Him again

Not sure if you remember my blog about a German man chasing me and attacking me two winters ago:



Well, two months later, after that attack, I saw him (and my friend held him until cops came) – see blog:




I waited FIVE months for paper work to come to me and the German Justice System told me they are throwing out the case as it was just between two citizens and I could take it up privately, like hire a lawyer and so on. BUT the fuckers did NOT give me his name. My lawyer told me it "wasn't worth our time or trouble, he wouldn't go to jail or even have to pay a fine anyways". You can MURDER someone in Germany and get out in two years anyways.

There is no death penalty and no one gets life sentencing. Rapists get out in a year or less. They are WAY TOO FUCKING gentle here with crime. The criminals are not afraid of the police one bit as they KNOW they will just get their fucking wrists slapped. (saw on the news today, two Pakistani men were sentenced to have their nose and ears cut off as they attached a woman and cut her NOSE and ears off- ye ol' eye for an eye still holds strong in some places). 


Ok where am I going with all this. Last night I was out power walking on the very same street that ass wipe attacked me on (sadly, he lives around the corner from me).  I saw him AGAIN, he walked by me, I looked at him and he seemed to look at me but he was not phased, so I don't think he recognized me. I looked back and saw him enter the same fucking house number 36. Yes, that was him. My mood was immediately ruined, I was shaking and nervous and mad, scared, everything all at once.

I kept walking but my mood was ruined. I decided not to go out after that walk. You are NOT going to believe this. TONIGHT I was walking home, thought I better pop into the grocery store near my house to buy nuts as New Years eve is approaching and shops will be close for DAYS again. I got my shit, stood in line at the check out and WHO Is at the front of the line paying for his food? HIM, the fucking attacker. So I grabbed my blackberry, got out of line, walked around to the other side of the cashier so I could see him and took this picture of the fat fuck:


If you have ever been attacked, jumped, whatever, you KNOW you never forget the violators face. Funny how no one seemed to raise an eyebrow about me snapping this cunts picture. I did it rather smoothly, quickly, hence the blur. I got back in line, and when I was done and went outside, fatso had put his wooly cap on, same one he had on when he chased/beat me. He got on a bike, not the same bike this time, and drove by me. I had my pepper spray grasped in my hand in my pocket and had to hold myself back from not screaming at him "whats your name you coward!???" but I didn't. I did take note of his new bike.

I rang the cops and told them I saw him again and they asked if he had done anything to me tonight and I said "no" and they said "ok, buh bye" and hung up (well they said it in German lol). AUFWIEDERHOEREN! I asked them for his name and they said they can not and will not give that info out. I said "how can I press charges against this man, who has a violent past, if I don't have his name?" and they told me they are just police men, not judges. So, you can beat someone here and get away with it, without ANY fine or punishment at all. You know what really pisses me off? They throw my daughter in JAIL last summer for a poster she was carrying at a anti-racism protest and keep her over night without giving her that one phone call but this CUNT walks away free?


I am NOT feeling Berlin this time around. NOT AT ALL. I MISS NYC big time right now. 



Massage in London, UK

Email me:  info@drdot.com and put "Katie/London" to reach me fast. 


Hi there I’m Katie from London. My work ethics are to have great passion for whatever I do and give it 110% as this life is no dress rehearsal.

I have been incredibly lucky in my career as I worked as an International Art Director for a worldwide hairdressing company, where I had fantastic opportunities to travel the world and do educational seminars, Photo shoots, and fashion shows. I really wanted to use some of my communication skills so I trained and became a NLP Practioner where I focused on my next passion which was sports. I trained and became a personal trainer and sports massage therapist which has opened doors to another great career path even to giving me the confidence to entering the world of mixed wrestling and now working as part of the Dr. Dot team.

I’m a fully qualified Indian head massage therapist and sports massage therapist which works on a variation of techniques to break down adhesions to prevent injury. Each massage is tailored made for you and your individual needs.

Massage is so rewarding to know you can really change someone’s mind set and the way there body feels. It is a real pleasure to work within the Dr. Dot team.

Project/Object with special guests… Ike Willis and Ray White !!!

Project/Object with special guests… Ike Willis and Ray White !!!


The Music Of FRANK ZAPPA..and more

Featuring: Ike Willis, Ray White, Andre' Cholmondeley, David Johnsen, Eric Svalgard, Jim Ruffi


Hello and how are you?!?

