Clapton/Beck show in NYC

Sounded to good to be true at first, but turned out to be ear candy galore. Clapton and Beck touring together. Ahhhh. Like butter. I was asked to go to Madison Square Gardens for both shows to heal a few band members and it was insanely cool, as usual. Being in Jeff Becks presence is always FUN and I talked to Eric in the hallway a minute about "the fussball match" we had in Berlin years ago. He remember and laughed (well I got the first four goals, then he wiped the floor with me, I never got another goal in three straight games). He was looking as handsome as ever. Like a fine wine he just gets better. 



One thing about MSG is it's like fort knox- takes FOREVER to get in, even if you are on the list and WORKING there. But I guess they have to be that way, since 9/11 and all. 

Also, stars are not as personable when they are backstage at MSG. Everyone acts like a machine there, like they are on stage, even when they are backstage, but then again, it IS Madison Square Gardens. I prefer when they play smaller venues; then they relax more, let their hair down and really have fun and let loose. It seems they are surrounded by press at MSG and have to keep their "star suit" on you know?



I was there for the Jeff Beck camp so I didn't see much of the Clapton show at all but I HEARD it all. I am partial to Beck, I feel he stole the show, but that's just me. 




I don't have the Clapton set list, sorry. This pic below is from the time Eric whooped my ass at fussball (table soccer). He is a wizard at that game. Hardly anyone has ever scored against me let alone won, but Mr. Slow-hand WILL win against anyone, it seems. He is the best at it. Seriously. Not sure about this tour, but last time he had a fussball table on tour with him, a really professional one, had a leveler and all. 




Enter Rhonda Smith, Becks new choice for BASS. Let me just say she is MILES better and cooler, kinder, funnier, funkier and more talented then his last bassist. I don't wanna hear how "young and cute" his last bassist is. She isn't that young; she is 26, she is just SHORT which makes all of the horny fucks in the audience think she is "so young" and cute. Age and appearance don't matter when it comes to playing bass and Rhonda, in my opinion, is AMAZING. Nice choice Jeff!! Rhonda toured with Prince for YEARS. Check her out:



One of the highlights for me those two nights was seeing and talking to Mr. Roger Waters again. He stood near me while watching the last few songs of Jeff Becks set at the 2nd show. Seems no one else recognized him but me when he came out to watch. We talked after the show and I asked him if he remembered the massage I gave him in Berlin and he said "how could I forget that?". Gave him my new laminated flyer. SWOON!!



Massage in Manchester, England

Email me: and put "Izzy/Manchester" in the subject line to reach me.


Hey, I'm Izzy, a massage therapist currently based in Manchester.

My passions include festivals, traveling and hitching. Summer times are usually spent working the festival circuit in the UK, then going off abroad to travel and to crash as many foreign festivals as possible on the way – for the atmosphere, the music and the freedom! I love music – (listening, playing and seeing live!) – dancing, reading, learning, dreaming, body modification, the outdoors, the sea, seeing the world and, of course, healing and massage therapy.

At 18, I went to study Chemical Physics at the University of Bristol, and it was here that I first became seriously interested in massage. We covered in detail a huge variety of massage strokes and techniques for every body part, and were introduced by guest speakers to many different massage disciplines, such as shiatsu, Thai, Tui Na, sports massage, reflexology and Indian head massage. It was eye-opening. Far before I graduated, I was teaching the techniques involved to newcomers, and knew I wanted to continue to learn and grow as far as possible as a massage therapist.

I am now formally qualified, fully insured and a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapies. To me, massage is about communication through touch, about healing and stimulation, about empathy and intuition, about working as closely as possible with every client to make sure they get the best possible outcome from every treatment. Deep tissue Swedish massage is my favourite treatment to perform, especially over areas like the back and shoulders where the muscle tissue can really be worked into. I try to make treatments as pleasant and relaxing as possible, but intense enough to leave you with that light, floating feeling after-wards!

