks                           Morrison, Colorado 

Jun 13 2010         Uptown Theatre                              Kansas City, Missouri 

Jun 14 2010         The Vogue                          Indianapolis, Indiana

Jun 15 2010         LC Pavilion                           Columbus, Ohio  

Jun 16 2010         The Fillmore                       Detroit, Michigan

Jun 18 2010         Riviera Theatre                                 Chicago, Illinois s 

Jun 20 2010         Riverside Theatre                            Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Aug 8 2010          Lollapalooza                       Chicago, Illinois 

Sep 16 2010        Olympia                               Dublin, Ireland 

Sep 17 2010        Olympia Theatre                              Dublin, Ireland 

Sept 18 2010       Olympia                               Dublin, Ireland 

Sep 20 2010        Barrowland Ballroom                      Glasgow, Scotland 

Sep 23 2010        02 Academy                       Birmingham, UK 

Sep 24 2010        02 Academy                       Bournemouth, UK

Sep 26 2010        Manchester Apollo                         Manchester, UK 

Sep 29 2010        Brixton Academy                             London, UK < TYLER

Sep 30 2010        Brixton Academy                             London, UK < TYLER

Oct 3 2010           AB Café / Resto                                Brussels, Belgium

Oct 4 2010           Paradiso                               Amsterdam, Netherlands

Oct 7 2010           Bataclan                               Paris, France < AKIKA

Oct 8 2010           Bataclan                               Paris, France < AKIKIA

Nov 29 2010        Stahlwerk                            Dusseldorf, Germany

Nov 30 2010        Docks                    Hamburg, Germany 

Dec 2 2010           Sentrum Scene                                 Oslo, Norway

Dec 3 2010           Berns                    Stockholm, Sweden

Dec 4 2010           Vega                      Copenhagen, Denmark

Dec 6 2010           Columbiahalle                   Berlin, Germany 

Dec 7 2010           Tonhalle                               Munich, Germany

Dec 8 2010           Gasometer                         Vienna, Austria 

Dec 10 2010        Archa Theatre                   Prague, Czech Republic

Dec 12 2010        Alcatraz                                Milan, Italy

Dec 13 2010        Maag Hall                            Zurich, Switzerland

Dec 14 2010        Le Transbordeur                               Lyon, France

Dec 16 2010        Razzmatazz                         Barcelona, Spain 

Dec 17 2010        La Riviera                             Madrid, Spain

Dec 18 2010        Campo Pequeno                              Lisbon, Portugal


Massage in Sweet Home, Chicago 24/7

Contact me at info@drdot.com and put "Sarah/Chicago" in the subject line, thanks 
Hello! My name is Sarah, I've been a massage therapist for over two years now and I am nationally certified. My heart has always been into music, fashion and art industry. I live in the Chicago land area and I am also willing to travel (with some notice) to other cities. I entered this career for the fact of making people feel more peaceful and good in their life and because I get to travel all over. 

I specialize in deep Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, sports and trigger point. 

So if you need a massage send a request! I live my life on my toes! 


Best Massage in Los Angeles California

Email me at info@drdot.com and put "Syndee/LA" in the subject line please 🙂 
 Hey there… I’m Syndee! My passion for massage grew out of my childhood as a young dancer. Dance taught me about grace, power, beauty and expression, and also fragility, limitation, humility, and patience. Naturally kinesthetic, body knowledgeable, and intuitive, my friends and family have always come to me with their aches, pains and injuries of the body, heart and mind. After graduating college in 2002 I was invited to teach a workshop in Australia where I would stay for six years cultivating my massage practice. In 2008 I moved back to California to continue studying bodywork at the Institute for Psycho-Structural Balancing and the Life Energy Institute. 

Bodywork is Art. I encourage my clients to tune into the sense of wellbeing they want to experience when they step off of my table and move through their lives. Drawing from a colorful palette of therapeutic tools such as Deep Tissue, Swedish, Huna, Cranial Sacral Unwinding, Polarity Therapy, and Thai Yoga Massage, I co-create healing experiences that manifest their intentions.

Massage in Austin, Texas 24/7

Email me at info@drdot.com and put "Caren/Austin" in the subject line please.
Hi Y'all! 

My name is Caren and I'm from Austin, Texas, which is also widely known as the "Live Music Capital of the World." I have been a huge fan of live music since I was a young child and have attended countless concerts and festivals throughout the years. I am lucky to live in a city where live music is available every night of the week. 