Hoping you had a great Christmas, Chanukah, Solstice, Kwaanza, Pagan Sun Worship day — or Atheistic hangout movie night!! Whatever you did or are doing, it's all good.

We are putting the finishing touches on what promises to be a historic and fantastic run with the two and only IKE WILLIS & RAY WHITE ….!!    

Ike and Ray, as you know – remain two of Frank Zappa's most beloved and listened-to frontmen/vocalist/guitarists. Between them they appear on over 25 of Zappa's releases from 1978 onwards.

Ike and Ray have not toured together in over TWENTY FIVE (25) YEARS !!!.

The 1984 tour ended on Dec 23, 1984, Universal  Ampitheater, Universal City. Since then, as you well know, Ike Willis has toured with Project/Object for nearly 15 years, and in that time Ray White has performed with us a handful of times in San Francisco and at Festivals around the country. Those occasions remain the only times these legendary performers have shared the stage since Zappa Tour 1984…..

Now… we bring you an opportunity to see them on an exclusive New Year's/Holiday tour with Project/Object.

This tour also marks the return of an old friend and Project/Object Alumnus – Drummer Jim Ruffi. Jim did a few short runs with Ike and the band back in 1999, and he and I have been involved in several live and studio projects, including recordings with Ike Willis and unsung genius songwriter Chris McKenna. Really folks, check this man's wonderful music out…. I already know you have great taste in music !!!  http://www.myspace.com/chrismckennamusic

Anyway…….Jim Ruffi ably steps into the drumchair as a result of Eric Slick's leave of abscence. Come check him out !!

As always, the setlist will feature some old P/O favorites, some new items from the vast Zappa catalog, and, but, especially material that Ike and Ray are known for separately and together. Just hearing these voices together in harmony is a thing of wonder. Take a look on youtube at the clips of the famous NYC Pier, August 1984 show, immortalized on the  "Does Humor Belong In Music" DVD to get an idea of the dynamic these guys whip up. We hope to see you there, say hi!!!

ALSO– as always we have our "Project/Object Local Crew Program" in effect. Many of you know what this is and have kindly participated — For those new to the idea — what we do is solicit volunteers from our fan base to be "roadie for a day" and help the band in/out of the club, assist with setup etc. In exchange the "roadie" gets a free ticket to the show, a beverage or two, access to soundcheck, pictures with the alumni, and autographs from Ike and Ray on their raggedy LP covers dug up from their basement.
We still need to fill in a couple cities on this tour — especially the new ones. If you are interested in this venture —please email me  (guitartour@earthlink.net)  for further details and make the subject line "P/O LOCAL CREW <city of the gig> ".

Please don't write back with the actual words <city of the gig> in there. That will, sadly, be a failed cognition test, and we need you to be able to follow simple instructions. Being a musician -or- having a knowledge of musical equipment, and a willingness to schlep gear are all you need to qualify !

ALSO — thanks again for all the well wishes and support. My partner Cheri Jiosne is still valiantly fighting her battle against breast cancer. After 6 months of a chemo program, she reached a plateau. For about 6 weeks now she has been on a very promising program specially geared towards her type of tumor. So far — so good — and we are staying upbeat and positive every day. Still — even though some kind of beginning of a change in the US health system began yesterday with the Health Bill being passed – that won't help us financially anytime soon. I will be donated all my proceeds from this tour -as well as the profits from T-Shirt sales –  to her cause.  

I continue to reach out to anyone that wants to help – (THANK YOU!!!)

There is info on www.projectobject.com, scroll down to the "THANK YOU" blog post, or you can just email me.

We have TWO options:

1) sending her a check directly (email me for address or check the site)
2) donating directly via PAYPAL : send it to the address "projectobject@earthlink.net". Note: my first name "Hugh (Cholmondeley)" will return in the confirmation email.

Every penny counts!! Even $5 will go to very good use for medications, travel to treatment etc. This sh*t is expensive!!