Working as part of the Dr Dot team is a dream job: doing something I love, in an exciting environment, with the opportunity to meet some very interesting people! I am available 24/7, for tours, for most things! I look forward to seeing you and working with you soon.


Support Critical Habitat Designation for the Beluga Whale


Target: Ellen Sebastian, Assistant Regional Administrator – Protect Resources, Alaska Region, NOAA Fisheries
Sponsored by: Sierra Club

The Cook Inlet beluga is an isolated population of beluga whale and one of the most endangered populations of marine mammals in the world. During the 1980s the population numbered approximately 1,300 whales. Today that population is only about 300 individuals.

On December 1, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Fisheries Service announced its proposal to designate more than 3,000 square miles of ocean as critical habitat for the highly endangered Cook Inlet population of the beluga whale. That means the plan is open for public comment — and you can add yours today!

Sign here to submit your comments to the NOAA and let them know that designating critical habitat would be a crucial first step in protecting this iconic species.



Snowed in, in NYC

This was taken 13 hours ago, it's much worse now. Now I can't even see my car at ALL. lol. I am grateful I have an apartment with heat. I try to imagine how the American Indians used to live in this weather. Must have been a nightmare. Counting my blessings and going to bed with pooh


Ask Dr. Dot Feb. 2010

 Feel free to email me your questions. Don't be shy, I ALWAYS change senders name to keep their dirty little secrets private:





I’m four months pregnant, happy and healthy. Thing is, I have trouble getting & staying wet
before and during sex. I’ve tried lubes and they help but they’re so greasy and it turns my
 boyfriend off when I apply lube. He thinks he does not arouse me because I’m not getting
wet like I used to. I am turned on but maybe pregnancy makes me dry. He always gives me
 oral before we have sex to get me wet but I always get dry before we finish. It’s frustrating me.
Please let me know of any products that aren’t greasy, yet safe or if you know of any techniques to help us.
Knocked up & Frisky



Perhaps your subconscious is drying out your snatch; a little voice in the back of your head
suggesting that having sex while pregnant is bad. Find that little voice and gag it. A lot of
women get extra horny while pregnant; the combo of having bigger breasts, extra hormones and
not having to worry about getting pregnant usually sets them on fire. If you are having problems
already at 4 months, it may get worse so you need to make it clear, verbally, to your BF that he does turn you on and you need his cock or you'll go crazy. Get some “K-Y natural feeling liquid personal lubricant" and after he do his best orally, and you start to dry up, have him playfully drizzle some lube on your pussy; make it fun, tell him "pour some lube on my thirsty twat babe". Rather than trying to ignore the situation, bring it right out into the open and make it fun. Give him plenty of head to keep him happy and everything should be fine.

I am 23 years old and have been dating an 18-year-old girl for a few months. I popped her
cherry the first month we were together and since then she has gone from clingy, to
psycho. I used to call her and court her, but now she doesn't give me the chance. She
is all over me like a rash to the point where I want out. When I try to pull away, she throws
a massive fit and threatens to kill herself. She cries, pulls her hair out and even cuts herself.
If I leave and she does kill herself, I will have to live with that guilt forever. If I stay, I am
suffocated in every way. She makes me feel obligated to stay with her forever because I
took her virginity.
Poppa Cherry




This emotional blackmail has got to stop. Find
a way to contact her parents/best friend/relative that she admires
and listens to most and arrange a private meeting. Explain the situation
and tell them she needs help and you need an exit. Write her a letter and
tell her you care about her but want to be single to concentrate on your life,
as most 23 year olds (and 18 year olds!) do. If you feel that isn't strong enough,
tell her you have doubts about your sexuality and have met a guy that you have
feelings for. Telling her you are gay is an easy way out. You can't argue with
that. Then stop all contact with her as any form of communication with just lead her
on and prolong the agony for both of you. Lesson learned, popping cherries is fun,
but seldom worth the drama that usually comes with it.