After receiving my degree from the University of Texas in 2002, I became a Registered Yoga Instructor and a Licensed Massage Therapist. I graduated from Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in May 2007 with 550 hours of training. Since graduating, I have completed over 100 additional hours in training and became nationally certified by the NCBTMB. 

I am certified in Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Structural Integration, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Prenatal/Postnatal, Chair Massage, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Shiatsu, Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy. Additionally, I have worked in hotels, resorts, a destination spa, and for the University of Texas Athletic Department. 

I individualize each massage I give in order to adequately address my clients' specific needs by utilizing my extensive training and by combining several different techniques. I take pride in offering my clients the knowledge to assist them with injuries or problem areas and the ability to add some "feel good fluff" to make them feel relaxed and less stressed. 

I look forward to meeting you!

Massage in Nashville, Tennessee 24/7

Contact me at info@drdot.com and put "Jarolyn/Nashville" in the subject line 🙂 
Hello, I’m Jarolyn, Licensed Massage Therapist. I am from the Philippines but have resided here in the U.S. since 2006. I am dedicated to providing a good, quality therapeutic massage because I value each and everyone of my clients and I believe in natural healing and the healing power of touch. Having a massage does more than just to relax your body and mind. It is a drug-free, non invasive and humanistic approach based on the body’s natural ability to heal itself, so it not only feels good but it can cure what ails you. 

I earned my degree in massage therapy in June of 1998 and I’ve been practicing ever since. I have served as an instructor of massage in a technical college during my practice in the Philippines, I have also worked in several spas in different countries, and some Chiropractic and Rehab establishments in my area. I am professionally trained in a broad scope of Western, European, and Asian modalities. Extensive knowledge in Swedish massage, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Reflexology, Thai massage, Lomi lomi massage, Deep tissue and Trigger Points. I am combining the modalities or techniques depending on my clients wants or needs. For over 12 years of practice I have helped a wide range of clients, all with different needs and cases, different lifestyles and backgrounds. I am really gifted and blessed to be an instrument to make people feel better. since massage is my passion nothing is more rewarding for a massage therapist than for her clients to feel better. 

I am excited to utilize my extensive clinical, training, abilities, caring nature, professionalism and passion in therapeutic massage to the most talented people who bring joy and life to the world through music. I am extremely honored to be on Dr. Dot’s international team, since I know that Dr. Dot is known as the best massage therapist in the music industry and only wants the best of the best on her team. 

I’m looking forward to work with u soon, have a great day.

Best massage in Charlotte, NC



 Contact me at info@drdot.com and put "Joyce/NC" in the subject line, thanks


Hi, I'm Joyce and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist living in the Charlotte area for 5 years. I'm originally from the Pittsburgh area (go Steelers). 🙂 I love all kinds of music from Zeppelin to Lil Wayne as long as I can sing to it its good to me. 

I decided to become a massage therapist after working as a server for 20 years. Many of my regular patrons would tell me I needed to go into massage because just laying my hands on them made them feel better. I love the feeling I get from helping people feel better. 

I went to school at Southeastern Institute here in Charlotte, NC, where we specialized in Swedish, deep tissue and Neuro muscular. I'm very excited and grateful about becoming a Dot Bot. I look forward to being your therapist while your in the Charlotte area.




“Ohh Dr. Dot! She braved the snow! And she was amazing! Thank you.”

Jen – Tour Manager (New Found Glory)

Amazing Massage in Arcata, California

contact me at:  info@drdot.com and put "Catherine/San Fran" in the subject line please 
Hi, my name is Catherine, but many call me Catt. I live in beautiful Arcata, California, but do split my time between there and fabulous San Francisco. 

I'm from Connecticut originally. I am graduated in 2007 from Touching for Health Professional School of Massage and Bodywork in Stockton, CA and am a nationally certified massage therapist. My modalities range from deep tissue, sports massage, chair massage, pregnancy massage, hot stone massage, and relaxation massage. I often mix modalities during a massage and tailor the session to each clients individual needs. 

Music is just as much of a passion of mine, as is massage. I have worked in the music industry for several years. Holding various stage and office positions in concert and festival production. Dr. Dot has allowed me to mix my love of massage with my love of music. My passion gives me the drive to travel up and down Northern CA, between Humboldt County and The San Francisco Bay area to offer a therapeutic relaxing hand.