-Andre' Cholmondeley

Project/Object with special guests… Ike Willis and Ray White !!!
The Music Of FRANK ZAPPA..and more

Ike Willis, Ray White, Andre' Cholmondeley, David Johnsen, Eric Svalgard, Jim Ruffi


SUN 27    SELLERSVILLE PA        Sellersville Theatre
MON 28    BALTIMORE MD            8 x 10
TUE 29    PITTSBURGH PA            Rex Theater
WED 30    CLEVELAND OH            Beachland Ballroom
THU 31    EAST LANSING MI        Mac's Bar

FRI 1    CHICAGO IL                Martyr's
SAT 2    CHICAGO IL                Martyr's
SUN 3    MILWAUKEE WI            Miramar Theater
TUE 5    HARRISBURG PA        The Abbey Bar @ Appalachian Brewing Co.
WED 6    PLAINS PA                River St. Jazz Club
THU 7    NEW YORK NY            BB King's Blues Club
FRI 8    CAMBRIDGE MA            Regatta Bar
SAT 9    TROY NY                Revolution Hall
SUN 10    NEW HAVEN CT            Toad's Place

And check out the new and ever-evolving website:        www.projectobject.com

Happy Holidays (even though I’m a total grinch :)

Heard on the BBC today that Christmas and the gift giving drama has only been going on about 150 years. Started in Germany actually. Now that my kid is old enough to know it's all a media hype, we both just use this time to relax and enjoy the calm. Of course I give her a few things, like iTunes credit and a gift certificate to a Yoga course, but no tree, no gift wrapping, no stress. LOVES IT!









It was lovely to hear ALL of the Church bells go off at once at 6pm here in Berlin, sounded cool…






Massage in Denver, Colorado

Reach me at: info@drdot.com and put "Karen/Denver" in subject line 🙂

Hello! My name is Karen and if you’re looking for an awesome massage in Denver, I am definitely the one to help you out.

I’ve been doing massage for over 15 years and specialize in Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, Chronic Pain Issues and Specific Injury Work. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and also work with an ancient form of Cranial Therapy that is extremely effective for just about anything but especially headaches and TMJ issues. I have worked on literally thousands of people and have extensive experience relieving almost any pain or injury or just giving a really relaxing massage. I integrate everything I know to specialize your massage specifically for you. I’ve often heard that I’m the best massage anyone has ever had.

I believe each individual's words, actions, and thoughts impact their health and am committed to assisting my clients in their healing process and gently guiding clients along their own path to better health and well being. I understand the commitment, discipline, and determination involved in, at times, an arduous effort to become whole given my first-hand knowledge of healing near impossible circumstances.

As a musician myself, I know what it feels like to have tired hands, wrenched shoulders, a frozen neck or sore back from practicing, playing, and hauling gear. I love being in the flow of music either with massage, concerts or creating my own.

I am excited to be working on Dr. Dot’s team and look forward to working with you!

Happy Birthday Frank……..Official Frank Zappa day: August 9th

Click HERE  and HERE   to read articles

Baltimore honors native son with 'Frank Zappa Day'


Baltimore's mayor has declared a "Frank Zappa Day" on the birthday of the late rocker and native son.

Mayor Sheila Dixon declared the special day Monday. The eccentric musician was born in Baltimore on Dec. 21, 1940. He died in 1993.

Last week, Baltimore's public art commission decided that it will erect a bust of Zappa outside a public library.

The bust was given to Baltimore by fans of Zappa from Lithuania, where his music was popular among the avant-garde in the early 1990s. A similar bust is a tourist attraction in Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital.




Chiropractic Care in Miami, Florida

Contact me at: info@drdot.com and put "Dr. Nicole/Miami" in subject line please 


Hi, I’m Dr. Nicole and I have been practicing chiropractic in since 1997. I am originally from New York but moved to Florida in 1997 when I graduated from Life College in Atlanta. Chiropractic completely changed my life in all ways; physically, emotionally and even spiritually. It allowed my body to function properly again and as a result, I healed from serious illness and I became completely medication free. My transformation from a mechanistic view point to a vitalistic one then grew this enormous passion for chiropractic and in helping others heal naturally, from above-down, inside-out.

I love adjusting people of all ages including athletes, pregnant women (certified in Webster Technique), newborns, infants and children, to get them out of a health crisis and then to keep them healthy, well and full of vitality. I prefer to use my hands to adjust the spine and release that incredible restorative power inside of you that heals. My other passion is in empowering others to let go of their fear and to rely on their own body’s ability to heal, regenerate and repair rather than depending on chemical medications that always cause side effects.

Chiropractic is not a treatment but a lifestyle, a way to maintain your health and my goal is to educate, adjust and enlighten as many people as possible to achieve optimal health through natural chiropractic care.