I meet (and bed) women easily but I've been having trouble getting
off with them lately. I concentrate so hard on pleasing them that I end up having
to finish myself off.  Now, I don't mind it if I'm getting the woman off but they seem to get frustrated that they can't bring me to cum, and eventually leave me. Help.

Rage against her Machine




Nice to hear you are putting out such efforts to please women. Try to avoid wanking
 24 hours before you jump in bed with a lady. A nice goal would be to get to know one girl so
well that you know how and when she will end up cuming, then try to climax together.
 Or make her cum, and then have her suck on you (or your favorite means) until you shoot your load.
If they just came, I don't see why they give a fuck how or when you get yours.
Tell her it turns you on to wank off onto her breasts or at worst, tell her you spent so much
energy making her cum you are too tired to cross the finish line. In the end, you will know it's the
 right girl when (1) you can still cum with her or after her (2) she doesn't fucking mind what you do, as long as she is with you.





I’m in a relationship, all is good. BUT, my girlfriend has been out of town for about 2 months and my ex girlfriend, who I chat with online periodically asked me over for tea. Well, I had a good meal and ended up getting rid of a nagging 2-month dry spell.  I really don’t have feelings for her in a relationship kind of sense, I was just sexually frustrated and my ex was in for the kill from the get go. I guess I just let the wrong “head,” think for me. In the morning we had another round. I’ve never cheated before and don’t intend on doing it again as I feel like a complete cunt. I doubt she would understand but oh the guilt. Should I tell her?

Randy Ralf



Do NOT confess your infidelity to your girlfriend. It may free you of guilty feelings but it will
crush her and ruin the relationship. Everyone makes mistakes. Hopefully it
was a safe-sex kind of mistake but if not, go have yourself checked out and use condoms
for a while with your girlfriend so you don't harm her (tell her you have an urinary tract infection).
Every one gets "super horny" and you aren't married, so you won't burn in hell, you will just have a guilty complex for a while which could in turn, make you more grateful for your girlfriends love which may even enhance your relationship. Twisted, I know, but you are not the first person to have a fling and you won't be the last. Just keep it to yourself no matter what as what one doesn't know, won't hurt them (at least mentally/emotionally).


Amazing Chiropractor in Phoenix, Arizona

Contact me at: and put “Dr. Brennan/Phoenix” in the subject line.


Hi, I’m Dr. Brennan, a Dr. Dot Chiropractor. My role as a chiropractor simply put, is to get your joints and muscles to function properly. I take a unique approach as a Chiropractor in which I treat your muscles with soft tissue mobilization techniques along with the chiropractic adjustments to the joints of your spine and body. This progressive approach helps you feel better, live better, and perform better faster. So, wither you have recently been injured, have chronic pain, or are looking to prevent injuries and improve performance, I can help.

According to, in order to provide the best non-surgical care available and enhance Chiropractic care I have gone on after Chiropractic College to become a Board Certified Physiotherapist, a Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Manipulation Under Anesthesia Certified, Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner, and a Certified Graston Technique Practitioner. These additional certifications and techniques give me the tools I need, to get the results you deserve. Performance Care Sports Medicine, is what is needed for some when it comes to performing in when in pain.

Is Your Office Chair Damaging Your Spine?‘ is the most popular questions that the chiropractors ask their patients. The answer is almost yes all the time. You can find chiropractic solution to this problem.

I am very comfortable working entertainment and sporting events. I am the official chiropractor for the Arizona Derby Dames all woman roller derby league and a founding member of the Arizona Association of Chiropractic Sports Council. I love what I do and enjoy the challenge of working outside my office. Also, if you’re struggling with mobility after a surgery or accident, click How Chiropractic Care Can Help You Maintain Mobility and gain back flexibility.

If you want the best, then book me for your next event. I look forward to helping you feel, live, and perform better through Chiropractic!

Massage in San Diego, California

Contact me: and put "Jazmine/San Diego" in the subject line 🙂


Hey All! I'm Jazmine. San Diego is my hometown and it's in this beautiful city where I discovered my passion for Massage Therapy.

Inspired by the sun and ocean, it's not too farfetched that career wise I'd eventually land in the Holistic field. As a kid, I was always the play in the mud kind of girl. My awareness for massage began when I would go with my Mom to a hospital rehabilitation center for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, & Massage Therapy. And with my Mom having Breast Cancer and a Dad who was sick, naturally, I wanted a career that helped people- relieved pain, stress, give a caring touch, whatever! Just all around make someone feel better! From then on, I'd work on my Mom when she was feeling uneasy, my Aunts and Uncle before and after they went to the gym, and soon enough, word spread to the rest of the family about what my little hands could do.

I have great love & appreciation for music. During times when no one else understands, there's always a song that does! It's created life friends, wonderful occasions, and memories. One of my Mom's enjoyments was putting together shows for the Filipino community, starring one Filipino famous artist and local singers- what an experience! Music is truly amazing on so many levels. That's why I'm so particular of the songs I choose for my Massage sessions! In my spare time, I love creating and crafting; I enjoy making jewelery, candles, and sewing. I always have a new project!

Trained and Certified in the Following Modalities: (In bold, I consider my specialties):
Swedish, Advanced Circulatory & Sports Massage, Shiatsu, Sports Injuries, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Western Herbs, Aromatherapy, Spa Techniques, Chair Massage, Geriatric Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Lomi Ka'Ala Hoku

I am very appreciative to be a part of Dr. Dot's team, and excited to possibly work on you! Thanks for taking the time to read a little about myself 😀 If you'd like to get in touch with me, contact the Doc!

Massage in Frankfurt/Main, Germany


Email me: and put "Bianca/Frankfurt" in the subject line please 🙂



Hello, I am Bianca and I live in Frankfurt/Main. Everywhere I am going, I am trying to spread love and warmth.


Since my childhood, I have massaged everyone who wanted me to do that. Every time, when the massaged ones said to me that I did a really good job and that I am having healing hands, I felt a great satisfaction inside of me. After some detours in my life, I have decided to make this passion to my profession. So, I have started to study massage (classical massage, Ayurvedic massage, wellness massage etc.) and have a continuous practice in my personal surrounding.

Apart from that, I am practicing martial arts and yoga which are also as important as massaging.

My first job with Dr. Dot was on a Nickelback concert in Mannheim.

So, come and book my hands in combination with my warm and big smile.

Massage in Kassel, Germany

To reach me, email me at: and put “Angel/Kassel, Germany” in subject line please. 



Hi there, my name is Angela. I liver in Zurich, Switzerland but spend a lot of time in Santa Monica as well.

I was born 1986 in Winterthur, Switzerland in a patchwork – family of artists and therapists. Music, Dance and Bodywork were constant companions in my childhood. Since then my passion for Music, Dance and Massage is growing.

For many years, I was an active member of a Rock-Choir while also studying and performing dance. It was during that time that I also studied and developed several massage-techniques. I am very interested in travelling and experiencing other cultures.

My interest in massage therapy developed in my childhood where I would intuitively massage members of my family and friends. They all enjoyed it very much and the positive feedback encouraged me to go on and further study and explore in this field. One of the important schools I studied in is the “Swiss Prävensana Academy”. For a few years I have worked as a self-employed freelance bodyworker for artists, musicians, and sportsmen; both little known as well as famous.

I am grateful for all the experiences I have had and I am keen to improve on all levels. Over time I have developed my own technique which focuses on punctual intuitive deep massages and energetic massage (anamawe). I am responsive to the individual needs of my clients.

I am ready and looking forward to offering you many happy moments of deep relaxation while massaging you. I do incalls, outcalls and accompany you on tour as you wish and need. To be a part of Dr. Dot’s Team is an honour and a pleasure.

May we all be happy and well and free!