I have been told hundreds of times that I can adjust your spine like no other! I often hear that the last chiropractor wasn’t able to move their spine like I can. I am extremely confident and usually deliver a deep adjustment but also know several low force techniques if you prefer. As a female Chiropractor I can not, “muscle,” your spine to move so I have to rely on my biomechanical knowledge and use specific technique to get the job done. The end result is a smooth, quick and easy adjustment that feels amazing and you will notice an immediate change in your whole body and even your total outlook when your, “Power is on!”

You will be in excellent hands with me!

To Give, To Love, To Serve,

Dr. Nicole

Massage in Madison, Wisconsin

Reach me: info@drdot.com put "Heather/Wisconsin" in subject line please 🙂



My name is Heather. I am a recent graduate of the Lakeside school of Massage Therapy in Madison, WI. I also studied with the East West Healing Arts Institute to add some additional eastern modalities to my massage technique. I was born and raised in Wisconsin, but have also spent quite a bit of time outside of my home state. Growing up I spent my summers in Mexico with my grandparents.

My eventual migration to massage therapy started with an interest in anatomy. I spent several years in school trying to decide between psychology and physiology, eventually settling with the latter. After several years working with various demographics in a caretaker capacity I found that, while I was still very interested in the body itself, that particular line of work was not for me. I decided to follow a path that involved healing touch and more non traditional treatment options and have found myself very happy with that choice.

I am very excited to have joined Dr. Dot's team and have always had a great love of, if not talent with, music. When I am not working as a Massage Therapist I am also employed as a karaoke DJ for a local establishment on a weekly basis. I look forward to working with the variety of people that book with Dr. Dot and getting to combine two of my favorite things, massage and music, in the process!

Finding lots of cool things

Home in Berlin, getting things done, hanging pictures, going through old photo albums, doing things I didn't want to do when the weather was gorgeous. Now it is below zero and I am staying in so I've lots of time to do the tedious chores one does in the winter.

I found LOTS of old pictures and will share a few with you below. I PLAN on re-writing my whole book (life story) this winter, over Christmas. I love to write, just don't know how to start, where to start, and how I will do the childhood section. Tough call. If I tell the truth folks will think I am exaggerating and looking for pity, but if I do NOT write it, they may think I was born with a silver spoon in mouth and a huge black book full of VIP contacts. Not the case. I will tackle it soon. LOVING the silence of my own flat in Berlin, omfg, am I a freak to love being alone? Guessing yes, I am. I just have so much do to and so many people wanting my time, I really enjoy the down time.

Being able to sleep as late as I want, stay up as late as I want, listen to what I want, have friends over if I want, all the things I can NOT do where I live in the USA. FUCK I too old to be told what to do, really really not cool to have so many restrictions. TINY flat in the USA makes things HELL. Noise travels, can't wake others up, walking on fucking eggshells every day, not amused. SPACE: It's important!!


Picture I took of Johnny in Ellington, CT at the Country Squire bar, where I convince Joey to come and play for me (and my school :). You can see Johnny's typical facial expression- he was not the friendliest people that's for sure. Rest of the band were HILARIOUS and fun though.

 ^  Taken the same night at the Country Squire. The Ramones showed up almost 2 hours late. The cops had pulled them over in New Haven and searched their van, gave them a bunch of SHIT, like CT cops do!! Fucking hate that!! Happens to me when I drive through CT too, wtf!!??? &quot;land of the free&quot;? BULLSHIT. My classmates were taunting me. They thought I was fibbing, that the Ramones weren't really coming (you know how mean young folks can be)  and I was sweatin' bullets. THEN they finally came and blew the roof off, it was AMAZING!!!

Now I have had this picture since I was 15 or so. Joey gave a few of these to me. I have to search to find the rest. Dee Dee also gave me some pictures when he visited me in Berlin, I have to go through ALL of my stuff to find these gems. I can NOT find the picture of my kid and Joey ANYWHERE but I found one of her and Dee Dee taken in Berlin, when he stayed at my flat for a week with his then wife Barbara:

They spent the day coloring- fun times 🙂


I LOVE the way Dee Dee spells. "Massauge" haha, so cute!! I REALLY miss Joey and Dee Dee too 🙁

I am off to get more things done, looking for more hidden treasures 



Oh one last one:

 My Dad me (age 10?) and my sister Michele at Christmas, Bath Maine.